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Abracadabra Magazine

Abracadabrew has been available for some time, but the game was released last month completely and without early access. Abracadabrew was developed by Miju Games and is a drink-based game that tests your memory while you boil the drink and tries to complete your tasks within a strict time limit. Here is our PC review of Abracadabraue, where we blow up some drinks and try to find bat wings in different boxes.

Abracadabra Brown is a very difficult game, and not for players who like to play in a relaxed way. Despite its simple appearance and visual interface, Abracadabrew will challenge any cell in your brain as you try to remember where the ingredients are and work with your team as everyone tries to cope with the pressure. In short, this game with tight control and complex gameplay is simple enough to separate the masters of the brewery from the occasional brewer. On paper, abracadabra brown is just a game of magic potion, but the reality is far from that.

Abracadabra Magazine

Yes, you have to prepare drinks in the game, but each drink requires certain ingredients that are hidden in different places. Depending on the level, these can be boxes, cabinets, small shelters and much more. However, each level of the game is unique, even if the location remains the same, the recipes and where you find the ingredients change with each level played. Once you pass the level, you open a new level and at the end of each chapter you fight with a number of bosses. Fighting with the boss also requires the preparation of drinks, but is much more complicated than normal.

In addition to the time pressure, certain levels also present additional challenges. For example, the spirit level may be hit by a strong wind that impedes your movement, or your boiler may start to slide. My favorite is a herd of bats that obscures the view of the screen because it fits very well into the overall theme of the game. To resist them, you have to go to certain buttons and press them to stop them. Some levels have blocked passages or other obstacles, and you’ll also have to find new ways to move around the level to collect ingredients and bring them back. By earning higher medals at certain levels, you also get new skins for your witches.

Perhaps the best feature of Abracadabrew is its complex, memory-based gameplay. Your goal in the game is to prepare as many drinks as possible before time runs out. The deadlines are very tight and the ingredients of the medicines are hidden in different cabinets all over the level. Although the starting levels seem fairly simple, as the game progresses, more and more tasks are starting to be set at each level. In addition to the strict deadlines and the dispersed storage of the ingredients, care must also be taken to ensure that the ingredients are thrown into the cauldron in the correct order. One mistake and your magic potion falls into a ball of black smoke.

You can also play Abracadabrew on your own, but the game is usually designed as a club bench, and the main fun is a chaotic cooperative game. If you play alone, it’s your only job to race against the clock, but if you play with friends and family, not only do you have to make so many drinks on time, but you also have to be careful with certain ingredients when looking for them so that two of you don’t end up with the same ingredient at the same time, which would waste precious time. If you throw away the wrong ingredient one last time, you’re also wasting magic potion and time, because you’ll have to start all over again.

Abracadabra Magazine

All this guarantees a completely complex game, very difficult to learn but very fun. Playing and understanding the game isn’t that difficult, because you literally have to press two buttons when you move the joystick. You can play the game with the keyboard and mouse, but using joysticks is the best option in the club bench. It is easier to play the game with a joystick. If you’re good with the keyboard and mouse, you have good control over the controller, but I’m just confused, so the controller was the best option for me in this game.

As far as the visual effects of the game are concerned, Abracadabrew is not bad at all. Because it’s an independent game, the graphics are still pretty decent, and nothing that really makes you look different. The witches are cute and the animation of the game is generally quite fluent. Nothing is uncomfortable, and the movement in the planes is also clear. As far as I know, there hasn’t been any malfunction or error in the game, and it has worked very well on my system. The controls, the interface and the visual effects are quite simple, but the gameplay is quite complex and you will literally enjoy it.


Abracadabrew is a great couch for cooperative games, but for solo play it can sometimes be a little tiring. Although the difficulty of playing alone is certainly high, there will come a time when the levels will just repeat themselves and you’ll get bored. But when it comes to playing with family and friends, the game changes completely and becomes a very entertaining and challenging memory game. The puzzles may seem simple, but they are quite complex. With simple operation and a linear learning curve, it’s a great name for quick game sessions. If you like the name cooperative bank and are looking for a challenging memory game, then Abracadabrew is the perfect game for your library.

Total score: 8.0/10

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