How to Heal in Valheim

How to Heal in Valheim

How to Heal in Valheim

Health is an understandable part of any game, you lose everything and your character is dead, pure and simple.

Valheim has a slightly different survival system that doesn’t kill the player when they are hungry, but makes them weak.

To live longer, you need to make sure your health is properly maintained, and that includes nutrition.

Health system

In Weilheim, your health depends on the food you eat. So you have to grow different types of food to keep your character healthy.

Each time your character eats food, he gains a buff that temporarily increases his health and stamina and regenerates his health.

The magnification is based on the food your character eats, which you can tell by the details of the item.

How can I heal in Valheim?

As mentioned, you need to eat a lot from time to time, because food lovers don’t last long before they get hungry again.

Eating different types of food not only improves your health and stamina, but also helps regenerate your character’s health.

The better the food, the healthier you are and the better you regenerate.

Combinations of foodstuffs

Some of the best food combinations will allow your character to advance well in the game because he has a better chance of surviving.

It is best to use the food you have wisely until you have a good supply, and to get the most out of your food at certain times, you need to choose the right combinations.

Below you’ll find some of the best food combinations in Walheim :

  • Different berry or vegetable options – A good start for beginning players, there are many berries that can be consumed at the beginning of the game.
  • Cooked meat, necktails and berries – Over time you will produce wild boar, venison and necktail meat that you can cook and eat with berries to give you a good boost.
  • Cooked meat, tail meat and sausages – As with the previous set of foods, substitute berries for sausages for better health and regeneration.
  • Cooked meat, sausage and turnip stew – Later, as you progress, you can gather raw materials for turnip and sausage stew in the same area (swamp), which you can use as a health source.
  • Blood sausage, snake stew, and fox meat pie – These may not be the easiest foods to eat, but once you get them down, you can expect a huge boost to your health.

Health drink

Later in the game, as you progress, you can build a fermenter that allows you to make different types of potions, which you call dishes.

Currently it is possible to make two healing meads, a small healing mead and a medium healing mead, both of which become useful later in the game.

To unlock the fermenter, you must first create a forge, which is unlocked after obtaining copper, a refined copper ore.

Residual premium

The rest bonus is a bonus you get when your character takes a short rest and stays in his quarters.

This gives them a premium for regeneration of health and stamina, which is in addition to regeneration through diet.

If you’ve already built your shelter, you can apply for a rest bonus based on your comfort level.

You can build different types of furniture and other items for your accommodation, which will increase the comfort and length of stay of your vacationers.


To increase your chances of survival, you should always maintain your health with food.

It is a good idea to stock up on food and grow it as soon as possible to have a good supply.

Hunting, foraging and farming are important to your character’s survival in Valheim, and keeping a good supply of food will help your character stay healthy.

The fastest way to recover in Valheim is to always have three different food lovers and an active recovery bonus that can sometimes make you almost invulnerable.

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