Smartphone Apps That Make Office Work Easier 

Smartphone Apps

10 effective apps for office work 

Are you looking for apps to increase productivity? This is a common request from busy people trying to schedule their tasks and improve performance at work. 

How do mobile apps make life easier? Apps for work can optimize your time, help manage stress and organize your work during the weekdays. If you answer this question a lot, you need to read the article. You will learn about the top 10 effective tools to download to your phone. 


Let’s start with the first tool from the list of apps for work. What’s Todoist? This is a handy app you can install on your phone. If you’re overloaded with daily tasks, an online organizer will give you a helpful hand. You can use the application as a To-do list and include every important task to be done throughout the day or week. It’s a nice way to keep everything organized on your phone. 

Smartphone Apps

FAX from iPhone: Fax App 

What about free Fax from the phone? If you need to send a Fax, FAX from iPhone: Fax App is the right app to try. The free Fax app can help you manage simple faxing processes. The phone’s Fax has a built-in scanner. You can send any file using your phone. The Fax app can also offer you an E-signature if you need to sign the papers immediately. Import your files in different formats to other devices with ease using a user-friendly phone tool. 


Are you stressed about the passwords used in different apps? When you deal with a huge scope of work, you may forget the passwords and necessary codes to access the materials. What are the options? Some people stick to the old-fashioned method and note their passwords on a piece of paper. Others prefer online notes on their phone. 

However, each of these methods has its cons. In the first case, you can easily lose the paper. In the latter case, you can have your data lost or used by hackers. A LastPass app will make it easier for you to save the needed passwords in a safe place on any of your devices. 


This is a perfect tool to organize the work in a team. You can set the tasks for other members of the team, track the tasks or drag them to adjust to the current schedule. It’s a helpful app if you work with a group of employees and need to set assignments for the daily schedule. You will find it an easy app. 


Making notes and working with urgent files is easier with Evernote. This app is a real helper for employees. If you work in the office, you must have a lot of paperwork to be done on time. It’s not a convenient way to store everything in paper format. For this reason, it’s better to download a handy online tool and keep everything automated. You can add notes, save and edit files, and share them in different formats. 


What about writing a paper? In some cases, you will have to deal with the paper writing task. You have to introduce a clear and mistake-free paper to show a high level of expertise. Hence, it’s better to implement a grammar-checking tool. It will find any types of mistakes and help you present a flawless paper in the end. You can use it as a browser extension or buy the full package of services. 

Smartphone Apps


Communication between the office workers is a must. It’s important to find a fitting and convenient tool for daily chatting. Why should you try Slack? It’s a free app. You can download it to your computer or open it in a browser. It has a simple interface. It’s easy to rule the team and communicate with each member of the group using Slack. You can set the tasks, create a common chat or use a personal messenger to address the question to a particular member. 


It’s critically important to keep track of your expenses and savings. Do you know how much you waste per month? If you can’t hire an expert to manage your money for you, download the Mint app. It will help you keep track of your daily budget. The application has a user-friendly interface and offers a wide range of features. 


If you prefer to work in a calm atmosphere, you should download the Noisli app. The tool will give you access to different sounds and melodies to help you concentrate on the task. If you’re distracted in the workplace or get annoyed by the chatting here and there, you should get this app. 


it possible. With the MindMeister, you will be able to divide a big issue into small pieces, develop new notions from a general subject and create a well-structured mind map. 

Final Words 

What apps do people use for work? There are various work apps used by office workers. If you need extra help with the tasks, downloading these online tools might be a nice idea. They will make your office routine less stressful. You can learn how to make notes successfully, deal with files, chat with others and manage the documents. Make sure you check out the work of the apps described in the list and notice the results. 

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