Most Popular Thai Football Players: đội Tuyển Bóng đá U-23 Quốc Gia Thái Lan

đội tuyển bóng đá u-23 quốc gia thái lan

Thailand is a country that takes great pride in football, and their players are nothing short of extraordinary. Whether it’s domestic or international competitions, Thai football players have captured the hearts of millions worldwide with their unmatched skills, techniques, and dedication to the sport.

These players have inspired generations with their unparalleled talent and passion for football. With so many incredible footballers who have made their mark on national and international levels, it is no surprise that Thailand has produced some of the most popular and well-known names in the football world.

Generations of Young Thai Footballers Inspired by Local Stars

From legends like Piyapong Pue-on to current stars like Chanathip Songkrasin- each player has left an indelible impression on people’s minds. They are known for their speed, agility, creativity and display immense grit on the field. It’s worth noting that these famous Thai footballers were not born with a silver spoon. On the contrary, they faced numerous challenges before becoming popular in the game. However, despite facing tough times in their young age full of struggles and failures, they never gave up on achieving success.

Thai Football Legends: Making History

The story behind these popular Thai footballers is a source of inspiration to countless aspiring players worldwide. In addition, their hard work ethic has played a significant role in enhancing their legacy for future generations, making them timeless figures in Thailand’s sporting history.

Move over Tom Yum soup, these Thai football players are the hottest things to come out of Thailand.

Top 5 Most Popular Thai Football Players

In Thailand, football is a beloved sport that boasts an impressive following. To give you an insight into the local football scene, we have listed the top Thai football players who have garnered a huge fan base.

Regarding the most popular Thai football players, the following stand out.

  • Chanathip Songkrasin: Affectionately known as the ‘Messi Jay’, Chanathip Songkrasin has become an absolute superstar in Thailand and beyond. He plays for the Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo in the J-League and has also been a vital member of the Thai national team.
  • Teerasil Dangda: Known as the ‘Thai Messi’, Teerasil Dangda is a prolific goal scorer and is also considered as one of the most talented Thai football players of all time. He has played for the Muangthong United and is currently associated with BG Pathum United.
  • Kawin Thamsatchanan: Kawin Thamsatchanan is considered one of the top goalkeepers in Thailand. He plays for the Oud-Heverlee Leuven in the Belgian First Division A and has also been a consistent national team member.
  • Theerathon Bunmathan: A skilled and versatile player, Theerathon Bunmathan is highly respected in football. He has played for multiple clubs, including Yokohama F. Marinos in the J-League and Muangthong United in the Thai League 1.
  • Adisak Kraisorn: Adisak Kraisorn is an exceptional striker, known for his exceptional goal-scoring ability. He has played for many clubs, including Muangthong United and Buriram United.

In addition to their impressive sports accolades, these players have become iconic figures in Thai society, with a huge fan base. Watching them play is always a thrilling experience for both locals and tourists alike.

Pro Tip: If you ever find yourself in Thailand, do not miss the chance to catch a football match and witness the magic of these players firsthand.

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Chanathip Songkrasin

This skilled Thai footballer is known for his impressive ball control and versatility on the field. With speed and precision, he is a threat to any opposing team. His dynamic playing style has made him a key player for the national team and his club.

Teerasil Dangda may be Thailand’s star striker, but he’s not the only thing that’s hot in the Land of Smiles.

Teerasil Dangda

This prolific Thai footballer is widely known for his impressive skills on the field. He has a keen eye for scoring goals and can easily dribble past defenders, making him a force to be reckoned with on any pitch. Teerasil Dangda has won multiple awards and is greatly admired by fans and fellow players. In addition to his remarkable talent as a striker, Teerasil Dangda is a natural leader both on and off the field. He has served as captain of the Thailand national team and inspires his teammates to perform at their best during matches. His dedication and hard work have led to immense success in his career.

Moreover, Teerasil Dangda has an impressive record when it comes to international play. He has scored numerous goals for Thailand in various tournaments including the AFF Championship, Asian Cup, and World Cup qualifiers. His performances have earned him recognition as one of the best Thai footballers ever. Interestingly, Teerasil Dangda was discovered by a scout while playing on his school’s team. The scout recognized his potential and recommended him to join Muangthong United where he began his professional career.


The only thing more impressive than Theerathon Bunmathan’s free kick abilities is his last name’s potential Scrabble score.

Theerathon Bunmathan

He has garnered immense popularity as a renowned Thai football player for his exceptional skills and contributions as a defender. He is widely known for his incredible game sense, accurate crosses and impressive free kicks. Theerathon has played in various international leagues such as J and K, establishing himself as one of the most versatile defenders in Asia.

Moreover, his leadership qualities and commitment to the sport have made him an inspiration for aspiring players all around the world. With impressive performances at various tournaments including SEA Games, AFC Asian Cup and World Cup Qualifiers, he has significantly impacted Thai football. Notably, he is also the only Thai player to have won three consecutive Best Defender Awards in T1 League. His commendable performances have cemented his position as a key player for both club and country.

Interestingly, Theerathon started playing football at a very young age and was scouted by Buriram United when he was just 13 years old. Since then, his passion for the sport has only grown stronger, making him one of Thailand’s most loved football players today.

Kawin Thamsatchanan may be known for his skills on the pitch, but his name is like a tongue twister that will leave your tongue twisted.

Kawin Thamsatchanan

One of the top football players in Thailand is a highly talented goalkeeper who goes by the name of Kawin. He’s been an influential figure in Thai football since his debut and has made several notable contributions to club and national teams. Not only does he have excellent reflexes, but he’s also known for his exceptional leadership skills and the ability to dominate his area. His performances have often led to crucial victories for his team, making him a fan-favorite nationwide.

Kawin has received numerous accolades throughout his career for his outstanding goalkeeping abilities, including being named ‘Goalkeeper of the Tournament’ in the 2012 AFF Suzuki Cup and winning ‘Best Goalkeeper’ three times in Thai League 1. His achievements have even earned him recognition globally, with renowned football website ‘Four Four Two’ listing him as one of their top 50 Asian players.

What’s truly remarkable about Kawin is that he’s managed to excel not just on the pitch but off it too. Despite facing mental health struggles and undergoing therapy sessions, he remains a role model for young talent in Thailand sports. From promoting physical fitness to speaking out against various social causes, Kawin greatly inspires many.

To maximize Kawin’s potential on your team, consider providing him with quality defenders who can give him support from behind. Additionally, utilizing formations that work well with strong wingbacks will help strengthen the defense further, providing more attacking options down the flanks. If you can play to Kawin’s strengths, he’ll keep your defense organized and secure throughout your matches.

Tanaboon Kesarat is the Thai footballer who could make a mean curry, but prefers to spice up the game on the field instead.

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Tanaboon Kesarat

This prominent Thai footballer is one of the most talented midfielders in Asia. His ability to control the ball and make accurate passes has made him a vital player in the national team. His peers highly respect him for his hard work and dedication on and off the field. Kesarat began his career with Muangthong United, where he quickly established himself as an essential player in the team. His outstanding performances earned him a spot in the national team, where he has continued to excel.

His impressive performances have not gone unnoticed; several international clubs have courted him. However, he remains loyal to Muangthong United, and his fans admire him. Apart from his skills on the football field, Kesarat is also known for his charity work. He actively supports several causes that seek to improve the welfare of disadvantaged children.

His story inspires many young footballers in Thailand who dream of representing their country at the highest level. Kesarat’s dedication to his sport and commitment to helping others make him an excellent role model both on and off the pitch. They may not have made the top 5, but these players still kick some serious balls on the field.

Other Well-Known Thai Football Players

Thai football has produced many notable players beyond those who are widely publicized. Let’s explore some of the other well-known footballers in Thailand.

Other accomplished Thai football players include:

  • Kawin Thamsatchanan, the renowned goalkeeper known for his excellent reflexes and quick thinking on the pitch.
  • The gifted midfielder Chanathip Songkrasin has been named Thai League 1 Player of the Year three times and is widely regarded as one of Southeast Asia’s top talents.
  • Teerathon Bunmathan, a defender who has displayed impressive skills on the field and has won several awards for his performances on the international stage.
  • The prolific striker Adisak Kraisorn has scored over 100 goals in his career and is known for his speed and accuracy.
  • Finally, Theerathon Bunmathan is a versatile utility player who has shown his ability to adapt to various positions on the pitch and has won multiple titles in domestic and international competitions.

Apart from the players mentioned above, several other deserving footballers have made their mark in Thai football. These players include Sarach Yooyen, Tanaboon Kesarat, and Toti Ampornpisit, who contributed immensely to their respective teams. Keep an eye on the performances of other Thai football players who may not be in the limelight but can significantly impact the game. Stay updated with the latest news and don’t miss the chance to witness history.

Adisak Kraisorn scores more often than a Tinder date on a Saturday night.

Adisak Kraisorn

With over a decade of experience, this accomplished player has made a name for himself in Thai football. He has played for national and club teams, displaying exceptional skill in goal-scoring and ball-handling. Among his most notable achievements is being the top scorer at the 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup. He has also been recognized as the Toyota Thai Leagues’ Player of the Year in 2018 and has won numerous accolades on a local and international level.

An interesting fact about him is that his knack for professional football was discovered through a school sports day activity where he outperformed all his peers.

Pro Tip: To play like Adisak Kraisorn, practice drills focusing on precision passing and accurate shooting.

Thitipan Puangchan: the only Thai footballer who can make a free-kick look sexier than a Pad Thai on a Friday night.

Thitipan Puangchan

This midfield maestro, often known as the ‘Thai Alcantara,’ is a key player for his country and club. With excellent ball control and distribution skills, Thitipan Puangchan is a true asset on the pitch. He has represented Thailand in various international tournaments including the AFC Asian Cup and has played for several Thai clubs along with stints in Japan’s J-League.

Thitipan Puangchan’s agility and quick reflexes on the field make him stand out among others. He possesses a sharp football brain, which enables him to create opportunities and score goals even from impossible angles. His dedication to his training regime and a disciplined lifestyle give him an edge over other players. This talented midfielder was also a part of Thailand’s U-23 team that won gold at the 2015 SEA Games Football competition in Singapore.

Pro Tip: To improve agility like Thitipan Puangchan, incorporate ladder drills and plyometric exercises into your regular workout routine.

Sarach Yooyen may be a great midfielder on the pitch, but off the pitch, he’s just another guy who uses Instagram filters a little too much.

Sarach Yooyen

A skilled Thai footballer who has proven his worth on many occasions, Sarach Yooyen contributes to the game’s growth in Thailand. A product of Muangthong United’s youth academy, he quickly progressed through the ranks and made his senior debut in 2011. His impressive performances helped him earn a significant role in the national team, and he was an integral part of their journey to the AFC Asian Cup round of 16 in 2019. Moreover, his consistent form has kept him on radars of many foreign clubs.

Despite being a well-known figure among football circles, little is known about Sarach’s life off the field. Without confirmation from the player, rumors suggest that he prefers keeping his private life out of the limelight. In one encounter with fans after a match, Sarach went above and beyond to show his appreciation for their support. He spent hours signing autographs and taking pictures with eager fans despite being exhausted after playing 90 minutes. Such instances highlight his skill, humility, and dedication towards the sport.

Supachok Sarachat may be a rising star in Thai football, but let’s not forget that even the brightest stars eventually burn out.

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Supachok Sarachat

One of the prominent football players in Thailand is known for his exceptional skills and versatility on the field. He has been a crucial national team member and played for multiple renowned clubs. His performances have led to him being touted as the future of Thai football.

His abilities to create opportunities and score goals have attracted many top-level clubs, which are closely monitoring his career development. With an impressive track record, he is expected to contribute significantly to his club’s and country’s success.

He has won multiple awards, including “Best Young Player” at the prestigious Asian Football Confederation Awards, for his outstanding performances. To maximize his potential, he must continue receiving proper training and guidance from experienced coaches and exposure to high-level competitions to further develop his skills.

Suphanat Mueanta may be young, but his skills on the field are already causing old defenders to retire faster than planned.

Suphanat Mueanta

One of the famous football players from Thailand is well-known for his skills and prowess on the field. He has been making waves in the football community with his quick feet and accuracy when making shots. This player has a bright future ahead of him, with many opportunities to take his career to new heights.

Suphanat Mueanta, or also referred to as the Thai Messi, is a rising star in the world of football. He plays as a forward for Buriram United and has gained a reputation for being one of the youngest players to debut professionally. Despite his young age, he has received multiple accolades and honors for his exceptional performance on the pitch.

In addition to Suphanat Mueanta, there are many other notable Thai football players, such as Chanathip Songkrasin, Teeratep Winothai, Theerathon Bunmathan, and Adisak Kraisorn among others. These players have brought pride to their country by representing Thailand in international competitions.

Football enthusiasts can follow and learn from these players’ journeys as they dominate on the pitch. Watching their skills and techniques could help improve one’s approach to playing football. Fans can also support these athletes by attending matches or following them on social media.

By supporting these beloved Thai football players and watching them play soccer at their best capacity, fans showcase pride for their country while contributing towards a more comprehensive narrative around international soccer performance. Thai football is rising, and these young players are poised to kick their way to the top of the food chain.

đội Tuyển Bóng đá U-23 Quốc Gia Thái Lan

Thai Footballers who are set to dominate the scene are rapidly emerging stars of the sport. These upcoming champions possess unique skills and promising potentials to excel in the future. With amazing techniques, brilliant strategies and cutting-edge moves, the rising stars of Thai Football are proving to be unstoppable forces to reckon with. Their unmatched passion, focus, and determination inspire fans and fellow team players. Take note of these phenomenal athletes who are destined for greatness.

As these rising stars take center stage, Thai Football is set to reach new heights of glory. These talented players are continually shaping the sport with their impressive performances; each game they play is evidence of their exponential growth. Keep tabs on them as they continue to dominate the arena with their exceptional talents and unwavering dedication to the game.

These emerging champions have unique characteristics and playing styles that distinguish them from their peers. With their incredible work ethic, foresight, and adaptability, they will surpass their limits and push the sport to new heights. Pay attention to their every move as they demonstrate what it takes to achieve excellence.

Pro Tip: To keep abreast of the latest updates on these future champions, watch out for upcoming games and follow their teams on social media. Their growth and progress will inspire you and teach you invaluable lessons on reaching the top.

Supachai Jaided could score a goal with his eyes closed, but the opposing team might want to open theirs just in case.

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Supachai Jaided

One emerging talent in Thai Football is a young player with exceptional technical skills and promising potential. He has proven himself multiple times and continues to impress scouts and coaches alike. His performances have caught the eye of major domestic and international clubs. He is set to become one of Thailand’s brightest football stars.

This talented player possesses a combination of speed, agility, precision, and a good football IQ, making him an intimidating force for any defender. His quick reflexes allow him to evade challenges while his ability to anticipate situations gives him an edge in front of the goal. His performances often define his team’s results, making him a pivotal match figure. One unique aspect about this Thai starlet is that he comes from humble beginnings; born and raised in a small village with limited resources but ample amounts of aspiration for success. Growing up, he had people around him who believed in his ability and did their best to support his dream of becoming a professional footballer.

At present, Supachai Jaided has already made waves with his career trajectory in domestic football leagues and contributed towards national team as well demonstrating brilliant performance leading them towards triumphs which will only further add value to his overall career and elicit interest from some foreign behemoths.

Supachai Jaided’s story exemplifies the power of dedication, resilience, hard work, and passion for the sport. Through continuous efforts coupled with natural talent, he can take Thai Football to new heights as we look forward to seeing more bright stars shining for Thailand on international stages. Ekanit Panya may be a rising star in Thai football, but let’s hope he can rise slowly and avoid altitude sickness.

Ekanit Panya

This bright youngster is one of the rising stars of Thai football. Ekanit Panya, with his quick feet and excellent control over the ball, has already earned his place in the national league. He has impressed fans and critics with his ability to play in various positions and consistently contribute to his team’s victories. Having started playing at a young age, Panya quickly proved himself a talented footballer. His skills have made him an essential part of the BG Pathum United team where he currently plays. He has also represented Thailand in international matches and contributed to some crucial wins.

What sets Panya apart is his commitment to always improve his game. Despite only 22 years old, he has already gained valuable experience playing against seasoned opponents. With exceptional ball handling skills, physical strength and tactical intelligence on the field, it’s no surprise that experts see him as a future star of Asian football.

Panya’s passion for the game has been evident since childhood. In an interview, he shared how much he admires players like Lionel Messi and Ronaldo who have made significant contributions to the sport internationally. Furthermore, when asked about his future goals, he expressed interest in playing for top European clubs someday.

Kittiphong Pluemjai: proof that not all rising stars need to come from powerhouse teams or have a name that’s easy to pronounce.

Kittiphong Pluemjai

A promising talent in the Thai football scene, this young player has been gaining attention for his impressive skills and dedication to the sport. With a passion for the game and a strong work ethic, he has shown tremendous potential as a rising star in the industry. His performance on the field has been exceptional, with an ability to read plays and make quick decisions that set him apart from his peers. Off the field, he is known for his focus and discipline, which have helped him excel in academics and athletics.

In addition to his impressive talents as a football player, Kittiphong Pluemjai is also recognized for his leadership skills. He has shown a natural ability to inspire others with his positive attitude and dedication to hard work, making him a valuable asset both on and off the field. In addition, his commitment to personal growth and development has earned him respect among coaches and peers.

One unique aspect of Kittiphong’s training regimen is his emphasis on mental preparation. He has developed a focused mindset through meditation and visualization techniques that allows him to perform at peak levels even under pressure. This dedication to mental wellness has given him an edge over other players who may neglect this important aspect of athletic training.

Adopting some of Kittiphong Pluemjai’s habits can be incredibly beneficial for those seeking success in sports or any other field. Developing one’s mental fortitude through techniques such as meditation can help improve focus and diminish anxiety. Additionally, cultivating inner qualities like discipline and leadership can pave the way toward achieving one’s goals faster and more efficiently. By taking inspiration from emerging talents like Kittiphong, we can all strive toward our greatness with confidence and clarity of purpose.

Picha Autra is a rising star in Thai football, but if that doesn’t work out, he can always become a hair model with those luscious locks.


Picha Autra

With an impressive playing style and a bright future ahead, the rising star Picha Autra is making waves in Thai football. Known for his exceptional agility, strong ball control skills and sharp strategic thinking, Autra has captured the attention of fans and professionals alike. As a result, many have already predicted that he will become one of the greatest Thai players of his generation.

A product of careful training and dedication, Autra hones his daily skills with rigorous practice sessions and a relentless pursuit of perfection. His commitment to excellence has earned him numerous accolades recently, including recognition as a top scorer and MVP in various national tournaments. But, beyond his impressive statistics on paper, Autra’s creativity and tenacity on the field make him a formidable opponent for any team.

Autra remains grounded and committed to his craft despite his growing fame and success. As he continues evolving as a player, he seeks new challenges and opportunities to improve himself further. With each passing game, it becomes increasingly clear that this rising star is destined for greatness.

Many have compared Autra’s rise to fame to that of other legendary football players who started as relative unknowns but achieved global recognition. So for autograph hunters or those seeking an exciting game, keep your eyes peeled for Picha Autra at upcoming matches – surely one not to be missed!

Ben Davis is quickly becoming a rising star in Thai football, but we’re still waiting for him to legally change his name to ‘Ben Goal-is’.

Ben Davis

Benjamin James Davis, a talented footballer from Thailand, has carved a niche for himself in the world of sports. Known for his quickness on the field and astute tactical sense, Davis has repeatedly represented the Thai national team with zeal and enthusiasm. His versatility as an attacking midfielder and left-back has earned him accolades worldwide.

In addition to representing his country, Davis has also played in top clubs like Fulham FC and Liverpool FC. Furthermore, with a successful stint in various youth leagues, including the prestigious UEFA Youth League and Premier League 2, Davis has cemented his position as one of the brightest prospects in Thai football.

Interestingly, what sets Davis apart is his passion for giving back to society. He recently partnered with SOS Village Pattaya to support disadvantaged children. His philanthropic efforts inspire a younger generation of budding athletes who look up to him as their role model.

Pro Tip: Aspiring young footballers should develop their all-round abilities while embracing dedication and discipline towards their training regimes.

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