Manufacturers Say They Are Not Facing the Same Issues in Shipping Desktops as Dell

A few weeks ago, Dell issued a press release that claimed that it is “still on track” to ship all of its desktops in 2015, despite the fact that the company has been shipping fewer of those products than it did in previous years.

This week, the “Commitment to Customer” (CTC) report was published by the Tech Industry Manufacturers Association (TIMA), a trade organization that represents most of the world’s largest technology companies.  TIMA recently released the results of a survey it conducted among its members regarding issues that have arisen during the last year with regard to the delivery of desktops and notebooks. In response to the survey questions, which included some that were worded slightly differently from the questions asked in the past, most manufacturers said that they did not face the same issues as Dell, which is the biggest PC manufacturer in the world.

A lot of PC manufacturers have recently complained that they are struggling to keep up with demand for desktop PCs. A recent report claims that PC shipments to schools, government, and businesses are down so much that there is a shortage of new devices that are not “low-cost commodity models.” This is being blamed on delays in shipping from manufacturers such as Dell, Acer, and HP.. Read more about why does dell take so long to ship 2020 and let us know what you think.

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Due to new energy usage restrictions, Dell is unable to ship several of its gaming PCs to California and other jurisdictions. Other manufacturers claim they aren’t having the same issues.

Acer, Lenovo, MSI, and the CEC executive director all responded to Tom’s Hardware’s request for comment on Dell’s allegations. Acer said that all of its desktops manufactured or delivered after July 1, 2021 are fully compliant, while Lenovo stated that its Legion PCs are not subject to any limitations.

Most problems, according to MSI systems product management director Clifford Chun, may be addressed via motherboard and BIOS settings. MSI is still delivering motherboards manufactured before July to jurisdictions that have adopted the new rules, but newer boards with new designs will not be available until August owing to component shortages.

The main source of dispute in California’s 690-point code is tables V-7 and V-8. These rules do not apply to home computers.

Image courtesy of Energy Code Ace

These rules were created in 2016 to combat energy waste from idle computers, which wastes both energy and money… They were intended to be adaptable with feedback and participation from industry, including Dell. With the changes and choices available on the market today, the Energy Commission is sure that customer choice will remain robust. As with other laws, the state encourages manufacturers and retailers to work with us to develop standards that satisfy consumer requirements while conserving energy. — Drew Bohan, CEC executive director

Tom’s Hardware, Energy Code Ace are some of the sources.

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If you’ve been following along with our campy coverage of the recent “crisis” of Dell’s unreliability, you may have noticed that the site has been skipping around a lot recently. After covering the launch of the new Alienware X51 in detail, we’ve been waiting for Dell’s new XPS M17X and XPS 13 to be released. That’s because those two devices are Dell’s first to ship with the new Precision touchpad. And though the touchpad has earned the company some good reviews, Dell’s inability to keep its new devices in stock has lead some to speculate that the company has finally hit a wall with their desktop line.. Read more about dell order delayed compensation and let us know what you think.

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