How to Maintain Your Gaming Room

How to Maintain Your Gaming Room

Many of you have probably decided to self-isolate due to fears about the coronavirus pandemic or have been instructed to do so by your employer. That implies that gamers will be hiding in their dens/offices/caves of wonder to unwind with some much-needed game time while still streaming to their loving fans.

You’ll be investing a lot more time at home, so make sure your gaming is clean and organized for you and anybody else who might use it. To assist you through these strange times, here is a compiled list of how you can freshen up your setup and guarantee that your room looks perfect even during pandemic troubles.

Make Sure Your Hands are Clean

Your arms are the primary carrier of germs and viruses, so keep them clean. Clean them before and after meals, and a short rinse with soap after a lengthy gaming session can help you stay clean and free of dirt and bacteria. It is also critical to maintain proper personal hygiene habits. Avoid touching your eyes or your face with your hands.

This is particularly true if you’re playing on a shared computer or in a public location. Keep a bottle of disinfectant or disinfection wipes on your game room desk as a practical answer.

Purchase a Mobile Air Purifier

It’s one thing to keep your gaming setup and workplace clean and free of dirt, dust, popcorn, chips, and crisps, but it’s another to ensure sure the area smells pleasant and doesn’t make you feel like you’re living in a hole. You may use an air purifier or a screen door with magnets to maintain the air clean and clear the dust.

They purge the air of all contaminants and provide a healthy atmosphere. There are many options available. All work together to absorb odors and freshen the air in and around your gaming area.

How to Maintain Your Gaming Room

Cable Management

You may have cleaned your gaming station of dust and filth, but what about all those unmanaged cables? These are more likely to collect dust particles. You may also fulfill your OCD inclinations by simultaneously building and organizing your cords.

The area beneath your desk may frequently be used as a wire management container. Install a cable tray or raceway to help guide and conceal cables.

Keep Your Workplace Clear of Snacks

 If at all feasible, eat your food away from your desk. Crumbs or food spills will spread bacteria and attractants and other filthy insects, especially if they fall into the gaps of your keyboard or become caught at your desk.

If you must, give your workstation a thorough cleaning once you’ve finished dining there. Before returning to your game, make sure you wash your hands.

Keep an Eye on the Marquee

A luminous backlight may be integrated into the marquee of most machines, especially older ones. Fluorescent bulbs have been outdated as arcade cabinet parts for some time, even though they can brighten the screen or give it a lovely psychedelic look.

These lights require a starter and a transformer to operate effectively, and the failure of either of these components can result in a variety of repercussions of varying severity. If the starter fails, the resulting electrical interference might cause the machine’s PCB to be irreversibly damaged. If your transformer fails, it may overheat, emit smoke, and finally burst a large hole in your cabinet.

During operation, the light gets extremely hot, which might discolor the marquee, shatter it, and cause it to fall into the arcade cabinet’s screen. 

How to Maintain Your Gaming Room

Switching the fluorescent bulb to an LED replacement, which can work at much cooler temperatures and will not harm your computer in any way, is an excellent answer to this problem. Keep in mind that LED lights must be installed precisely.

Check the instructions first, as always! Keeping your gaming environment tidy with the help of items such as a screen door with magnets will give you a super-positive mood. Make it a weekly job that you will do without fail.

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