Naraka Bladepoint All Glyphs List In Talent & Best Glyphs

In this post I will go over all types of bladepoints in naraka and list them one by one. The ones that are not mentioned will be added to the list. Also this list will be sorted from best to worst so that you can chose which ones you want to focus on.

While most will be familiar with the Naraka Bladepoint in the online RPG game “Naraka”, you might not know that the glyphs in the game have not only in-game effects, but also a real life impact on the character’s life. In this blog post, I will be detailing the glyphs in the game and how they affect the character’s life in the real world. I will also be detailing the glyphs in the game that could be considered the best glyphs in the game.

I’ve been playing a few games lately, and I’ve come across some interesting glyphs along the way. I’ve decided to make a list in which I will list all the glyphs that I’ve come across so far. This list is not necessarily complete. I’ve only played about 10 games, and I’ve only been able to look at the glyphs in the list, so this list might end up being a lot smaller than I originally thought. However, I’ve made an effort to include every glyph that I’ve come across.

naraka bladepoint

24 Entertainment has created Naraka Bladepoint, an online multiplayer battle royale game. Glyphs are orbs that provide your character extra stats and other advantages. These advantages include discounts on purchases and the ability to get rarer items. Glyphs are separated into four sections:

List of Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs

You may utilize each of these four glyphs’ five distinct kinds to gain an edge in combat. You may use a 6x amount of each of these sub-glyphs. By leveling up your profile, you may get access to the slots that will allow you to utilize these sub-glyphs.

You may also use the in-game money Tae to improve these Sub-Glyphs. To utilize the glyphs and raise your bonus stats, you must upgrade each one separately. The following is a list of Sub-Glyphs:

  • Spirit – Recovers energy more quickly and can dodge more often in battle. (Engagement/s +0.50% )
  • Wealth – Over time, accumulate black tide that may be spent at a rift merchant. (Dark Tide Coins +2 Dark Tide Coins)
  • Energetic – Over time, gain dark tide currency and improve your luck for a higher drop rate. (Luck +20 and Dark Tide Coins/10s +1)
  • Savagery – Quickly recover your anger. (+1.33 percent rage/s)
  • Tenacity – Increase the duration of your Cairn so that you may be rescued sooner. (-1.00 percent Cairn Energy Loss)
  • Agility – It will take less energy to avoid being hit. (Dagger Dash Energy Cost -0.40 percent and Dodge Energy Cost -0.40 percent)
  • Tether – Increases the speed of the grappling hook. ( +1.67 percent Grappling Speed )
  • Increase the amount of time the enemy’s health bar is displayed after they take damage with intuition. ( Time for the enemy’s HP bar to increase by 3.0% )
  • Enrage – When doing damage to opponents, increase the amount of rage produced. (+1.50 percent Rage/DMG)
  • Increase the amount of anger produced when receiving damage with Resolve. (Rage/ DMG taken at +1.50%)
  • Increase the distance between grappling hooks by flying. (+1.00 percent grappling distance)
  • Increase the chance of uncommon goods dropping. (Fortune +40)
  • Merchant – Increase the chance of rare goods dropping and get a discount while purchasing from a rift dealer. (Rift Dealer Discount +0.40% and Luck +20%)
  • Light – When you’re outside the circle, you’ll suffer less damage from shadow corruption. (Resistance to Shadow Corruption +0.50% )
  • Increase the pace at which abilities recover from their cooldowns. (Skill Cooldown Increased by 0.60%)
  • Increase your energy capacity to be able to evade more rapidly. (Energy Cap +1.00%)
  • Persuasion – Get a discount from the rift dealer when you buy items. (Rift Dealer Discount of +0.80%)
  • Peddler – Earn dark tide currency over time and receive a rift dealer discount. (Discount for Rift Dealers +0.40% )
  • Rampage – At the start of the game, you’ll have more anger. (Initial Rage: +1.33%)
  • Warmth – Quicken the pace at which you resurrect your buddy. (Rescue Speed is increased by 1.50 percent)

Note: The stats listed above are for level 1 glyphs, which may be upgraded by upgrading your glyphs.

Naraka Bladepoint Best Glyphs & How To Upgrade Them

Because you earn additional bonus stats as you level up these glyphs, the game may be referred to as PTW (Play To Win). Continue playing the game and raising your profile level to level up these glyphs. The greatest glyphs are a mix of all four that you utilize throughout the game, rather than any one glyph.

If you’re playing a character with a powerful ultimate, like Tianhai (Vajra). Savagery (Origin), Enrage or Resolve (Lunar), Genius (Solar), and Rampage (Solar) are all options (Omni).

Use Wealth or Energetic (Origin), Agility (Lunar), Miracle or Merchant (Solar), and Persuasion or Peddler (Solar) to acquire better souljades and weaponry (Omni).

You may pick Spirit (Origin), Agility or Tether (Lunar), Flight or Genius (Solar), and Mind (Mind) if you’re more concerned with fighting and grappling hook stats (Omni).

Note that solo and trio should have separate sets of glyphs since certain glyphs are only useful while performing in a group and are useless when playing alone.

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This is the first of three main posts that will go into some of the best Bladepoint glyphs in Undergrowth. We will keep the post free for anyone to download and use, but we do ask you credit us in your blog post.. Read more about naraka: bladepoint souljades and let us know what you think.

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