Issues Facing WoW Classic – Time for #SomeChanges?

With World of Warcraft Classic in the 4th episode, the content phase is officially halfway through the life cycle, making it an ideal time to reflect on the successes and failures of WoW Classic.

World of Warcraft Classic is an undeniable mainstream success, with a record number of viewers watching Twitch at the time of its release and the largest increase in the number of subscribers in World of Warcraft’s history.

But even with these impressive recordings, there’s no denying that WoW Classic has several problems. And fear of small changes in the game causes many of the biggest problems.

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Pay attention: This is an opinion, and the hope is only to provoke a discussion.

Highlights No change

15 years is a very long time, and while World of Warcraft Classic remains largely unchanged, the game world is not. The simplicity and availability of the information is so diverse that you can’t rely on 15 years of authentic experience in the online gaming industry without a few adjustments.

Screenshot of Westfall from the World of Warcraft Classic 1. So much has changed in the last 15 years

When World of Warcraft was released more than 15 years ago, everyone was completely new, and there was almost as much information and advice on the internet to help people improve their experience. Although nowadays it seems that almost every player knows exactly what his best classes, equipment and talents are. Anyone can easily find out what to do in all the raids before going out, and people in general just have a much higher level of knowledge about the game.

All this helps to make the content of the game much simpler than it was at the time, and partly explains why the robbery is such a joke in World of Warcraft Classic. This takes a lot of prestige away from the evacuation of the raids and the repair of the equipment at that time.

The state of the classic World of Warcraft raids is very similar to the time when it was difficult to find a raid in the Battle of Azeroth. Everyone cleans everything, every week, and it completely devalues what it means to clean this content and all the items in it.

2. Unchanged should be a philosophy, not a strictcode.

Whatever you do, the game can never be exactly the same, and instead of making the code exactly the way it was, Blizzard should strive to make the game FULL exactly the way it was. Sometimes the No Change mentality makes the game less authentic and completely contradicts the reason why No Change is the first.

An example of this are raids that are currently configured to have the same configuration as before, but that simply don’t work because of the above mentioned changes in circumstances. The blizzard was supposed to make the raids look like they did at the time, not exactly as they looked. Nowadays, all raids are easy to understand for any player in the world, and even groups of prisoners can easily erase the content, which means that the loot is devalued – which doesn’t seem very authentic. A blizzard must ask questions: What’s the most important thing? What are the authentic songs or what is the feel of the game?

What the blizzard’s doing now:

All content is set exactly as in World of Warcraft patch 1.12.

What the blizzard had to do:

Make the total content much more complex, so that the percentage distribution is closer to that of 2005. If only 20% An’Kirazh has already cleaned, they should try that so that only about 20% can clean on Classic.

Problems with BIG concrete caused by # No changes

Now that I’ve touched on some of the more general reasons why #NoChanges hurts gambling, let’s take a look at some of the real issues that hurt gambling today.

Screenshot of black wing bearing 1. The content of a flight is a joke.

Blizzard uses its reference client to make sure that the content of all raids is exactly as it was then, and that is one of the biggest problems the game is currently facing. Today there are a billion resources on the Internet about how to play the game, and we have received 1.12 point and talent updates, and much better PCs and Internet connections. When you combine all these things with the fact that most players are generally better and more experienced, it’s no wonder that everyone and their mothers manage to break through all the raids and dungeons.

The vanilla content has always been a joke.

If you look at the mechanics and everything else today, of course it seems incredibly simple, and the molten core, the black attack of the wind, the onyxia, etc. have never been difficult. But just because it’s never been difficult doesn’t mean it’s easy.

The Reddit user named Enexy made a list of changes that underline how different the melted kernel is and the game as a whole is back to the first version of Vanilla compared to what we have today. Below are some of the most important changes – the full list can be found here.

  • There was no counter for Eddon’s threats.
  • The dungeon blues you’re seeing today wasn’t the same then. Many shades of blue have been removed and replaced by shades of better quality.
  • Rare items from the dungeon had VASTLICH numbers in lowercase letters.
  • The reincarnation of the shaman caused the disease of the resurrection.
  • Bloodshed costs more health. The battle cry was 20 anger. The heroic blow caused less damage. Thunderclap in clear skies lasted only 12 seconds.
  • Almost every class had big fans compared to their original vanilla mode.
  • Items that had suffered damage from spells and healings had almost half of what they do now.

These are just some of the reasons why today’s content is much simpler than it was back then. It is no coincidence that the average damage today is much higher than that of the best players of the time – we are not much better at spamming Frostbolt today.

At the moment the raids are too simple and have to be adapted to the current circumstances. A blizzard must raid and crush dungeons to take account of the fact that everyone does much more damage, that everyone has better computers, better Internet connections and extensions, and that everyone has easy access to information and manuals.

The prestige of obtaining rare items or reaching the top of the guild was a large part of the charm of World of Warcraft in the distant past. And the fact that every guild in the world publishes the latest content within the first week is very damaging to the game and makes it less authentic.

2. PvP Spell breakage Confirmation

Have you ever wondered why the elementary shamans seem to be completely offside in the fight against PvP? Well, that’s about the spelling.

The spell is an artificial reconstruction of a mechanical limitation that influenced the original World of Warcraft 2004. This means that the server processes information in batches and not directly, as is the case with the modern version of World of Warcraft. This way multiple spells can be cast in the same batch. A popular example is that two warriors attack each other or that two magicians attack each other.

So you can play cool games like Sheep Remover or Juice with self-destructive objects like Dark Runes. However, it has a much more negative than positive effect on gambling and makes it feel and react much slower.

Screenshot of the Alterec valley in Wow Classics

Examples of spelling questions

  • Shamanov’s Elementary Mastery Talent influences all spells within a group. This means that you have a one hundred percent chance of criticizing both the chain of enlightenment and the earthquake, so you’ve probably had more blows from elementary shamans than you can count.
  • The destructive talent of magicians is more likely to influence other spells. This means that more spells will benefit from 50% of the increase in odds, even if Frost Nova breaks at the first move.
  • A wizard can strike with a contradiction, even if the target has cancelled his attack before the attack. Making a spell of juice is much more difficult and vulnerable.
  • Interruptions (shovels, tile shovels, etc.) can also be missed if they are used during the target roll.

The bundling of spells has always been a problem in World of Warcraft, but the current party sizes are too big and cause all too often all these problems.

The spelling system used by the classic Wow has many other negative consequences and needs to be removed. This destroys PvP for many players and makes the game look slow and clumsy. (More than there are)

3. Cost of consumables determined by fort

The World of Warcraft Classic media server is much more populated than the most popular servers from the time of the original Vanilla. However, the spawning periods for the extraction of ore and grass remain the same. This means that the supply of inks such as black lotus and mountain silver keeps pace with demand, resulting in overpriced consumables. Servers simply don’t have enough resources for large populations.

These three points are one of the most devastating problems facing World of Warcraft Classic, and they can be easily adjusted without affecting the vanilla feel of the game. In fact, it is likely that it will be improved by a change for the better.

What are they doing? (What are the normal changes)

What changes can Blizzard make to prevent a scandal?

It goes without saying that all changes must go through the testing phase in the public domain and that they must first receive community feedback before they can be included in the live game. I also think the reactions should be extremely positive before any changes are made to the game.

1. Warning of all upcoming public raids in the test area

Although I think the game would have been better if Molten Core, Onyxia and Blackwing Cave had also been polished up, I think it’s too late for that. Stuff from these raids has already been devalued, and almost every guild in the world cleans them every week.

A picture of Blackwing's safe house.

Test the water with Ankiraj.

Zul’Gurub(ZG) is currently in the realm of public exams, and it seems incredibly simple, even for classical standards. But it’s also a preliminary catch-up, with rewards generally worse than those of Molten Core and Blackwing Cave, and that should be easy. This means that Phase 5 and An’Kirage are an excellent opportunity to test some changes in the public test area and see the reactions of the public.

This requires no mechanical changes, but a preference of 10-25% on all patterns would be a good start and could even give us this C’thun preference.

There is no downside to public testing because it can always undo the changes if the feedback is negative, but I doubt that’s the case. This requires a little more work from Blizzard, which is probably why it hasn’t been done yet – no change – the perfect excuse for Blizzard to have absolutely nothing to do with the striking problems of the WoW classic.

2. Removing the spell or significantly compromising the spell

Screenshot of Wow Classic pvp It was a nice idea to bring back World of Warcraft classics to make it more authentic, but it didn’t work.

When World of Warcraft was released, it was considered incredibly smooth, and WoW Classic would feel the same in 2020.

Removing or harassing a spell makes the game smoother and above all makes it possible to win the battle between the players.

3. Dynamic increase in spawning speed of flowers and veins.

It’s not uncommon for serious robbers to spend more than a hundred gold per robber, which is pretty crazy in the context of WoW Classic Gold. Although this amount does not have to be spent to clean up, it is something for those who want to take the classic raid seriously.

The current fertility rates are simply not high enough on most medium and high population servers, and Blizzard needs to find a way to increase them dynamically – the bigger the server, the faster the fertility rates.

4. Handing in a Battle Script on Hold for healers

Battle of Azeroth Screenshot Being a healer in the classic World of Warcraft battle requires a degree of generosity and team spirit that most people do not possess. So let’s not punish these great people, let’s reward them.

In any Warcraft expansion after the original wow, the healing is much better if you add the right floating battle healing text that shows the healing you do over people’s heads.

This addition has no disadvantages. It should be added as soon as possible, and we can start to see other healers appear.

5. Use of a Modern Battlefield Scoreboard

World of Warcraft Screenshot Scoreboard What shocked many who had never played on private servers was the original battlefield scoreboard. In World of Warcraft Classic you’ll only see deadly blows, honorable murders, death and goals like conquering the flag. That’s a terrible demonstration of human activity.

They need to implement the modern version they have in the battle of Azeroth, so that people can also detect damage and healing and other important statistics.

This is another change that will have no negative side-effects and will only make the battlefield more pleasant.

What changes are irrelevant?

It’s a nice line to follow, and if you don’t understand why people like WoW Classic, it’s hard to explain why some changes are acceptable and others are not. It’s about making the game the way it was, and maybe I’m hoping for too much, but I think the Classic development team that you see in the video above understands what it does and doesn’t do.

And even if they don’t, I think the community will tell them if the developers are wrong.

Conclusion – Some changes are needed for the future.

World of Warcraft Classic is a big success and it’s still a fantastic game, but I think we have to trust that the Classic team will play with a few small changes. They have generally shown that they understand what is necessary for the game and what is not, with a few small adjustments they have already made.

The game would be very useful if Blizzard removed the spell and gave the healers floating numbers to look at, and I think it would be very difficult to see the downside of those changes.

The willingness to change a clearly failing mechanic will be even more crucial when Blizzard decides to release Burning Crusade. As the paladines of the blood lifes and the blood lifes in general could be enough to destroy the balance of the faction on all servers because of their radical overloaded capacities.

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