How to Unlock Bear Armor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (Brigandine Armor)

Assassinov Creed’s Valhalla armor is very heavily armored. Bear or brigade tanks can be unlocked at the beginning of the game. If you manage to collect all five bear armour, your health will slowly dry up. In addition, the armour increases the damage in the fight against melons. Bear Armor is good for beginners and can be unlocked at the beginning of the game. In order to survive the various battles, you need powerful armor, and Bear Armor handles it well. In this article I will help you find the five parts of the bear’s armor. Catch them all and take advantage of the passive health bonus and extra damage in melee battles.

The 5 Bears Armor of AK Valhalla ?

  1. Brigandin’s Helmet
  2. Brigandin Cape
  3. Armoured Brigade
  4. Ganttlet Bandit
  5. Giant trousers

To find all the bear’s armor, you have to go to different regions. You must first unlock the quick-release coupling points. In some regions there are high targets, it is better to remain silent and avoid direct battles with opponents.

Helmet Brigadine – Tank bearing Location

AC Valhalla Bear Helmet armour

  • Place: Sciropesciere
  • Troop proposal: 130
  • Next point of a quick trip: The remains of Hill Gate

Go to the Venlocan exit at Sciropesciere. It’s west of Lake Dudmastun. Find the entrance to the cave, stop by the fire. Chest massage with the helmet on the left. To open the passage, pull out a huge stone and go through the crack in the wall.

Cape Brigandi – Cape Bear Location

Location of the AC Valhalla bear armor

  • Place: Sciropesciere
  • Troop proposal: 130
  • Next point of a quick trip: Bardona Observation Platform

Follow Lake Dudmastun to the north, cross Quatford and the lake turns into another lake with a point of underpass. Go to the website and find a small boat full of containers for explosives. Shoot the arrow and you are the entrance to a secret cave. Enter the cave and walk along the edges of the left wall with a wooden gangway. Break through the blocked passage, pull the stone from the front and remove the cape from the chest.

Armour of a pack – Armour of a bear Place

Valhalla Bear Armor AC Body Position

  • Place: Centre
  • Troop proposal: 130
  • Next point of a quick trip: Canterbury Cathedral

Armoria is located in a dense area east of the center. Use the Quick Travel Point in Canterbury Cutterdale, skip and enter through the first entrance on the left. You’re in a big hall, go to the right and walk to the chair. Turn left and you are in the lobby. Look at the red padlock on the left, open it with the arrow. Walk a little further and use the rope at the left side to get to the other side. Open the door at the left side and keep walking until you reach the room. When you pull the chandelier, the floor breaks and you can grab the body by the chest.

Brigadine Armour – Bear Armour Location

Location of AC Valhalla Bear bulletproof vests

  • Place: Centre
  • Troop proposal: 130

Look for Bimasfield in the middle. This is a suspicious area, follow the tank markings. It leads you to one of the houses, the armor is on the platform above the door. It’s very easy to install, just go upstairs. You’ll need a key to open the safe, leave the safe house and search the first house on the right. There is another key, take the first one and go with your breasts to the left side of the house. Find a place where some of the guards are collector’s woods, a second key in the barn on the tree trunks.

Brigandy Pants – Bear Shoes location

AC Valhalla Bear Tank Locating Pants

  • Place: Centre
  • Troop proposal: 130

Jump into the water at the eastern tip of Sainte, on the eastern bank of the fortress Dover. Make the jump as shown in the screenshot above. It is a strictly guarded area, after jumping into the water, swimming to the coast. Click on the Scan button to find the exact position of the ribcage, which is located directly in front. Take a jar of explosives and carry it to your chest. Put it on the ground and let it explode. There’s another closed door under the floor, find it with a flashlight. Here you can get the last piece of bear armor.

That’s all you’ve got in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla of the Five Secret Bear Tanks. You want to unlock more armor and then see our armor guide in the Walhalla.


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