How to Grow Trees in Valheim

How to Grow Trees in Valheim

Trees are needed in Valheim as a source of wood, but also for many of the things you make and build.

If you know how to grow trees in Walheim, you will enjoy other benefits, such as. B. you can supply your region with trees or set up your own forestry company.

To grow your own trees, you will need seeds and then a cultivator to plant the different tree seeds you have.

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How to get tree seeds

You can get seeds by cutting down some trees in Valheim, but not all trees produce seeds.

Currently there are only 3 trees that leave seeds, which makes the other trees rare and forces you to search the land to find them.

The trees that release seeds are the following:

  • Beech (beech seedlings planted on a beech seedling)
  • Pine tree (fall of a pine cone planted on a young pine tree)
  • pine (sawn-off pine cone, planted to produce a pine seedling)

The following trees do not leave seeds:

  • Old wood
  • Berk
  • Oak

Tree species


How to Grow Trees in Valheim

The beech trees are in the grasslands of the biome and are felled with the axe. There are also smaller variants, made of beech wood, which can be shot with other weapons.

When felling a beech tree, beech seeds, resin and feathers may accidentally fall.

The kind of wood that falls from the beech is standard wood.

If you want to know more about standard wood and how to get it, read our guide to growing wood in Walheim.

Birch wood

How to Grow Trees in Valheim

Birch is a sturdy, light-coloured tree that can be recognised by its white colour with black markings on the trunk.

In the plains there are many birches, sometimes together with oaks, but they are also found, to a lesser extent, in the meadows.

You need a bronze axe or a more powerful version of an axe to deal damage and take down the birch.

Birch wood gives off standard and fine wood when it falls.

If you want to learn more about how to get fine wood, check out our Walheim Fine Wood Growing Guide.


How to Grow Trees in Valheim

Pines are several tree species that occur in the Black Forest biome, as well as spruce.

Pines can be recognised by their dark colour and thick, upward-growing trunks.

These trees can be felled with any axe and are usually very large, easily recognized by their height and slender shape.

When destroyed, pine trees produce a standard amount of lumber, logs and pine cones.

For more information on heartwood and how to obtain it, see our Valheim Heartwood Guide.


How to Grow Trees in Valheim

Spruce trees are trees that normally occur in biomes outside of grasslands, such as the Black Forest, mountains and next to a bog biome.

These trees come in different sizes, which can be cut with any available axe, but the yield of the tree depends on the size of the tree, whether it is small or mature.

The pine tree drops cones from common woods and spruce.

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How to Grow Trees in Valheim

The oaks are among the largest trees found in Walheim. They are highly structured and have a largely rounded shape.

These trees rarely occur in grasslands and are most often found in biome studies.

You’ll need to use a bronze axe or a more powerful version of an axe to damage these types of trees, and you’ll have to deal more blows than others.

Oaks produce a greater amount of standard and fine wood.

Old tree

How to Grow Trees in Valheim

Old trees are an older version of a tree that looks strong because of its age, but is usually dead because it is in a swampy biome.

These trees are found in the swamp and fog biome and can be pruned with any type of axe.

Old trees lose standard wood and old bark when felled.

For more information on old bark, see our Walheim Bark Grower’s Guide.

Seeds for tree planting

There are various conditions attached to the planting of trees: You need to buy the seeds you want to plant and make a grower to plant the seeds.

The growing season of a tree takes about 3 to 4 days and you can miss it if you sleep during some of those days.

Trees develop over time, from seedling straight to mature.

Tree stumps

Many observations have been made about the mechanisms of tree regrowth, but at this stage it is better to plant tree seeds than to wait for the stumps to become trees again.

Some have reported that the trees have grown, but it is best to camp in the plains of the biome for the fine wood, and in the black forest for the heartwood.


How to Grow Trees in Valheim

With the exception of the tree of life you see in the sky and the great tree of trees, most trees are suitable for farming, but only a few can be cultivated.

You have to collect all the seeds from the trees and save them for later to create your own tree farm.

If you have a large amount of trees, you have an unlimited supply of wood, which you will need in large quantities during the game.

frequently asked questions

How to plant trees in Walheim?

You can plant trees in Walheim with the grower. This station works the land so that trees and other crops can grow. However, farming only becomes possible after unlocking the grower, which means you have to bronze before you can plant trees.

How long does it take trees to grow in Walheim?

A planted seedling will become a tree after a randomly chosen time between 3000 and 5000 years (between 50 m and 83 m20, or about 1.67-2.78 days).

Will the trees in Walheim be repainted?

Unfortunately, the trees don’t grow back or not in Valheim.

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