PS5 pre-orders are still not available, what to do while you wait!?

Preorders for PS5 seem to have been placed several times, but we are still waiting for a reopening of the pre-orders before the actual release date. So the big question is this: What do we do while we wait? If you’re planning to get a PS5 this year, there’s still a lot to consider while waiting for this update. Here are some suggestions to help you take your time.

Start with long-term planning. With PS5, which supports 4K graphics with a 120Hz refresh rate, not to mention 8K support, you should consider upgrading the TV you plan to use to take full advantage of these graphics features. Not only can TVs install everything, but the PS5 will also have 3D sound. There will be many audio devices available to enjoy this starry sky, but keep in mind that the PS5 does not support optical sound. If you use or intend to use optical components, you must operate the system by means other than PS5, and depending on the system you are using, this may not be ideal.

You can follow this link to our list of the best TV and sound systems for PS5 here TV and sound system for de-ps5/.

Apart from the TV and audio equipment, there is still a lot of work to be done. Let’s discuss the scope. The new consoles mean more time for games behind the door. Comfort is the key to success when it comes to playing for a long time. Take a look at your current team and decide if this is all for your next play sessions. While it is fun to sit on the comfortable sofa, there are many office chairs (game chairs if you like) that provide a good backrest for a long period of play. Most have wheels and are quite light, so it is much easier to move around the house than to pull a sofa or awning into a position that might seem more comfortable to you. Check out Amazon for special offers on chairs made for games.

PS5 pre-orders are still not available, what to do while you wait

Sometimes, when we play intense game sessions, the convenience of a small fridge next to us makes the difference between winning and losing if you can’t stop it. I’ve seen mini-fridges that could hold up to 6 cans of soda or you could participate in, mini-fridges that could hold half the average fridge. The amount of available cold drinks and snacks is a personal decision, but only comfort can save lives in the game. The pun is somehow intended… Please note that these mini-fridges can be quite sturdy and can be used not only for drinks and snacks, but also for storing light items to organize things.

PS5 pre-orders are still not available, what to do while you wait

If you are the type of person who likes to change the environment of the living room (or another room), you may want to take some time to explore your playing environment. Imagine where to place your new PS5. If you’re happy with the way things are going, then everything is ready, but if you have the desire to change something, there’s no better time to change everything than when you know you’re going to get a new console! A new console and a new look for a new atmosphere. Although this change seems insignificant, it will be felt differently and is likely to create a sense of novelty that dopamine in the brain and happy thoughts. The more you know, right?

PS5 pre-orders are still not available, what to do while you wait

The games… That’s a pretty big problem as we plan to use PS5 for video games in the future. Fortunately, when digital games come on the market, there should be no problem with pre-ordering games to buy them and play them after release. It’s one thing to raise prices. While not all games coming onto the market are expected to be priced at the new higher $70 price point, this is a trend that will undoubtedly draw the industry towards Triple-A games. On the one hand, it’s only $10 a game. On the other hand, that $10 is in addition to another $100 for every 10 games bought. It is not worth thinking about, but money management is important when it comes to getting excited about video games, and can quickly get out of hand and over budget if we do not pay attention to the total amount.

PS5 pre-orders are still not available, what to do while you wait

Speaking of financial management, that brings me to the last and perhaps most important advice I can give here. Start saving and plan a global budget that you can afford and are happy with. For many of us, video games are a passion. We like to play them, we like to try new ones and we like to have a nice collection. It is easy to spend too much on video games and setting a healthy limit on spending on these games can ultimately provide peace of mind. Everyone has a different spending budget, but it’s good to plan ahead. Save a little money every week for entertainment games only. A small pillow bag makes it much easier to buy a last-minute game or an accessory you just want. Don’t forget to set a spending limit. If you still have money left from the last purchase of the game, but also used up the one month limit, I advise you to transfer that money to the next month. That way you always get what you want, and if something happens and you suddenly feel like it, you should be able to make that purchase without disrupting your other finances and without burdening your budget for the next month.

PS5 pre-orders are still not available, what to do while you wait

I hope this will save you some time while you wait for the release of PS5. As soon as the PS5 breaks down, we fill our time without realizing how much time has passed. If you have any tips or tricks, feel free to mention them in your comments. See you on the internet!

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