My Hero Academia’s Best (& Worst) Characters, Ranked –

The world of My Hero Academy has given us some of the best characters in the history of anime (at least in my opinion!).

Some of the characters we’ve seen in the series have had a strong influence on us that we never imagined possible, so much so that the success of Boku No Hero is more than justified.

So, to share this passion with all the other fans, let’s take a look at some of BNHA’s best characters.

Don’t forget that I’m going to omit the characters that weren’t so impressive for the series, so we can really get a ranking of the best of the best.

You also have to remember that this list will make some people angry. – I know you do. Let’s see how far we can agree not to do it!

20. Minoru Mineta

Minoru Mineta My Hero Anime Academy.

I think I speak for most fans of my heroes at the academy when I say that Mineta is the worst of all the characters in Midoria’s class.

This guy is nothing but a young master Roshi with a strange superpower that doesn’t have all the flow that the old Cameo Senin had in the early days of Dragonball.

Even this guy’s bullshit is twisted. All he does is throw eggs out of his hair that stick to other things and, uh… (Clears throat) Doing things? He sucks.

He had only one influential appearance in the series, and the rest of his appearances were his perversions on the girls in the classroom. If you like it, apologize in advance (uh, a little in advance).

19. Koji Code

Koji Koda from my Heroes Academy.

I felt bad for Cod because he’s actually the cutest guy there is.

But let’s face it: His eccentricity is terrible and his loving personality makes him one of the least influential characters in the series.

He can talk to animals, and I’m sure one day he’ll be relevant. But as far as I know, Koji Koda was one of the most inconclusive characters so far.

Fortunately, it was difficult to surpass the poor standards of the pipe. So Koda managed to stay above water on my list and not end up in last place.

Victory in my book.

18. Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo Yaoyorozu My animated hero

Is it even necessary to explain in detail why Yaoyorozu is one of the worst characters in the series?

His abilities usually require him to be half-naked, which appeals to the kind of audience this character aspires to.

I’ve never been a fan of all the anime culture circulating in this series, but I’ll let it go if the characters are good enough.

Unfortunately, Momo is not a good character at all.

Her skills are cool and have proven their worth in the past. But she is far from the great character she could be if she were written more like a heroine and less like a sex symbol.

17. All in one (previously)

All in one (bye) My Anime Hero Academy.

Since this guy is considered the bad guy of all bad guys, you’d think he’d play a much more powerful role in the show, wouldn’t you?

In my opinion, not everything was delivered for one person. In fact, it was his student Cigaraki who took the lead in the series.

I would expect All for One to one day to play a more powerful role, but time will tell. In that scenario I’d rather see more cigaraki and less of everything for one.

16. Ojiro

Screenshot of the Ojiro My Hero Anime Academy.

Ohiro and his dick are so boring I can’t love them.

In a world where people shoot on fire and ice, have super power and super speed, an asshole is nothing but a boring whim that doesn’t do much for the show.

Add a tasteless masculine personality and you have a recipe for a character’s fur. It’s remarkable, but the coat.

15. Ochako Hurara

Ochako Uraraka from the anime My Academy of Heroes.

Ochako moves on the line between the characters I don’t like and the acceptable characters of the series.

She is not as beautiful as the others, but she makes a contribution that no one can think of.

From now on I’m going to put an end to my badness and we’re going to look at the best figures from the MHA – Ochaco is the line between good and evil. I don’t know what to think.

14. Dust Asui

Tsuyu Asui My Hero Academia anime

Asui may not be the most interesting character, but his role and personality made him fit into the main composition in terms of interesting skills.

Maybe it’s better, but maybe it’s just as bad.

13. Fumikaje Tokoyami

Tokoyami smoking from my Heroes Academy.

Tokoyami has one of its best peculiarities.

And watching him fight for control makes it even more interesting.

Of all the irrelevant characters, I think Tokoyami-san is one of the best in the series. And no wonder he’s a fan.

12. Twice

Double screenshot of the anime My Academy of Heroes.

Twice can’t be one of the main villains of the show. But his willfulness certainly makes him one of the best.

It really shows how certain peculiarities can hurt people, even if they are useful.

No matter how bad the villager is, he’s definitely one of the best characters in the series. Even if it’s not one of the most important.

11. The Shadow of Judah

Shadow of Judas from the anime My Academy of Heroes.

Iida is the man who wants everyone to behave well in class, and he keeps the class together.

He may not be the strongest or most useful character. But his personality made him one of my favorites on the show.

It’s also amazing how he developed his friendship with Midoria. I absolutely love him as a character.

10. Spotlight

Spot my hero Anime University

Would it be fair to say that the stone is the most powerful ephemeral villain in the history of anime? I don’t think so.

He may have been beaten quickly, but we don’t often see bad guys who really stand out from the crowd. Or bad guys who really believe they’re doing what they’re doing… With the exception of the classic haha, the bad guys do what we see so often in most anime.

The way the stone is presented, as well as his motives and the way he fights with children, make him one of the best characters I have ever seen. In the BNHA and in all anime.

9. Miro Togata

Miro Togata My anime hero.

Ah, Lemmilion.

He is not only the strongest pupil in the school, but also the most attractive.

He sacrificed his powers to save Erie. It just made us love him more.

Let’s see where his story takes us (I’m not sure he’s got his powers back – I don’t read manga now, so leave me alone, guys).

In any case, Togata is undoubtedly a fantastic personality who deserves a place in our hearts.

8. Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki Bakugo from the anime My Academy of Heroes.

Bakugo might seem like an arrogant bastard nobody likes.

To be honest, he really spends a big part of the show being a bitter guy who only does what he shouts and gets angry at Midoriya because Izuku is getting stronger than he is.

But it’s another character that has the top line of development, which makes him one of the best in the series.

The fact that this nerd fits so well into his costume is another reason why so many people seem to like him.

7. Eijiro Kirishima

Eijiro Kirishima My animated hero.

There’s just something really cool about Kirishima, man. I don’t know what it is, but something between his personality and his idiosyncrasies makes him such a cool and cute character.

It is a pleasure to see him develop his skills as the show progresses.

Not to mention the fact that he really deserves it. Definitely one of the best heroes of the academy!

6. Erie

Screenshot of the anime Eri My Held Academia

When we see Erie for the first time, she makes us feel very strange.

I’m speaking in the plural here because I’m sure we all felt something similar when we saw them coming out of that alley towards Midoriya and Togata.

As the series progresses and you begin to understand the power of Erie, the character simply becomes a favourite fan around the world.

The mission they all go to to save her is also one of the best actions of the series. And Erie proves how strong she is when Midoria beats her father in his duels!

5. Shota Aizawa

Shota Isava of my Heroes Academy.

Gum’s personality may seem tasteless at first glance.

But as the series progresses, we notice more and more details and appreciate how great his character is.

Aizawa-sensei is the best teacher of the school (except All Mighty!).

And the way he tries to follow the class makes his character interesting, who can really love all the fans of the show.

4. Todoroca photo

Photo by Todoroki - anime Mon Académie des Héros.

Todoroki’s relationship with his father makes him a fantastic, but also fascinating character, which has also developed strongly during the course of the series.

All the interaction between him and his father creates an even better character in the Todoroki. And his peculiarities just make him a powerful newcomer to the list of good guys on the show.

The ability to control both fire and ice is truly one of the best in the entire MHA universe. Nothing less is expected from Todoroka than a powerful character.

3. Tomura cigaraki

Tomura Cigaraki My animated hero.

One of my favorite villains, Cigaraki, is probably such a complex and interesting character.

I bet he’ll go down in history as one of the best anime villagers of all time as soon as the series ends.

The design of the character is also very interesting here and makes his bad vibrations even more terrifying. Which we have no choice but to love.

Add to that the fantastic strangeness and you have the perfect formula to create one of the most interesting anime villains (or at least one of the best when it comes to influential anime series).

2. Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya My Anime Hero Academy

Midoria starts the show as a boring little child.

But his character Arche is probably the main reason why the series was so great.

The fact that he tells the story makes it even more interesting. And the way his character changes and grows throughout the MHA keeps us focused and allows us to fight to make him the world’s next best hero.

I think Midoria is one of those characters who are so present in the anime that you hate them at first, but at the end you become their favourite.

At least that’s what happened to me. But I’m sure you can tell me now that I still hate it a little.

1. Anything can be

The anime My Academy of Heroes can become anything.

I think this guy is the main reason why so many people love the show.

He’s such a sweet character.

And as a big DBZ fan he gives me the same positive emotions as Goku.

I’d still say All Might is an even better character than Goku, and he could have been much more powerful in the anime world if BNHA had been released when Dragon Ball was big.

In any case, do not underestimate the influence of omnipotence. This guy combines power, character and decisiveness to make him without a doubt one of the best guys in anime history.

If my Academy of Heroes maintains the same level of influence after the end of the series, and if no one spoils the end of the series, I expect All Might to be an all-time, all-nation favorite for many years to come.

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