How to Spawn the Final Boss in Die Maschine

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Zombie mode is back in the Cold War Black Ops mode, a refreshing change from multiplayer mode. The first Cold War Zombie Map contains a story in which players reveal what happened in The Machine. In just a few days, players found everything they needed to know about this card, including some Easter eggs and items to unlock. The endgame, or pattern, is what you can work on if you want to complete The Machine’s plot. That’s how you became the last boss of that machine.

To help you with this, the machine contains several Easter eggs. One of the things you want to finish is an Easter egg coffin dance that you can do by taking five light balls after the strike package. You get a free Juggernaut and a potential Ray Gunn out of the box, so it’s worth it.

Black Cold War Zombie agents: How to make a final pattern in machine

Here are the steps to get the last boss out of Die Maschine:

  • Turn on the power and mount the Pack-A-Punch.
  • Get out of the car and arm all the magic bullets.
  • Pull out the pins with your miracle weapon.
  • Put the anomaly in the medical bay in the air.
  • Take a key to the dark ether after the cut.
  • Take the key to the tank in the garden and blow it up.
  • Bring the disinfectant to the accident site.
  • Grab two zombie bosses from Medical Bay.
  • Use your computer and take the anomaly on a yacht.
  • React with the ghost and take the picture.

Below you will find more detailed instructions for the individual steps.

Drive and mounting of Pack-A-Punch

To start this process, you need to perform the most basic tasks of starting and setting up the Pack-A-Punch machine. The game will guide you through the game with markers, but you can contact our guides if you need help. You also need Etheric Scape to see some of the things you need to get this boss out of the Etheric Kingdom.

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Get a D.I.E. car and update all miracle weapons

At this point, you are probably already familiar with the D.I.E. process and its upgrade. If you need a walk in the park, check out our tutorials on how to get a D.I.E. car and turn your beautiful Cold War weapons into black weapons.

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Shoot your miracle weapon on the pins in the box

You must fire four shots at the sides of the tin can with the corresponding part of the miracle weapon. For example, you have to hit a reddish-brown tooth with the Fire Upgrade, a blue tooth with the Ice Upgrade and so on. Then the red lid, which is located in the outside observation room of the medical centre, lights up.

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Take the anomaly in the infirmary.

After all teeth have been pulled, an ethereal anomaly develops in the medical bay. Take the portal and go back to Medical Bay to communicate with the spirits.

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Lift the dark ether key after an abrasive cut

In a short time two spirits, Dmitriev and Kayashnik, will talk to each other. When the integration is complete, the portal of the ether will close and the key to the dark ether will spawn on the ground. Take it and go to the next step.

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Take the tank key from the farm and detonate the tank.

Bring the Ethereal Key to the courtyard where you can see the tank. Treat the tank three times with an ether key and the zombie is born on it. Kill the zombies and use the explosives to blow up the tank. You can buy Semtex at the craft table in the courtyard when you need it. Then the tank draws on the map and you can proceed to the next step.

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Pick up disinfectant at the scene of the accident

Go to the scene of the accident, next to the purchase of a Gallo rifle, and find a disinfectant. He is lying on the floor of a tank that has crossed a card and looks like a golden bullet. The dogs will breed after you’ve picked them up, so be prepared. Go back to the medical department and place the disinfectant in the room.

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Catch two separate zombie leaders in the infirmary

Then you have to divide the Megaton zombies into two smaller zombies and catch them in cans in Medical Bay. You can only make one deposit at a time. Therefore, avoid making another deposit until you can do so.

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Use a computer and record the fault on the yacht.

Then go to the medical deck and talk to your computer. Carver says the computer has information on how to seal off this area. By interacting with the computer, it connects both halves to the Eagles.

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At this point you need to put all your strength and weapons on your character to prepare for the battle against the boss. Use electric weapons and fire beautiful weapons if you can get them.

Interacting with the mind and take a picture

Go to the Night of the Living Dead and take Anomaly. Then take a walk and look for spectral reflection. Take care of him and Orlov’s alien spirit. After the dialogue, Orlov launches a photo of his family. Raise this issue, because it will be a prerequisite for getting into a fight with the boss.

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Then you go to the Pack-A-Punch cart, look for another piece and start the last boss fight. That’s how you became the last boss of that machine.

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