Review – Layers of Fear VR (PSVR)

As with most virtual reality (VR) titles, the plot of Layers of Fear: Solitude isn’t going to change the world, or even your life, but it does a decent job of setting the stage for the horror to come. You play as a demented artist trying to complete his magnum opus, a masterpiece that will be his legacy. But something is happening that isn’t letting you finish .

A first-person horror experience, Layers of Fear: Solitude gets released on PSVR to mostly positive reviews. The game, which was previously released on PC (and later on PS4), was always intended to be a virtual reality experience from the beginning. After all, the game takes place in a player’s own house, which is something most people are familiar with. As a result, the developers created a title that makes players feel like they are inside the game’s setting.

Remember those two reviews where I said virtual reality can turn the most mundane experience into something more fun than it has to be? Remember what I said about Star Wars Pinball VR being good because of this? Well, I guess I was wrong. In most cases, of course, VR can make silly things more fun and exciting than before. However, that rule doesn’t apply when you’re trying to transfer a horror-themed simulator to a whole new game world. The VR game Layers of Fear is an example of this. Better than the original? Yes, of course. Does that make it a good game? Not at all.

Review – Layers of Fear VR

Do it right this time. That’s what I wanted to say to the developers before we launched Layers of Fear VR.

When I first discovered Layers of Fear, I made the mistake of starting with the Switch version. This meant I was playing a version with significantly worse graphics and some sound problems. I thought the base game would have some hope and if played on a more powerful console, could be quite good. It wasn’t. I tried it on the PS4, and while the graphics were much better, it was still a boring walking simulator with a predictable plot, bland corridor level design, and cheap jumps.

Layers of Fear VR is exactly the same game as before, but with a new perspective and control system. Same plot development, same puzzles, same excruciatingly boring jumps. Everything you liked (or disliked) about the first Layers of Fear is back, but with a few changes that make the game a little more exciting, but in no way scarier. Some of the biggest problems come from the fact that the game is set on PSVR, a VR system that doesn’t handle the fantastic graphics and hands-free controls well. But most of the problems come from the fact that Layers of Fear is ultimately not very good.

Review – Layers of Fear VR


You gotta hand it to the Bloober team: They worked very hard to make this game work with so many limitations. Move controllers don’t have analog sticks, so most PSVR games use a teleportation mechanism (you point the cursor at a location and are transported there). But Layers of Fear VR actually has a free motion system that uses one of the main motion buttons on one of the controllers, as well as most of the face buttons, to move and shift the camera. It’s not easy to get used to, and it’s silly and awkward, but it’s compelling. It seems more natural than teleporting his body. And given how slowly your character moves through the mansion’s corridors, you won’t suffer from motion sickness at all.

The limited power also affects the visual aspect of the game. It’s brighter and more detailed than the Switch version, but uglier than all the versions released so far, including the Oculus Rift. The field of view is quite limited, resulting in a Nintendo 64-like fog in large rooms, and the texture quality leaves something to be desired. However, there is a catch: The game runs mostly at 60 frames per second. It’s a small victory, but at this point I’ll take what I can get.

Review – Layers of Fear VR

It’s not blood, it’s just wine. Laaaaaaad.

Unfortunately, when it comes to gameplay, Layers of Fear VR doesn’t stand up to criticism. It’s still a simple walking simulation with an annoying chip: doors lead you into new areas of the estate to mimic the fact that you’re a totally insane protagonist. It’s predictable, boring, and usually accompanied by loud jumping that’s just irritating.

For the record: While I find this scenario extremely uninteresting, I should also point out that this is an old Bloober Team game. That was before they launched Observer, their best game and arguably one of the most interesting walking simulations. Not to mention The Medium, which may try too hard to be like Silent Hill, but is still interesting and suspenseful. And I’m gonna keep pretending that the Blair Witch game never existed.

Review – Layers of Fear VR

You can now react with your hands on this carousel….. and that’s really how exciting this competition is going to be….

There are also some annoying problems that spoil the overall feeling of immersion in the game. Pressing the squat button twice will not return you to the original standing height. Instead, you turn into a 6-foot giant who sometimes breaks through the ceiling. It was annoying at first, as I didn’t know how to fix it, until I decided to hold down the Option key for a few seconds to reposition the field of view, which eventually brought me back to my original, more human size.

Review – Layers of Fear VR

This picture of a zombified dog would be perfect as the cover for a death metal album.

Virtual reality turns routine work into a fun activity. The same is partially true of Layers of Fear VR, but not in the way the developers envisioned. I enjoyed the game at times, but it wasn’t due to simple puzzle solving or a pointless plot. No, I liked the occasional play with twisted physics, throwing objects and interacting with tons of objects for no apparent reason. I had to look for fun in this game, and the only reason I did it in very small doses is because I’m the mental age of five when I dive into a VR game. This technology is still too new for me to not fall in love with it, even in one of the most frustrating games ever.

Review – Layers of Fear VR

Oh. That’s great. Dolls. I’ve never seen them used in horror media.

I can say that if I had to say which version of Layers of Fear is my favorite, Layers of Fear VR takes the cake. Not because it makes the pseudo-horror movie more exciting, but because sometimes I can forget about the mundane plot and silly jumps to get involved in the wacky physics and VR bugs. The look is good at times and the developers did their best to implement free motion controls on the Move controllers, but ultimately the core gameplay is too boring.

PSVR’s limited power affects the field of view and quality of textures, and there are sometimes frame rate issues. Still, it’s worth thinking about. I applaud Bloober Team for coming out with a free motion control system, but the lack of analog Move sticks makes the game much more cumbersome than it should be.
Slightly better than the Switch version, but the jumps and glitches still ruin the immersion of the game. It’s slightly more interesting than the basic version because you can sometimes manipulate floating hands, but it’s still a dull attempt at a psychological horror game with a predictable plot and bugs that ruin the immersion.
Final decision: 5.5

The VR game Layers of Fear is already available for PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Oculus Quest.

PSVR review.

A copy of Layers of Fear VR was made available by the publisher.


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Is layers of fear VR worth it?

This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy. Layers of Fear is a psychological horror that is being released on VR. The game is based on the same game as the Layers of Fear and this is also from the series of the game. The game has been developed by the Bloober Team and is being published by the Aspyr Media. The game has been published on 17th of February 2017. The game is set in the Victorian era. Planetary Annihilation

Does layers of fear have VR support?

Layers of Fear is one of the scariest games we’ve played on VR. It’s available for the PS4 with PSVR support. The team behind the Layers of Fear games has now announced that the games will be getting VR support. In the new update, you will be able to play the Layers of Fear games with either the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Windows Mixed Reality Headsets. The update will be free for all players when it launches later this year. Freebie: Write an intro paragraph for a blog post titled “What’s the Latest on the Synchrony Financial Data Breach?” on a (business) blog called “Forbes”, that is described as “A business, financial, and lifestyle publication”

How scary is layers of fear VR?

This game is a psychological horror experience where players must navigate a haunted mansion as a young child and repair a tragic past. This first-person game is a unique attempt to bring true horror to VR, the way it is meant to be- intense, scary and above all, fun to play. Players can expect to get a thrill when playing this game, but many will get scared as well. Layers of Fear is a psychological horror game about painting a masterpiece. Players take on the role of a psychologically unstable painter who is unable to create anything but a series of paintings that reveal the dark tale of his past. His masterpiece is a metaphor for his lost partner and child, and his descent into madness is represented by the second narrative of a man in search of his lover that is only visible in reflection on the paintings. Its new VR edition builds on this foundation, providing a new opportunity to experience a unique horror story.

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