How to not raise the alarm in the Bloodsport gig – Cyberpunk 2077

It’s pretty easy to get into a situation you don’t know, and in Cyberpunk 2077, at the Bloodsport concert, the coach went into the Tiger Claw. You find a coach in one of the gang’s dojos, and you have to come in without bothering or raising the alarm. If you can get out quietly, everything has to calm down. The client prefers that you do not carry firearms.

Where to find the Tiger Klaus Dojo

The exact location of the dojo you need to find is near the bridge that connects Watson to Central City, on the west side. You can find it pretty quickly, and the same applies here: Make your life easier. You don’t want to sound the alarm, and if you succeed, there’s always a bonus for you.

How to get to the dojo and find a Ro.

As you approach the entrance to the dojo, the Tyger-Claw gang won’t let you in and greet you at gunpoint. The best way to find Roh is to sneak into the dojo and go to an alley next to the dojo where you’ll find a small pile of boxes. Jump over it and climb on the wall to jump to the other side. Once there, jump on the roof of the salesman’s stalls to climb on the roof. You’re in enemy territory.

There are two main ways to enter a building, which require decent figures in the capacity boxes. The first one is on the other side of the roof, and there is a window that you can open and it only opens if you have eight points in your technical ability. On the same side of that window, below street level, there is a door that can be forced open if you have eight points in your body. We didn’t have these points, so the only way to get in is through a window in the middle of the roof overlooking two guards at the entrance of the dojo.

All you have to do is distract the left guard, and he must be too busy watching your distractions to notice that you’ve disabled both. However, one guard is training in the next room, and if you are not careful when the second guard comes out, he will notice you. There’s a garbage can in this room where you can hide the two bodies. As soon as they’re taken care of, you’ll go to the dojo.

Now you have to sneak into the dojo, away from the fighters and their coach. You could use the camera to distract everyone. However, if you are careful, walk past them without seeing them completely, even if their screen turns red. But there are two security cameras, one overlooking the war zone and the other in the corridor. Make sure you turn it off.

If you walk past them, you are now dealing with a man practicing in another room, someone you might notice when these guards are on duty for the first time. There’s a camera in this room, so look at the camera, knock it down and come down. If you had the technical skills or the body of eight people, you could bypass these sections.

As you approach the basement of the dojo, there are two guards downstairs. One of them is busy with Ro, so you can take the phone out of his hands first and take the other one to the big room. If you take a guard to another room, he will be watched by a camera. Turn the camera off before entering and leaving. Then you deactivate the man who attacked Ro. If you talk to Ro, you can decide to leave immediately or to wait a second before both of you leave. You have to sneak out of the dojo.

The last thing we need to do is get Ro out of the dojo. You can do this by going back to the stairwell, take the exit in this room and exit through the front door. You will complete the mission after you escorted Ro to Fixer’s car.

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