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The medieval period is often portrayed as a time of peace, poverty, and superstition, but the reality was much more complex. There was a time when clothing and hairstyles were not the most important things in a person’s life, but you may be surprised to know that the medieval period was the time when clothing was the most important.

There is no better time than the present to satisfy your need for history than the middle ages. With the advancement of science and technology, society as we know it today is a far cry from the states of the medieval era. Infographic: Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More Everything is bigger in the middle ages: The average height of a man during the middle ages was around 5 feet. In the modern day, the average height is around 5′ 9.5″. During the middle ages, people were much smaller, weighing anywhere from 120 pounds to 190 pounds. Today, men weigh anywhere from 150 to 220 pounds. Infographic: Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More Infographic: Medieval Clothes

Today, we’re going to be looking at some medieval clothing. But before we get started, I want to make it clear that this is not all medieval fashion, just some of the more interesting clothing that was worn during this historical period.

The Middle Ages can technically span several hundred years.

But I don’t think anyone, except historians, knows the real situation.

We normal people only have an idealized version of the Middle Ages, with knights, castles and very strange clothes.

Of course, these are just some of the elements that define an era. If you want a more authentic medieval score for The Sims 4, it’s certainly not a problem.

Simmers, of course, already know how much fun this game can be, as there are plenty of matching CCs that let you explore the best – and worst – aspects of that ancient era.

1. Medieval chain mail

Check out this AC.

The knight is without a doubt one of the coolest things about the Middle Ages.

Imagine wearing heavy, impressive armor and fighting people for a living with a sword (or on horseback).

Sure, your heart can be pierced by a spear or beheaded by a sword, but it’s still better than most modern professions, honestly.

The shape is also very pleasant.

Take a look at these chainmailers from SimsDelsWorld.

They have a beautiful texture and vibrant fabric overlays depicting family crests.

2. Medieval peasant dress and shawl

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

As interesting as it is today to reminisce about the Middle Ages and enjoy the various games and stories that took place at the time, it goes without saying that life was not easy in those days.

Let us not forget the Black Death, smallpox, inadequate medical care, famine and cruel punishments.

Even minor offences can cost you an arm or the guillotine.

If you didn’t come from a noble family, life was just hard.

And the clothing of the time reflects this.

Poor peasants (literally and figuratively) were forced to wear unflattering and practical clothing.

This CC dress and bandana are perfect examples.

All the white parts are very dirty and the rest of the dress is dark, probably to try and hide the stains. A scarf would also come in handy for keeping the hair out of the hard-working farmer’s face, although admittedly, it’s not a bad accessory.

3. Lute

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

Lute and medieval are interchangeable.

I don’t know how long the lute survived in the following centuries, but I do know that I can’t even hear the word without imagining a dimly lit stone café.

This item will immediately give your game a more medieval touch.

What’s interesting is that it’s really functional. Your Sims can play both the lute and the guitar!

This is a good thing, because your Sims will get bored if you want your game to be reasonably true to reality.

You will not have a television, computer, video games or other entertainment.

Medieval simulations should have lutes and horseshoes for entertainment, nothing more, nothing less.

Like I said, times were tough.

4. Medieval wickerwork

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

Can you imagine how awful it was to have long hair in the Middle Ages?

Even now, my long hair bothers me because it’s hot, gets in my eyes and tangles easily.

I don’t even know what hair care looked like back then.

Awkward, I guess.

But, as they say: Beauty is pain!

This long and thick braid is really beautiful.

And since it was specially converted from the Medieval Sims, it looks very appropriate – especially when paired with a nice dress.

And if you don’t have the right clothes for your Sims yet, don’t worry, there are plenty more to come!

You can also see that this hair has a very nice… hairy texture? I don’t know how else to put it, but all simmers have noticed the strange effect of certain styles sticking together, and thankfully in this case it’s not a problem.

5. Medieval double bed

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

Medieval is not a new concept for The Sims, believe it or not.

There was even an entire Sims game specifically for this era, and much of this content was carried over into The Sims 4 for us to use.

I never get tired of reconstructions.

Using old games gives content creators more freedom and a little less work, giving us a lot more material since many concepts were already present in the old Sims.

Without this conversion, you wouldn’t have many bed options suitable for medieval construction in The Sims 4.

It was called Queen Bed, which can be understood in many ways.

It may have to do with the size, but this design is so majestic it has nothing to do with a rustic bedroom….. Unless they snuck into the castle.

This canopy bed has a canopy that matches the bedspread. You can also choose from a variety of designs, both plain and with an elegant pattern.

6. ConversionHappy until the end

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

Even The Sims 3 has dipped its toes into the Middle Ages.

Now that I think about it, it’s strange to see how much effort it took to give us this content.

Where’s the colonial package or something for rural Italy?

Oh wait, Sims 3 went through this too. Or at least in a big company.

The Sims 4 is very much about the current times and focuses on current trends and culture. And that’s not so bad.

But it’s clear that many players would love to go back – and the CAS is one of the biggest obstacles to that.

Most of the dresses and hairstyles are of course very modern.

You won’t find a kid from the 1500s with bleached laces or in pumps.

This set consists of items that may look familiar to you if you are familiar with The Sims 3 store, and includes items for all children and older.

There are fun rustic outfits and hats for the little ones.

Teens, adults and seniors have a wide selection of dresses, jackets and outfits. Everything has lots of details and stitch patterns.

7. Medieval market complex

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

Here are some elements to create a beautiful marketplace.

Apparently there were no grocery stores yet. But it’s essentially the same thing.

In fact, many places today still have farmers’ markets, so….. the more things change, the more they stay the same, right?

These stalls are very detailed, with lots of decorations, from colourful canopies to items for sale.

You can take this idea and build your own medieval market with all the decorations.

From food boxes to hanging ducks, from bags of flour to wheels of cheese, all the basics are there.

8. Village well

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

Clearly, the 2020s are completely different from the Middle Ages, except for the fountains.

Surprisingly, almost nothing has changed, except that these days they are usually not dug by hand.

But the village well today is just as good as the well when it was built, and that well really holds up.

It has an attractive composition of stone and wood, with a subtle mossy hue in the background.

No matter the time or place, the goal remains the same: Water must be provided. Or, if you’re living in a horror movie, get carried away by the haunting voices.

If you have an Eco Living system installed, this fountain is even functional!

But if you don’t have Eco Living, you can always use it as a decorative element. It’s a win-win situation.

9. Medieval kitchen clothes

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

One of the most fun things you can do with a medieval score is create an important, possibly royal family.

And with it, the staff.

Your noble countess, princess or duke would never cook for herself – that’s just crazy!

They hired a common man to do it for them, gave him a few coins, and all was well.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Especially with Vintage Glamour Life, you can go all out when you make the poor butler work for your sim.

However, you must wear appropriate clothing.

And this CC kit contains everything you need.

There are apron suits for men and women, and even for children.

Personally, I wouldn’t trust a 9 year old to prepare and serve all my meals, but I guess everyone had to help out back then.

10. CorsetCommonwealth Dress

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

Most people had no servants, no personal cooks, and no fancy wardrobe to go with such a high position.

The clothing of a commoner would be much simpler and more practical, like this dress.

It’s a layered set with puffed sleeves and a lace corset.

Given the era, this dress is obviously quite modest and covers Sim from wrist to ankle.

But honestly, with such a beautiful design, who can complain?

The woman probably wears it when working in the garden.

But fortunately, clothes can’t interfere with the sim’s work.

11. Medieval vaulting

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

If you love wooden furniture, this is the perfect time for you.

They didn’t have much in the way of building materials. Therefore, there is a lot of wood in all parts of the house.

There are two bookcases and four sideboards.

Each bookcase has a different high style: one has a simpler wooden frame and the other a more ornate wooden surface.

And then there are the dressers – my goodness, they are gorgeous!

They are all very unique, with a wide variety of wood types.

You can choose between simple, plain drawers and drawers with gold ornaments.

12. Kit

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

This set makes building locks much easier.

Half the work is actually done for you when you use this kit.

Towers will be an important part of creating the right look, and there are three decor options here that you can use at your discretion.

There are also five new windows, and with them even more choices.

You can use regular decorative windows or windows with a light effect.

13. Small items

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

Even the people in the Middle Ages had a mess.

And with the 13 items in this CC set, you can really make your Sim’s old house more… Well, a family look.

First, there’s plenty of stuff to fill the room, including a bear rug, 2 chests, an urn, a bookcase, and even a bird skeleton for the science-mad Sims.

Or the crazies who just love skeletons and stuffed animals.

Every village has one.

And you can hang a sign and a picture on the walls.

14. Fantastic medieval castle

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

When you go to the Middle Ages, you have to go all the way.

None of the worlds we have now will look good. From Willow Creek to Oasis Springs, they all have 21st century homes and landscapes. The century.

So unless you want to see your knight in shining armor with a big billboard in the distance, you’ll have to take refuge in one of the properties.

This designer has created a full medieval castle with a dose of fantasy.

These two concepts have long gone hand in hand – and it’s easy to see why here.

This castle has everything, including a courtyard and market, and a fully furnished interior.

That’s pretty amazing.

There’s even a place with herbs and a cauldron to satisfy your witchcraft needs.

15. Medieval bakery

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

Speaking of a lot…

When it comes to creating a good world, you don’t have many options.

Gyms, libraries and museums are not open.

No veterinary clinics or salons either.

They should make up the difference by installing more modern structures. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all yourself – many enthusiasts are already one step ahead of you!

This bakery would fit perfectly into any world.

There are authentic stone and wooden buildings from the Middle Ages, but also many new and unique decorative pieces. Plates of food, hanging insects, baskets of bread – you know, baked goods.

You couldn’t enjoy your sandwich today next to a cart full of hay. But the people in the Middle Ages had this luxury atmosphere.

16. Twin Barrels Tavern

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

After a busy day caring for his seven children or working in the garden, Sim will definitely want to rest.

And what better way to celebrate than at a local pub?

Songs and drinks will always be a way to blow off steam.

This incredibly detailed installation includes numerous flags, shields and various medieval decorations.

I guess it could be for modern simulations, if television is any indication. But honestly, just delete that and the rest still stands, no doubt.

It is a beautiful tavern, with an abundance of wooden furniture and a choice of crockery. There are wicker baskets and wooden cups on the tables, and even a campfire with a cooking pot.

17. 16th Century Dresses

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

Only women from the upper class of medieval society could wear such dresses.

And they’re really great.

But I guess if you live in a big castle and you never have to lift a finger because you have staff, you can wear this stuff.

Who wouldn’t?

Even though they are somewhat large by today’s standards, their elegance is undeniable.

There are three styles, but they all have the same puff sleeves and stiff lace collar.

Three patterns – Damask, Elizabethan and Brocade – offer colorful and vibrant designs.

18. Forging set

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

Blacksmithing has to be one of the coolest things in the world.

Imagine being able to make weapons, jewelry and armor using only your bare hands and raw materials.

It contains everything you need to introduce the wonders of the forge into your game:

Forge, bellows, anvil and coal.

Your Sim can even use the anvil as a woodworking table!

The level of detail here is truly amazing.

I’m no expert, but everything looks very authentic and nicely done.

19. Farmhouse cradle

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

The beautiful cribs in which the babies of the Sims rest are of course a modern invention.

The children on the farm would not have this luxury.

The best they have is a wooden crib with a questionably clean rag – that’s exactly what you get here.

There are four types of wood to choose from and they look good and are not cracked.

20. Chimney as a stove

Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More –

Check out this AC.

Here too we are dealing with a product that consists of two medieval pillars: Wood and stone.

However, this fireplace is more than just a fireplace.

It’s actually an oven!

You don’t have to install a new stove in your Sim’s medieval house if he wants to cook, because he can use this stove.

And that’s much more appropriate.

A large pot hangs in the middle, with firewood underneath.

Despite the harshness of the times, it must be admitted that the houses could be very comfortable.

Poor people don’t have these separate rooms, so this stove may be the first thing you see when you enter the house as part of the living room.Medieval Woodworking | Medieval Clothing | Medieval Jewellery | Medieval Furniture | Medieval Crafts | Medieval Art | Medieval History | Medieval Life | Medieval Recipes | Medieval Weapons …. Read more about medieval clothing names and let us know what you think.

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