How will Labster use the new funding?

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Labster is an edtech startup that leverages game-based learning to create modern virtual laboratories for students around the world. Recently, it announced a $60M funding round from A16z and other investors.

With this new influx of resources, Labster will be able to pursue its mission of transforming science education by making it more accessible, engaging and effective.

What is Labster?

Labster is a game-based platform for teaching life science and engineering topics to secondary school students, university students and lifelong learners. Founded in 2011, Labster provides these learners with innovative, immersive and highly interactive game experiences supplemented with virtual lab experiments, interactive 3D simulations and engaging storylines. Labster has an expansive library of 100+ simulation scenarios developed in partnership with top universities and content partners across the US, Europe and Asia.

Through its unique virtual laboratory approach that combines gaming mechanics with artificial intelligence (AI), Labster helps more than 11 million students around the world develop skills such as scientific reasoning, problem-solving, data analysis, communication and collaboration. The company works with 1,600 schools and universities as well as hundreds of major employers to provide education experiences that go beyond theory to give learners real-world experience that can be applied in the workplace or study situations.

The recent $60M funding round will enable Labster to further expand its offering beyond its existing Virtual Laboratory Simulations for life Sciences and Engineering into other disciplines such as finance & economics; coding & computing; biotechnology; pharmacology; healthcare & nursing; psychology; renewable energy & sustainability; food sciences & nutrition among others. With this new funding round, Labster will be able to accelerate R&D efforts around new features such as augmented reality simulations based on machine learning algorithms.

What services does Labster provide?

Labster is a game-based EdTech startup that provides virtual laboratory simulations for science courses in K-12 education and higher ed institutions. These virtual laboratories are designed to be highly engaging, realism-oriented videos that provide an immersive learning experience to students. Teachers can assign these laboratory simulations independently or as part of their lesson plan, setting clear objectives and objectives-based assessments as needed.

Labster also has a range of services beyond the virtual simulations they create. The company offers curriculum design, assessment development, and educator training to ensure students are getting the most out of their laboratory experience. Labster also supports teachers by providing the necessary resources required for their lesson plans and tracking the progress of their students via analytics platforms integrated into its simulations.

The company recently received $60M in funding from Andreessen Horowitz (A16z) which will go toward improving Labster’s product offerings, expanding its team of engineers and educators, and providing additional support to its international customer base. Their goal is to continue innovating in EdTech as well as leverage this funding to help educators everywhere apply more interactive learning solutions within the classroom environment.

Who are Labster’s customers?

Labster is an EdTech company that provides virtual laboratory simulations. Founded in Denmark in 2011, they are now headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland with offices located around the world from London to Vancouver. Their mission is to create the tools and resources today’s students need to learn tomorrow’s skills.

An important part of their success has been the ability to reach customers quickly, thoughtfully and worldwide by providing innovative solutions tailored to different markets. Currently, Labster serves over 3 million students and over 300 universities through partnerships with more than 50 leading companies in the gaming, education, publishing and venture capital industries.

Labster’s primary customer base is universities looking for robust game-based lab simulations for science courses such as biology, chemistry and biochemistry; however, they have also seen steady upward trends in their secondary markets such as K-12 schools and corporations using their digital solutions for employee training programs. The company’s recent $60M funding round will be an important resource to acquire new customers while expanding their existing offerings.

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Details of the Funding

Game-Based Edtech Startup Labster has recently raised $60M from A16z and other investors. This new funding provides the company with the capital to expand their product offerings and grow their customer base.

In this article, we will take a look at the details of the funding and how Labster plans to use the money.

Who are the investors?

Game-based Edtech startup Labster recently raised $60 million from some of the world’s largest venture capital firms, including notable investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Felix Capital, and Owl Ventures. The funding round was co-led by Benjamin Larralde of Owl Ventures and Caelus Partners.

Andreessen Horowitz (popularly known as a16z) is one of the most active venture capital firms in the US. They focus on big new technologies that change how people live and work—including gaming, software development, enterprise IT, networking, chip engineering and more. Founded in 2009 by Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen, a16z seeks to invest early in categories when they are identified emerging or just being created. They now manage over $19 billion in committed capital across multiple funds.

Felix Capital is an independent venture firm dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with long-term funding and strategic guidance for their businesses. With offices in London and New York City, Felix Capital focuses on innovative early stage projects within “Lifestyle Tech” — including topics such as health & wellness, mobility & transportation lifestyle services sectors etc.. Originally founded by Jerome Touzeau in 2014, they have backed companies like Farfetch (now IPO), Labster (where this recent round was raised), Maple.AI amongst others since their inception making them one of the forefront investors in Europe across various industries.

Owl Ventures is an education technology fund that targets large market opportunities around student learning outcomes powered by digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). They are principally focused on investments into innovation and growth stages companies with the goal of fueling impact student outcomes globally; they believe learning can be accelerated through purposeful content delivery at scale enabled through educational technology products & services which can enhance individualized curriculum design based on competencies or skills gaps for students better preparing them to be life-ready upon graduation from school or college environments. The team behind OWV have prior experience at edtech companies such as Knewton/KL Engine along with management roles at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt & Pearson making them extremely experienced operators come investors within various facetswithin the EdTech sphere enabling them to be proven successful at investing into promising EdTech oriented products ranging from K12 education all the way up to Higher Education institutions & employers across any given geographies globally!

Game-Based Edtech Startup Labster Raises $60M From A16z, Others

Game-based Edtech startup Labster recently announced a new $60 million funding round led by notable venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz (A16z). Other participants in the funding round include GS Growth, ETF Partners, and existing investors such as Balderton Capital and Northzone. This brings Labster’s total funding to date to over $100 million.

Labster’s platform utilizes advanced simulations and gaming elements that enable students to acquire practical skills which can then be applied in the real world. The new investment will be used for continued growth and expansion, with Labster aiming to make its simulation platform available on all devices with global access. In addition, the funds will help to develop features such as virtual reality labs, artificial intelligence (AI) driven avatars, data analytics and more.

What is the purpose of the funding?

Game-based edtech startup Labster has raised $60 million in a Series B round of funding. The investment was led by Andreessen Horowitz, with participation from existing investors Trustbridge Partners, Hoxton Ventures and Indicator Ventures, as well as new investors Prosus Ventures and Owl Ventures. The funds will be used to accelerate the development and expansion of the company’s game-based laboratory simulations used in more than 1,700 universities around the world.

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Labster’s simulations enable students to acquire knowledge and practice technical skills in real world laboratory experiments without having to leave their homes. Students can engage in intensive hands-on science education while learning applicable scientific concepts at their own pace. One of Labster’s widely used tools is its Simulated Life Science Labs, which offers authentic lab experiences for life sciences courses such as Biology and Biochemistry.

The new funds will go towards continuing the development of these simulations, expanding into new subjects such as engineering and physics, increasing coverage for existing subjects and opening up global markets for the solution to reach more learners worldwide. This newfound capital will also be utilized to grow Labster’s base of university customers further by setting up strategic partnerships with leading universities across Europe and North America.

How Labster Will Use the Funding

Game-based Edtech startup Labster recently raised $60M from A16z and other investors, bringing the total raised by the company to $105M. This substantial funding will enable Labster to focus on a number of strategic initiatives, including expanding its educational and technological offerings, enhancing its product platform, and scaling its global operations.

Let’s take a look at how Labster will use this new funding.

Expansion into new markets

Labster, a game-based EdTech startup, recently secured $60 million in funding from investors such as Andreessen Horowitz (A16z) and Owl Ventures. This strategic move provides Labster with the resources to meet the growing needs of its partners and educational institutions globally.

The funding will support Labster’s expansion into new markets by developing innovative content and pedagogical applications of simulated gaming experiences. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Labster stands poised to further the cause of providing quality education for students across the world.

Furthermore, this new capital will allow Labster to accelerate investment in hires, research and development initiatives as well as strengthening its technology infrastructure. With this new round of investments, Labster can remain at the forefront of innovation while fostering continued collaboration with its successful roster of partners such as Arizona State University, Duke University and others.

Development of new products and services

Game-based edtech startup Labster has secured $60M in a round of funding from Andreessen Horowitz and Cisco Investments. The funding will be used to support the development of new products and services for students, instructors, and educational institutions around the world.

Labster’s mission is to provide cutting-edge educational experiences to students through immersive game-based learning powered by artificial intelligence. The company plans to leverage its new funds to extend its global reach, enhance online safety and security measures, increase engagement with educational partners, further its research on using games in education, and develop new tools for students. In addition, the new capital will be used for growing the team of developers and educators working across both content creation areas—developing virtual lab simulations—and technologies—building computer platform infrastructure.

Labster’s goal is to make it easier for learners around the world to access lab simulations in science subjects that are tailored specifically to each student’s needs. With this new funding round, they’re seeking out ways they can expand their offerings in order to reach more learners worldwide. This includes expanding their virtual labs library, creating more exciting simulations that are engaging yet highly educational, as well as introducing features that offer individualized learning experiences.

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Investment in research and development

The new funding round will help Labster tremendously in increasing research and development projects and expanding success initiatives. The funds will be spent on developing current products, enhancing customer support, and assessing new potential research topics.

Labster’s R&D initiatives will focus on Google Classroom integration, important product updates such as AI-driven feedback loops for personalized learning experiences, improved data analytics capabilities for teachers to evaluate student performance, as well as tools to drive virtual lab simulations across disciplines.

The company is actively pursuing more efficient methods of utilizing the tech stack that enables digital simulations to be effectively and efficiently implemented in classroom settings. With the new funding, Labster will invest heavily in creating more content for e-learning solutions such as video lessons and AI-created interactive learning scenarios tailored specifically for different grade levels.

Moreover, the company plans to use additional resources to introduce new components that make game-based edtech more accessible and useful for a larger base of students in K-12 programs across the world. This will further allow students everywhere access online science labs while maximizing accessibility. The current platform could also be used in augmented or virtual reality modes too!

Benefits for Labster’s Customers

Game-Based Edtech Startup Labster recently announced its successful raise of $60M from A16z and other investors. This injection of fresh funds will allow the company to actively pursue its mission to revolutionize science education.

Specifically, Labster customers can look forward to even more immersive, engaging, and realistic game-based learning experiences with the additional funding. Let’s explore some of the benefits customers can expect.

Improved user experience

Game-based Edtech Startup Labster has recently raised $60M from Andreessen Horowitz (A16z) and other venture investors to ensure that users enjoy a better overall experience. This funding will be used to expand the company’s reach, improve its services, and enhance the user experience in the lab simulation segment.

Labster’s commitment is to deliver the best possible experience for their customers using cutting-edge technology. The newly acquired funds will allow Labster to improve existing products with enhanced graphics and physics engine as well as introduce new features that increase performance, stability, and usability. Improvements will include expanded simulations with more accurate equipment models and higher detail levels; improved audio-visual content; faster loading times; new tools that facilitate student experimentation; and virtual student assessment tools. Furthermore, additional funding will allow Labster to develop additional features such as virtual mentorship possibilities and 3D visualization of the experiments.

The ultimate goal is to maximize user engagement through improved educational outcomes — providing students with an authentic learning experience of real laboratory environments while increasing safety and efficiency compared to physical laboratories. With access to state-of-the art technology, refreshed user interface design and innovative teaching methods such as experiential learning, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or mixed reality (MR), Labster aims for greater advantages for institutions utilizing their platform and helping teachers deliver exceptional courses with seamless navigation across mobile devices.

More immersive and engaging learning experiences

Using the new investments, game-based edtech startup Labster will be looking to create more engaging and immersive learning experiences for its customers. Through the funding, Labster plans to focus on three key areas:

1. Improving the educational game technology’s realism and complexity. Labster offers a range of interactive science simulations which enable students to safely explore an authentic laboratory environment. Going forward, the startup wants to make improvements in its 3D graphics, physics engine and AI technologies in order to create an even more realistic experience for its users.

2. Developing collaborative learning tools within its virtual labs. The company is planning to build tools that will enable simulations of real-world collaboration between teachers and learners through the virtual labs, thus providing a more engaging and interactive way of learning science concepts at home or in classrooms.

3. Expanding its scope of content by partnering with leading institutions across different industries such as healthcare, engineering and computer science. With this funding Labster will be able to produce more immersive simulations with content that reflects the latest research which can be accessed digitally by learners worldwide, thus making learning faster and easier compared to conventional methods of education.

Increased access to educational content

Labster’s new funding will be used to continue its mission of providing game-based virtual laboratory simulations to students and institutions around the world. Through its virtual laboratories, Labster enables users to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts, thus allowing for deeper levels of learning. The new funding will enable the startup to expand its current offer and give students and educators increased access to educational content. Through content that covers a variety of disciplines, from biology and chemistry to nanotechnology and programming, Labster creates an environment where users can fully immerse themselves in learning simulations that are engaging, challenging, and rewarding.

The funding will also allow the startup to further invest in enhancing the user experience by developing more realistic 3D simulations that help bring labs into the comfort of your own home (or classroom). This allows users more freedom when it comes to exploring different topics which can be tailored to fit their needs without compromising on quality. Additionally, Labster has plans in place for developing more interactive learning aids such as customized digital avatars and conversations with intelligent agents.

This new announcement adds yet another feather in the cap for this innovative edtech company, allowing them to continue expanding their already impressive portfolio of education content so that learners around the world can access quality educational materials from any device at any time.


Game-based edtech startup Labster recently raised $60 million in funding from A16z and others. The funds will be used to grow Labster’s global reach, expand its catalogue of virtual labs, and develop new products.

The new funding will allow Labster to build on its game engine and create new ways for students to learn. This article will discuss how Labster will use the new funding and the potential impact of Labster’s products.

Labster’s new funding will enable it to expand its reach and provide improved services to its customers.

Game-Based Edtech Startup Labster Raises $60M From A16z, Others: Labster, a game-based virtual laboratory platform, has raised a $60 million Series B funding round from venture capitalists including Andreessen Horowitz (A16z). The investment will fuel the expansion of its offerings as an edtech platform and provide improved services to its customers.

Labster’s virtual labs create 3D simulations in a browser that replicate real-world labs. Its products are used by institutions and corporates to provide digital learning experiences that bridge the gap between theory and practice. It currently offers over 120 interactive modules covering life sciences, chemistry, engineering and beyond.

Company co-founder Michael Bodekaer stated: “the money will not just go towards hiring more staff but also towards investing in our product from both quality improvement perspective as well as adding breadth and depth by providing access to more content parts such as engineering or physics.” With this new funding, Labster plans to expand further into new markets beyond higher education – for example corporate training, K-12 education and home use – by investing heavily in sales operations, customer success teams and research activities.

The company was founded in 2012 by CEO Mads Tønder & Michael Bodekaer with headquarters in Zurich. Their mission is to transform STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) into a fully immersive learning experience while instilling the principles of scientific thinking skills in students.

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