More Dark Review (PlayStation 4)

Other dark reviews (PlayStation 4)

After the Lord of the Other World went on holiday, his leadership was temporarily transferred to his daughter Evelina. The daughter of the Lord sowed chaos when all the prisoners of the curse escaped their confirmation and spread throughout the kingdom, destroying the fragile world of devilish rule. Players must kill escaped prisoners and cleanse every area of chaos and anarchy.

Other dark reviews (PlayStation 4)

More Dark is a 2D platform/suzler game where players have to figure out how to get to the exit of the level. In some levels all players have to do is jump and easily reach the exit, while other players have to set up their thinking caps to move forward.

In some levels players have to kill escaped prisoners to open the door to the next level. Unfortunately the main character (in the beginning) is very limited in his possibilities. It can’t be very high, which means that some pieces can’t be skipped unless they are moved in handy wooden boxes. You can also program your jumps to move enemies to enlarge and clear a certain area.

Other dark reviews (PlayStation 4)

As he progresses in the later stages, the hellish imbecile can learn additional skills that will help him on his way. For example, you can use a bomb a few levels away; it’s the same way as in Super Mario Bros. 2, so you can’t really launch it; you have to be in the same place where you want the right block to explode. This adds a small strategic level, because sometimes it’s enough to blow a few blocks, not all, to successfully solve the puzzle.

More Dark has 60 levels, each with its own level of difficulty, from straight line to brain scratch. To avoid the monotony of repetition, the game also includes bonus levels similar to Breakout, where goblin forks throw people on the ground and you have to rotate them to make the devil fly.

Other dark reviews (PlayStation 4)

The biggest problem with the game is the lack of a rewind button. While some levels are quite simple and understandable, in the next levels players have to move around in boxes, sometimes in fixed locations, which means that you get stuck and have to commit suicide to start the level again. This can be pretty disappointing, because sometimes a quick mistake can ruin everything.

More Dark offers dark and elegant pixel graphics that make you feel like hell; the levels are designed with darker shades and play with darker and redder colors. Given the idea of hell, there aren’t many level options. These are often drawings in similar colours. The soundtrack is an interesting score of a piece of music that will accompany you on your journey to hell, but otherwise it seems a bit forgotten.

Other dark reviews (PlayStation 4)

More Dark is another type of reed, such as a puzzle-solving platform game, where you have to figure out how to reach the next level. The lack of a rewind feature is a bit disappointing, but it’s a fun puzzle game where you want to play something that requires careful planning and reflection. Although I am happy with the total number of steps, it is easy to get bored with the repetition and put it aside.

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The promoter: Huge pixel editor: Ratalaika Games SL
Release Date : 24. November 2020. Platforms : Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
platform : PlayStation 4 PRO

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