Paw Paw Paw (PlayStation 4)

Once the Paw was a peaceful kingdom until the king turned the switch and decided that all people had to wear trousers. As a member of a well-known resistance group called Anti-Pants, you must break and cut waves of enemies to reach the king and defeat him by following his ridiculous trouser rules.

Paw Paw is a 2D battle in which players must go through different levels and defeat all enemies that stand in their way. At the beginning of the game you can choose one of four characters (other characters can be unlocked throughout the adventure); each of them has its own skills, stats, combos and weapon preferences.

Paw Paw Paw (PlayStation 4)

By killing enemies and completing levels, your character is rewarded with XP, which increases his level and earns you skill points to improve your attack, defence and agility and learn new skills. The Upgrade Capabilities Tree looks a bit like the ball grid in Final Fantasy X, but on a much smaller scale.

The world map also features outposts where you can relax, buy items, use skill points, equip new weapons found during adventures, get reinforcements (below) and even swap characters. When clearing levels, you can bring health supplements, bombs and temporary amateurs in addition to weapons.

Paw Paw Paw (PlayStation 4)

You can play the game with your local friends, but if you decide to play alone, you can hire a recruit to help you in battle. Of course the K.I. partner is not as effective as a human player, the newcomers here are quite effective and surprisingly smart and can also act as a lightning rod, so you can fight one or two enemies at the same time.

The biggest problem with the game is that the setup is tiring. Completing a level successfully won’t give you much XP, even previous levels mean you’ll sometimes get stuck in traffic, doing repeated levels to try and get extra skill points to strengthen your character. Even the bosses barely give you XP; given the problems they cause, it’s annoying. The only advantage here is that if you die on the boss, you still have some XP after the game.

Paw Paw Paw (PlayStation 4)

Another problem, although not as problematic as above, is that some things, such as broken wooden crates and others, such as closed doors, need too many blows to break them. You can assume that an axe will instantly break a creation or a lock on your door, but this game will prove you wrong; so much so that sometimes I wonder if creations are *combible*. Fighting can sometimes be frustrating because you seem to be slower than your enemies; frustration is especially great against bosses. And when you’re surrounded, the enemies around you bounce like a tennis ball at Wimbledon.

The game as a whole is very good. while simple, colorful and well designed. The game goes well, even without noticeable glitches, but the fighting movements seem a bit slow. The soundtrack is surprisingly interesting. The song on the Overworld card is the most boring and deafening I’ve heard in a long time, but the music is really great.

Paw Paw Paw (PlayStation 4)

What’s the best way to describe a Paw Lap? Consider it a rough demonstration of Castle Crashers with amazing depth. The Skill Tree and additional weapons add a small level to the RPG and can compensate for a slow battle because it’s a small bump in the road. All in all, it’s a great and enjoyable experience that will keep the players busy in the near future.

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The promoter: Simpleton Publishing: Ratalaika Games SL
Release Date : 27. November 2020. Platforms : Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One
platform : PlayStation 4 PRO

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