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The original game XIII was already released in 2003 and became a cult hit. It was a standard first-person shooter game, clearly influenced by other spy shooters of the time, focused on the console, such as Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, but with a sharp curve that distinguishes it from other genres. Because it is based on a famous French-Belgian comic, the images are designed to resemble the above medium, with visual effects in gradations and tons of onomatopoeia.

At the time, the game was critical, but given its ultrasensory appeal, he was not the most commercially popular shooter at the time. But that didn’t stop PS2 fans from thinking about it all the time, to the point where a complete remake has been announced as a tribute to the undervalued classic. However, there is one problem. While the original XIII was designed and released by Ubisoft during the Golden Age, the remake is produced by a small studio called PlayMagic, while the publisher Microids is run by the same company behind the games Syberia… and Garfield Kart. It’s not the best record, but repeating a game like that shouldn’t be difficult, right?


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Disclaimer : If you play XIII. for a long time, you end up drinking strong alcohol.

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Disclaimer : This game can make you want to drink a lot out of disappointment.

God, I was wrong. I’m not gonna try to sugarcoat it or beat around the bush: Remake XIII – one of the worst races of the year. It’s a big disappointment. Undoubtedly it is in every way much worse than the original 2003 title, and let’s be honest, it was not quite perfect, even by the standards of the time. What happened? What happened? How was this building considered worthy enough to be put on the market? Who would have thought the fans of the original Game XIII would really like it?

Overall, this remake does not bring many new elements. The design of the levels is almost identical to that of the 2003 game. The items are in the same place, the location of the enemy is the same, the weapons you can possess are the same. In fact, this is a game from 2003, running with a brand new engine, with a completely new visualization and physics. This is not a new edition of Resident Evil 2. They try to be as faithful as possible to the original game, and yet they ruined it in the most spectacular way.

I put a whole chair in a man’s skull and there was no sound effect.

For those who know about the game 2003 XIII, the first thing that will surely come to mind is the comic style. The visual effects of this game are undoubtedly its most emblematic feature. In spite of the fact that some character models were inert, the graphic novel was very similar to the artistic style described in the comic book. In those days there was nothing like XIII. If there’s one thing developers shouldn’t have been interested in, it’s a cult visual identity XIII. And so they ruined everything.

Children, if the most emblematic aspect of the game is the comic style, why on earth would you change the graphics for a less nuanced, more general graphic design that resembles too much the damn fornication of all games? I’m not exactly a statistical analyst, but I’m sure the number of people who like both XIII and Fortnit is not very large. Especially those who dare to claim that Fortnite, the embodiment of safe and child-friendly visual effects, is more iconic than the ultraviolent cartoon-style video game.

Like Wolfenstein, the remake of XIII is a game in which the hidden knife is as powerful as the Golden Eye rifle.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to visualizing XIII. The resolution is surprisingly suppressive, with tons of jagged edges clearly visible even to the most casual player. Framerat is everywhere and works at 60 frames per second from time to time when you are in a narrow corridor and there are no enemies or properties on the screen. Otherwise she can easily fall in the middle of sixteen, sometimes even younger. The level of the frame is as awful as one would think. After all, the excitement is terrible. Usually I hit a fleeing enemy to make him stop his animation immediately, stop for a second and then make a general death animation, quasi-robot. In summary, remake XIII looks in all respects worse than its counterpart in 2003.

If the violin doesn’t set you free, it will perform a delayed check. I would have pulled the trigger, R2, so that my protagonist could reflect for a while on the mysteries of life, and then remember that he was in the first person shooter, who was shot in front of him by ten gangsters, and then decided to actually shoot his gun. Control would disappear completely from time to time, and my figure would literally spin like a crazy ballerina, for no particular reason. At first I thought I had a problem with the Dualshock 4, but after using two other controllers and observing the same, I came to the conclusion that it was a malfunction. How exciting.

Either I’m a better sniper than Bradley Cooper in American Sniper, or this sniper control is too simple and simplistic.

XIII still has the same voice as in 2003, which means that celebrities like David the Spirit, Adam West (may he rest in peace) and Eve (the rapper who sang the poem in the rich girl Gwen Stephanie) choose their role again. Of course, this seems a bit outdated because the sound of video games from 17 years ago wasn’t exactly intact. But overall, it’s probably one of the few things that really work here, especially because the developers decided NOT to touch it.

That doesn’t mean the rest of the sound department gets a pass. Like the rest of Remake XIII, it’s either plain or full of glitches. The soundtrack isn’t such a serious offense, but it’s so mundane that I sometimes forget that the music is playing in the background. However, I was annoyed by the incompetence with which the sound effects were programmed here. Either they are too low and unbearable, with a deaf-mute gun that sounds like a big dog coughing, or they are completely absent. There’s nothing worse than catching a big gun and blowing up the enemy in front of you just to keep the damn noise down.

They made the comic book game so boring…

I made sure I played the original XIII on the Gamecube while playing this remake, and to my surprise this remake is still valid. It is certainly not perfect, but the problems were mainly due to technical time constraints and not just incompetence. Remake XIII can be described as completely incompetent. First of all, the 2020 game should not look, play, sound and be worse than the 2003 game, even though it does not require any hardware. I’m amazed at how unfinished and unpolished this game is. I may have played worse games this year, but I doubt very much that any of them, be it Fast & Furious or Road Bustle, has made me as angry as this remake. The more I play, the more I hate it.

It’s no better than the 2003 title because it doesn’t look like a comic book anymore. The images are everywhere, the animation of the characters is terrible and the resolution is not very high. If the unwanted frame doesn’t scare you off, there is a noticeable delay in the connection every time you press R2.
Although the voice-over game is actually quite decent, the soundtrack is in bad taste and the sound effects are either terrible or completely absent. There seems to be no need for weapons. In theory, you can ignore countless XIII technical problems if you’re a big fan of the 2003 game, but it’s still a big disappointment no matter what. The game of 2020 should be no less beautiful and functional than the game of 2003.
Phrase: 4.0

XIII is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

Monitored on PS4.

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