How to increase weapon abilities in Nier Reincarnation

When I first started playing Nier: Automata, I was under the assumption that the game would be a game about killing things. I was wrong. I now realize that it is a game about creating and learning to use weapons. The weapons in Nier: Automata are incredibly powerful in their potential, and it is up to the player to discover how to best use them.

The game Nier: Automata is an action role-playing game set in the distant future of Earth, where androids have become the dominant life form. In the game, you play as 2B, a female android who is part of the resistance against the advanced androids known as machine lifeforms. You can choose to defend the planet by fighting the machines, or destroy them and create a new world with androids as the dominant species.

Nier is a game that really emphasizes the importance of weapons. They are, in fact, essential for survival, and so you can expect to find a lot of discussion about them in this guide.

In Nier Reincarnation, you’ll need to upgrade your weapons utilizing four different methods: Enhance, Skill, Ascend, and Evolve. We’ll go through an example with photos to show you how to accomplish each.

How can I access the Weapon Enhancement menu?

Staff took this screenshot.

To begin, go to Mama’s menu and choose Enhance (represented as a house to the far left, or as a button third from the left from inside of other menus). This will bring up a new menu, similar to the one seen above. Second from the top, choose the “weapons” option.

Second, choose the Weapons tab, which will display a menu with all of your weapons, as seen in the picture below.

How to increase weapon abilities in Nier ReincarnationStaff took this screenshot.

Third, touch on a Weapon to choose it. This will open the weapon’s upgrade menu, which will display all of the options for improvement. That option appears as in the picture below, where we’ve begun the process of improving a pair of boxing gloves known as the Emil Heads. We’ll go through all of the various kinds of weapon upgrades in the following part, step by step, using these Emil Heads as an example.

How to increase weapon abilities in Nier ReincarnationStaff took this screenshot.

The four different kinds of weapon enhancements


The most basic kind of weapon upgrade is enhancement, which increases a weapon’s raw stats like HP, Attack, and Defense. The basic enhancement menu looks like the screenshot above, with XL Weapon Enhancements being used to max out our Emil Heads. To accomplish this with your own weapons, go to the weapon’s enhancement menu, pick the quantity of improvements you wish to utilize, and then click enhance. Confirm that you want to spend gold and improvements, and you’re done! You’ve got a weapon that’s maxed up. However, there are still more methods to enhance this weapon, like utilizing the Ascend function to increase the weapon’s maximum level.

Enhancement of abilities

How to increase weapon abilities in Nier ReincarnationStaff took this screenshot.

You may increase the active skill of your weapon in addition to increasing its level. The Skill Enhancement menu featuring our favorite weaponry, the Emil Heads, is seen in the screenshot above. With the Emil heads, we can see that enhancing this weapon skill increases the damage per hit of the current skill by 1%. Improved Attack and Toughness are two more weapon abilities for the Emil Heads. Other weapons will have various abilities that may be improved. To increase a weapon skill, choose the one you wish to develop and then hit enhance. You’ll be asked to confirm the number of improvements you wish to make, and you’ll be shown the supplies you’ll need. These resources are obtained through completing Guerilla subquests and rolling quest summons. Select “Enhance” once again to confirm, and your weapon talent is now much more powerful! But we’re not finished yet; there are two more methods to improve our Emil Heads.

Ascend the ladder with your weapon

How to increase weapon abilities in Nier ReincarnationStaff took this screenshot.

The final method of improving your weapons is to Ascend them, which raises the weapon’s maximum level. Natural Pearls, a highly rare substance bought from the store, or copies of the weapon may be used to do this. We have three additional Emil heads sitting around in the Weapons department, just ready to climb this Emil Head we have here. Choose the weapons you’d want to employ during this ascension, then confirm. Keep in mind that this procedure uses a lot of gold, so only do it with weapons you want to keep for a long time (or to create an instructional guide for the internet). Confirm, and you now have a weapon with a greater maximum level!


How to increase weapon abilities in Nier ReincarnationStaff took this screenshot.

Evolve is the last, most powerful, and most challenging method to upgrade your weaponry. Evolving a weapon consumes very rare resources like Tanzanite and increases its rank by one star. We didn’t have enough Tanzanite on hand to give you a decent illustration right away, but the procedure is the same as it is for all other kinds of weapon enhancements: you pay the price and enjoy the benefits.

You will be able to obtain all the weapons in Nier: Automata, but you will only be able to use the Bat, the Machine Gun, the Sniper Rifle, and the Dragon Knife. But there will be some hidden weapons that you can use too. If you use the Machine Gun to shoot, the bullets will actually do damage, as well as shoot at other enemies. But, you can’t use the Machine Gun to attack other enemies, unless you are in co-op mode. If you shoot the Dragon Knife at an enemy, it will follow them, and you can use the Dragon Knife to attack other enemies. When you use the Dragon Knife, you will appear on top of them and you will have control of the enemy.. Read more about nier reincarnation gold farming and let us know what you think.

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