Sony Just Released A Deep Dive Into The PS5 UI

Deep Dive Into The PS5 UI

One of the most interesting aspects of the new version of the console is the appearance of the user interface. After all, this is probably the part of the console you will see most often; between games, movies and other media you will spend a lot of time on the home screen of the console, so it should be attractive.

For a while we wondered what the PS5 interface would look like, but now we don’t have to wonder anymore: We have a new video from Sony that tells us exactly what we want to know. The video describes in detail the functions of the PS5 user interface, and although not everything is said, there is certainly a lot of information to collect. Here you can find everything you need to know about the Sony PS5 UI deep diving video.

Control centre

 Deep Dive Into The PS5 UI The PlayStation 5 control centre is the beating heart of the console. You’ll see it every time you press the PS button during a game or other activity. It replaces the PS4 Quick Menu. From the control center, you can see all kinds of things, including the latest actions, news from the games you are watching, and content created using the Create DualSense Controller button. In addition, the control center allows you to manage your equipment, return to the main screen, see which friends are on the network and much more. Most of the things you can do through the control center are done using maps, which are essentially icons in the menus, often with a submenu containing a lot of content and information.

Maps and activities

 Deep Dive Into The PS5 UI The most important part of the PS5 control centre is the function of the board. You can view everything you need using maps, whether it’s progress on a particular level, the associated messages you need to read or the new trophy you’ve received. Cards go hand in hand with actions, which is a whole new feature in PS5. Here you can see how far you’ve progressed in the games at certain levels, and your console will even tell you how long it takes to complete the action.

 Deep Dive Into The PS5 UI



Game aid

This elegant feature allows you to retrieve a video with a specific action you may find difficult to perform. When you open the help in the game, you will see a short video about how the player does what is necessary to complete the activity. You must be a PlayStation Plus member to access this feature. You can also rotate the activity leader in the game so that it sits next to the game window and plays as you watch the video, making it much, much easier to understand where to go or what to do. Not all events – and not all games – will support this feature, but at least it is expected to be visible on the exclusive PS5s of the pioneers and external developers in the near future.

 Deep Dive Into The PS5 UI

Make button

 Deep Dive Into The PS5 UI Thanks to a deep immersion in the PS5 interface, we finally got an idea of what the Create DualSense Controller button will do when clicked. A screen will appear to show you what the screenshot looks like when you take it, and you can view the pictures and record the video. You’ll also find basic editing tools to crop images, edit videos and perfect your content. PS5 always captures content, so you never have to worry about missing something because you didn’t click Create in time. Screenshots and video recordings made on PS5 will be 4K.

Startup screen

 Deep Dive Into The PS5 UI The Home screen appears when you leave the game or turn on the console instead of waking it from sleep mode. From your home screen, you can see all the content you’ve installed and access important information such as announcements and PlayStation news. There’s also the Explore feature, a custom feed that contains all the information you need about your PS5, such as B. News, announcements and offers. It’s all part of the smooth and seamless evolution of the PS4’s user interface, which looks sleek and professional and is designed specifically for gamers.


 Deep Dive Into The PS5 UI You may have noticed that everything in the PS5 PlayStation Store version is a bit different. The Store is no longer a separate application, but is integrated into the PS5 user interface, so you can quickly access the Store and view its offerings instead of giving up games and launching a new application. The PS5 Store offers backwards compatible PS5 and PS4 games, so you’ll never buy anything that’s not compatible with your PS5. It’s much more practical than the PS4 store, which can be tricky (sorry, but it’s true!).

Content sharing

 Deep Dive Into The PS5 UI The last thing we looked at in the PS5 deep dive video was the ability to share content from the console. You can post shared content on supported third party social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, or you can post your content directly to one of the enhanced features offered by the console. Adding a message to your content couldn’t be easier. PS5 supports voice control, so you don’t have to type on the on-screen keyboard when you’re not in your pocket.

Here are the highlights of the PS5 UI deep diving video! What do you think? Want to check the PS5 user interface?


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