Moonlight Sculptor Hits One Million Downloads

Moonlight Sculptor is a fun little casual puzzle game. The goal is to arrange 3 pieces to make a valid line. The tricky part is that you don’t get to see what the pieces look like when they are placed, and the line will be on a different part of the board from where you are. The graphics are simple, but engaging.

¡Hola! Since starting this blog I’ve been collecting figures not only from the gaming industry, but also from wider society. One of these figures is that one in two people in the UK now owns a smartphone. This number is now even higher, with a third of British adults owning smartphones and only 12% saying they had no internet access at all. So, I thought that it might be interesting to investigate how many of these smartphone owners are using games.

This is a long time coming for a game that follows a simple concept but has taken a while to develop. The user of the game must be a sculptor who moves around a cave painting what the moon is doing in real time. So, the aim of this game is to be wise enough to paint the moon correctly.

Kakao Games and XL Games announced today that Moonlight Sculptor has crossed the one million download mark in Google Play and the Apple App Store. word-image-4108 Launched in just nine days, the game ranked first on Google Play in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, second in the Philippines and fifth in the United States. Moonlight Sculptor is #1 on the Apple App Store in Singapore and #2 in Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines. As of today, anyone who enters the game can get the following when they log in:

  • 200,000 gold
  • Blessings of the Radiant Goddess (7 days)
  • Elixir for the increase of gold (7 days)
  • Elixir for increasing the item capture rate (7 days)
  • Premium Buddy Stream (7 days)
  • Versa’s Grace (1 hour) x5
  • Excellent HP/MP regeneration potion x200
  • Hogan’s Armor Chest (event)
  • Hogan Accessory Box (Event)

For 10 days after the interview at 8. June, another reward will be given daily to players who enter the game regularly and receive these items:

  • Lunaria Treasury x5
  • Spell roll for the Blessed Weapon x3
  • Enchanted protector x15
  • Blessed Weapon Enchantment Roller x6
  • Gold x200,000
  • Scroll Chest Enchantment x10
  • Intermediate stone box x3
  • Advanced Ignition Elixir x30
  • Lunaria Treasury x5
  • Mystery Buddy Egg x1

During this time, players also get a +20% chance to win gold and a +20% chance to win items, twice a day for two to three hours each. Source: Press release word-image-4109 Added 1 hour ago by Casey Scheld in News The latest trailer for the game Golf Club from Demagog Studio and Untold Tales shows a game of golf in a deserted terrain: Wasteland word-image-4110 Added 1 hour ago by Casey Scheld in News The latest expansion for CD Projekt RED’s GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, Price of Power: Once Upon A Pyre is now available word-image-4111 Added 1 hour ago by Casey Scheld in News Kakao Games and XL Games today announced that Moonlight Sculptor has passed the one million download mark in Google Play and the Apple App Store. word-image-4112 Posted 4 hours ago by Casey Scheld in News This week, collectors of Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online can get a number of different bonuses that exceed expectations.Moonlight Sculptor is a unique point-and-click adventure game that explores the world of dreams and memories with a unique writing style. The game has an interesting story that follows a young man named Alex who finds himself in a bizarre new world called Dreamscape, in which he must find a way to save his brother.. Read more about moonlight sculptor game global and let us know what you think.

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