SaaS Labs’ Acquisition of CallPage and Atolia Boosts its Automation Capabilitiescument

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SaaS Labs recently announced the $42 million raise it had received to further strengthen its business automation platform. This move also saw the acquisition of two leading customer engagement and automation providers, CallPage and Atolia.

This acquisition further boosts the capabilities of SaaS Labs in the business automation platform and therefore is expected to open up a world of possibilities for their customers.

Overview of SaaS Labs

Founded in 2016, SaaS Labs is an innovative business automation platform dedicated to helping companies and teams enhance their operations. The platform utilizes automated workflows and seamless communication solutions to simplify customer relationships, making it a highly efficient, cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Recently, SaaS Labs announced the successful completion of its 42 million U.S. dollar funding round led by venture capital firms including Horizons Ventures, CRE Venture Capital and Accel Partners India. Proceeds from the funding are expected to further enhance the customer experience, personnel growth, mergers & acquisitions, and product innovations to support SaaS Labs’ initiatives towards creating an industry-leading cloud-based software automation suite powered by AI & Machine Learning.

In conjunction with its recent fundraising milestone, SaaS Labs also announced two key acquisitions – CallPage, a live chat solutions provider that specializes in converting visitors into leads through optimized customer communication, and Atolia Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd., a software development firm with strong presence in India offering expertise in automation solutions backed by high performance customer service skillsets. These acquisitions further strengthen SaaS Lab’s goals to develop intelligent mechanisms for automating tasks which are currently manual or time consuming for modern businesses across different industries.

SaaS Labs’ Acquisition

Recently, SaaS Labs announced that it had secured $42 million in a funding round led by Index Ventures and Speedinvest. Part of the funding went towards SaaS Labs’ acquisition of CallPage, the customer engagement platform, and Atolia, the automated customer service provider. This acquisition has lifted SaaS Labs’ capabilities in business automation.

Let’s explore what this acquisition offers SaaS Labs.

Overview of CallPage and Atolia

SaaS Labs, Inc. recently acquired two automation software companies, CallPage and Atolia. The acquisitions provide SaaS Labs the expertise and technology needed to create a comprehensive business automation platform. SaaS Labs raised a total of $42 million to fund the acquisitions and to continue development of their business automation platform.

CallPage is an AI-powered widget designed to help businesses capture leads more effectively through automated phone contact requests. It also helps with personalized outreach in multiple languages and customer segmentation campaigns.

Atolia is a customer engagement platform that enables businesses to boost customer retention through automated outreach via email, SMS, data analytics, and CRM integration. It also helps facilitate customer service conversations in multiple languages. With CallPage and Atolia now part of SaaS Labs’ capabilities, businesses can leverage its comprehensive business automation platform for more efficient lead capture strategies, improved customer engagement initiatives, multilingual diagnostics & servicing channels, and better data analytics & insights capabilities.

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Benefits of the Acquisition

SaaS Labs’ recent acquisition of CallPage and Atolia marks an important milestone for their business automation platform. With the $42 million in financing resulting from the deal, SaaS Labs aims to expand its services and bolster customer success.

The acquisition of CallPage and Atolia provide several benefits to SaaS Labs. These customer engagement and retention tools will help increase customer usage, boost conversion rates, and build better customer relationships. Customers can access a feature-rich suite of automation capabilities that will enable them to proactively capture leads, track customer engagement levels, automate follow-ups and get actionable insights into user behavior. Additionally, customers can leverage this platform to gather feedback and enable community support for their products or services.

Moreover, SaaS Labs’ customers will benefit from seamless integration with third party tools such as Salesforce or Marketo that are already integrated with the CallPage system. This integration allows customers to easily access enterprise-level resources that provide high quality services at competitive rates. In addition, such features make it easier for users to quickly access data points used for personalization within marketing campaigns or product launch initiatives.

The result is a suite of automation capabilities that improve user experience across channels by allowing customers to have direct conversations at scale. As the global leader in business automation technology these new offerings extend SaaS Lab’s offer far beyond what was previously available in its platform alone.

SaaS Labs Raises $42 Million for its Business Automation Platform, Acquires CallPage and Atolia

To strengthen its capabilities in the business automation space, SaaS Labs has raised $42 million in series B funding and acquired CallPage and Atolia. The acquisition of these companies furthers SaaS Labs’ mission to build an intelligent business automation platform that meets customers’ needs.

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In this article, we will discuss the details of SaaS Lab’s business automation platform and the advantages it can bring to customers.

Overview of the Platform

SaaS Labs is a business automation platform that helps companies scale their operations efficiently, flexibly, and cost-effectively. Leveraging the power of SaaS Cloud Computing, SaaS Labs provides automation capabilities through its recently acquired Atolia and CallPage software. The platform offers companies an integrated suite of services that allow them to perform numerous operations at scale. In addition, as the technology continues to rapidly evolve, SaaS Labs enables businesses of all sizes to tap into the latest features and capabilities for their products and services.

The automation platform allows businesses to streamline operations, including customer data analysis, sales automation services such as segmentation and personalization functions, online marketing campaigns, web development services such as custom web applications processing, website optimization tasks such as analytics integration and A/B testing automation (and more). These tasks can be tailored with speed and ease thanks to SaaS Labs’ team-oriented app-building tools. This allows users to quickly assemble various teams leveraging powerful API integrations into existing software systems they currently use or those available outside the scope of the current setup.

Workflows are made simple with SaaS Labs’ intuitive GUI interface where users can easily add new triggers or define procedures based on existing processes. The system also allows customers to customize each step in order from beginning to end without requiring any coding knowledge from either side of the relationship. Giving users control over every detail in the entire process from start to finish quickly and easily ensures seamless business automation for any company’s digital initiatives.

Features of the Platform

SaaS Labs’ business automation platform is designed to help businesses become more efficient and productive. It provides software solutions, including customer support and service, marketing automation, sales optimization, analytics and reporting. With a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to streamline operations and increase team productivity, SaaS Labs’ platform allows companies to focus on their core business needs instead of manual tasks.

The platform offers technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) powered automation technology for customer service by automating mundane tasks like ticket management, order processing and payments processing. In addition to AI powered automation features, the platform includes features such as live chat support, integrated lead capture system, advanced reporting capabilities and the ability to integrate with third-party applications such as Salesforce or Zendesk.

CallPage and Atolia are two top-tier providers acquired by SaaS Labs from the Polish IT industry. They provide advanced CRM integration capabilities and self-service portal options for customers who prefer self-serve functionality. By integrating CallPage’s automated callbot setup into its services template library clients can get the most comprehensive customer service operations suite available with one provider. By acquiring Atolia meanwhile SaaS Lab’s customers have access to an even more comprehensive set of features beyond what many traditional IT software analytics platforms provide. With Atolia’s powerful analytics capabilities, customers can collect actionable insights from both their company data and market trends, enabling unprecedented control over data value creation within their organisations.

In addition to these advanced automation capabilities SaaS Lab’s platform also offers several other key features: completer dashboard visibility; automated time tracking tools; seamless document sharing; price calculator tools; shared task management; detailed operational insights reports etc., all enabling streamlined operations for a wide range of industries worldwide. All these new features contribute towards simplifying workflows related processes and ensuring that all parts are performing optimally at every moment, ensuring that all teams are functioning in sync despite remote working situations or multiple team locations around the world.

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Impact of the Acquisition on SaaS Labs

SaaS Labs recently raised $42 million via a Series A round to expand its business automation platform and acquired two startups, CallPage and Atolia. This development is set to further strengthen SaaS Labs’ position as a leading provider of SaaS automation solutions.

Let’s take a look at how this acquisition will impact SaaS Labs.

Increased Automation Capabilities

The acquisition of CallPage and Atolia by SaaS Labs has ushered in an exciting new era in which both the company’s employees and customers can enjoy the many benefits of artificial intelligence, automation, and business process optimization.

CallPage is a predictive communication platform that automates customer engagement via voice and/or chat channels. CallPage solutions enable contact centers to initiate customer conversations more quickly while providing customer sentiment analysis tools that help agents better understand their customer’s needs. Additionally, CallPage offers lead generation features that allow it to intercept and capture leads before they complete a purchase form.

Atolia provides automated workflows for business operations, like onboarding processes or order tracking tasks. It helps small to medium sized businesses automate their workflow processes through its “no-code” platform that helps simplify integrating existing software products into a single automation platform. Atolia also provides real-time status information so users can monitor progress of any process at any time.

By integrating these services into its product portfolio, SaaS Labs has further enhanced its offering for businesses looking to implement best-in-class AI technologies for customer service transformation and business operation automation. This acquisition is set to revolutionize how businesses approach customer communication and operational efficiency on multiple fronts – significantly boosting SaaS Lab’s presence in the market today.

Improved Customer Experience

By acquiring CallPage and Atolia, SaaS Labs and its customers can benefit from improved customer experience.

CallPage’s ability to enable automated phone calls and recordings allows SaaS Labs to provide more efficient customer service. On the other hand, Atolia’s automatic ticket creation and tracking platform makes it easier for customers to reach their support team whenever they need help. This ultimately increases their satisfaction levels with the company’s services.

With these functionalities, SaaS Labs can now increase the efficiency of their workflow and communication processes with their customers quickly, resulting in a better overall customer experience.


In conclusion, SaaS Labs’s acquisition of CallPage and Atolia have enabled them to bolster their automation capabilities and provide their customers with a comprehensive business automation platform.

With the $42 million the company raised, they now have the resources to fully develop and deploy its platform, allowing them to offer even more customer services.

Ultimately, this acquisition is a win-win situation for SaaS Labs and its customers.

Summary of the Acquisition

On April 15, 2021, SaaS Labs announced that it had acquired CallPage and Atolia, two companies providing automated customer interaction solutions. The acquisitions strengthen SaaS Labs’ business automation platform and support the development of new features and functionality.

CallPage is a customer interaction platform that helps businesses offer reactive instant callback opportunities to their customers. It eliminates the need for customers to wait on hold for an operator, allowing them to be routed directly to an available representative or feature specific menu pathways when prompted on their phone.

Atolia is an AI-powered chatbot automation platform that allows businesses to increase customer engagement and create personalized client experiences through automated conversations. In addition, both companies will provide services integrated with SaaS Labs’ existing cloud-based automation solutions like CRM, marketing automation, sales enablement and collaboration tools.

The acquisition was reportedly made in exchange for $42 million in cash and restrcted stock units (RSUs). With these acquisitions comes a new wave of features expected to further boost SaaS Lab’s competitive advantage in business automation. By combining the capabilities of Callpage and Atolia with its existing offerings, it becomes easier for businesses worldwide to enhance the customer experience offered by their platforms while streamlining operational processes associated with customer service interactions.

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