Review: Chernobylite – A Gripping Horror Adventure in Heart of Chernobyl

It’s been over 16 years since the accident that caused the deaths and injuries of thousands of people. And if you’ve tried playing the game as a result, you know what a trip it is. A gripping horror adventure in the heart of Chernobyl.

Chernobylite is a first-person survival horror game about a lone mineworker who awakes in a world after the meltdown of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. You must explore this eerie and surreal environment and survive the horrors that await you.

Chernobylite is a VR horror game. It’s a game of exploration, horror and exploration. The game’s story is told with simple text, leaving much of the experience to be experienced through the interactions with the environment, NPC’s and the 360 degree visuals. The game is set in the abandoned Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It follows the story of four main characters. All four lead characters have a different perspective on the events of July 27th, 1986.

Review Chernobylite

Since its announcement a few years back, Chernobylite has been one of the most anticipated games. Since it was first revealed in 2019, the survival horror game that takes you into the heart of Chernobyl and the ghost town of Pripyat has been met with high anticipation. And wow, does it live up to the hype! Whether you like horror games or survival/combat games, Chernobylite offers it all, plus a compelling narrative that will have you hooked right away. Thanks to The Farm 51 and All In! Games SA, I was able to obtain a review copy of the game for PC. But before you purchase the entire game, read this Chernobylite review to have a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into and what to anticipate.

Chernobylite is a sci-fi survival horror role-playing game set in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in the actual world. It will need you to make important choices that will impact the game’s plot. When you’re not racing to the finish, you’ll have plenty to do, from crafting and base construction to companion management. The Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, which happened in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986 and has since become a memorable event in recent history, is well-known. The game Chernobylite is set in this exclusion zone, and the creators have 3D scanned it to bring it into the game in the most realistic and beautiful way possible.

Review Chernobylite

In Chernobylite, you play as Igor, a former worker at the power plant who is looking for his lost fiancée, Tatyana. You are immediately immersed in a realistic dream in which you can see Tatyana talking with you and luring you into this terrifying journey. As you awaken and return to reality, you discover two hired comrades assisting you in gaining access to the power plant that has been taken over by NRA troops. This enigmatic company is experimenting with Chernobylite, a precious mineral that enables people to travel across space and time. Igor’s first mission is to get some Chernobylite for himself, which will enable him to travel across time and, more significantly, reveal truths about Tatyana.

Your initial companion, Olivier, assists you at the home base and helps you familiarize with your base, crafting, companion management, and missions, so you’re never totally alone in the game. While Igor’s desire to find his fiancée will be palpable, you’ll soon realize that you can’t accomplish it alone, and that you’ll need the assistance of friends who have certain responsibilities to play. A sharpshooter, a spy, and an impostor NRA soldier are among those who can assist you in infiltrating enemy territory and completing a robbery.

Review Chernobylite

And it is here that the game’s concept really shines, as you will be tasked with taking things one day at a time, performing chores, connecting with friends, and strengthening and improving your base. Apart from your primary narrative objective, you will have numerous tasks to accomplish every day when you wake up. These tasks range from gathering food rations, medications, and supplies to enlisting the help of your friends. When you return to your base at the end of the day, the prizes are all gathered, and your friends are handled by distributing food and other survival supplies. During your stay on the base, you may participate in a variety of tasks, such as constructing shelters and upgrading benches to benefit everyone on the base.

As for the open-world of Chernobylite, there are six open-world zones that can be explored individually. These zones contain various side missions and main quest missions, along with many other secrets waiting for you to uncover. As you progress in the story and visit each zone, these areas will change and get progressively tougher as they get inhabited by soldiers and mutant monsters. The open-world zones also contain tons of materials and loot that are important for all sorts of building and crafting back at your base. These materials also help you craft healing items and ammo, which, fortunately, can also be crafted out in the world with the quick crafting of a campfire or workbench.

Review Chernobylite

Then there’s fighting and stealth, both of which are very gratifying and a key feature of Chernobylite. Despite the fact that you won’t start with the finest weaponry, the starter pistol will offer you a decent idea of how the fighting system works and, more significantly, how stealth is essential in your approach. Instead of charging in with weapons blazing, crouch and hide in the woods to avoid being seen by the enemy. Approaching each target silently and attempting a melee takedown not only saves ammunition but also gives you complete control over the opponent. However, stealth isn’t always effective, and you’ll ultimately end yourself in a firefight. Even on the highest difficulty setting, the AI isn’t too difficult to manage; you can still hide and fire a few headshots from obscure angles.

When it comes to complexity, the multi difficulty level is a feature I’ve never seen before. The game asks you where you want the game to work for you and what sort of challenges you like right from the start. You can regulate and modify the difficulty in three distinct categories. Companion management, fighting, and scavenging are the three options. If companion management isn’t your thing, you can change the level to easy, but if fighting is your thing, you may choose high combat difficulty. Chernobylite allows users to create their own gameplay by allowing them to choose what they want to accomplish in the game.


Companions play an important role in both the gameplay and the narrative of the game. As your connections with each companion become stronger, they will have a long-term impact on the player. Each buddy has their own personality and conduct, and you’ll wonder if you actually need them in your base at times. Companions also assist you in learning new abilities, which is a completely different method of unlocking skills than going to the pause menu in other games. A skill point is awarded when you earn XP and level up. Returning to the base and speaking with a buddy will enable you to train with them in order to acquire a particular talent via a brief lesson. This was extremely unusual and fascinating to me since it enabled you to literally practice the skill in motion.


The Bottom Line:

Chernobylite is a fantastic survival horror game that I would strongly suggest to everyone. Thanks to its 3D scanned photogrammetry, Farm 51 has done an outstanding job in creating and delivering the real Chernobyl experience, which, in my view, has never been seen before. I was pleasantly impressed by how excellent it was coming from an independent developer, especially given the fascinating, enigmatic narrative and compelling combat/management system. From the minor touches of conquering abandoned Soviet-era buildings to the eerie radiation zones around the catastrophe site, the game demonstrates how the development team really cared about the experience. Chernobylite is now available for PC through Steam, where the basic game and the core package are both on sale.


After spending some time with Chernobylite, I can assure you that this game is not your average first person shooter. Instead of running around a typical game world, Chernobylite takes place in a mysterious, abandoned town within the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, presenting players with a series of puzzles, to be solved in first-person.. Read more about chernobylite review reddit and let us know what you think.

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