How to write essays and play games at the same time

How to write essays and play games at the same time

Many students think: I wish I could write my essays and play computer games simultaneously. What if we told you that you could combine these two completely opposite activities? Let’s figure out how. 

Choose games that can expand your knowledge

When writing an essay on a certain subject, choosing a game with a similar theme is better. This will help develop your skills, look at essay writing from a different perspective, and find new ideas for the topic and arguments. Nowadays, you can easily find games that present educational material in a gamified form. 

How to write essays and play games at the same time

Create educational gaming battles

You probably have friends at school who also like playing computer games. You can use your gaming hobby as a way to chill together after challenging assignments, solve them together while playing, or even do tasks for each other on a dare. You can make a bet to compete while playing video games. The loser must complete the task for the winner. You can also have competitions to solve any task. For example, you hate doing a research phase in writing your essay, and your friend can’t cope with creating outlines. Play a game and give the most challenging assignment like to do my homework for me, to the loser.

Make a plan and follow it

Create a plan for writing your essay. Think through each step. When you already know what you need to do at each stage of your essay, you can focus on it during the game. You may not know what to write about in the next paragraph of your paper, but you know the topical sentence. You can play an entertaining or intellectual game for ten minutes to switch your attention, and then the ideas will come to you immediately after the end of the gaming session. When you have a roadmap, you can track your progress while writing and playing the game. 

Work in stages

It’s no secret that writing an essay consists of several steps. You choose a topic, do research, brainstorm, write a thesis statement, make a detailed outline, write, review, and edit. You can take short breaks to play between each of these stages. Let your brain relax after a long brainstorming or research session so you can subconsciously digest the vast amount of information and come up with the perfect thesis statement. Your brain is a smart computer that runs processes in the background. Playing games after each stage of your essay will help you find new solutions and ideas.

How to write essays and play games at the same time

Listen to audiobooks or podcasts 

You can transform the material collection stage into listening to an audio lecture or audiobook. Get the sources you need in audio format and listen to them while you play any game without sound. This way, you’ll get the data you need to write your essays and play your favorite game. You can also record your professors’ lectures on a recorder and listen to these files while you are preparing for writing essays. 

You must always control your attention while playing your favorite game or writing an essay. You can easily get distracted from the main goal of getting a high score. 


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