How to Distinguish Fake Crocs from the Original?

How to Distinguish Fake Crocs from the Original?

The Crocs brand has been a leader in footwear for summer holidays, educational tourism, and hot weather for many years. Their signature clogs are of the highest quality, comfortable to wear, and durable. At the same time, the price of original crocs is high, which gives rise to a huge number of fakes on the market. Fake is not only inferior in quality but can be dangerous for the health of the feet – the materials do not pass the necessary certification. In the article, we will figure out how to distinguish fake Crocs from the original so as not to get into an unpleasant situation when buying.


It was the material that became the hallmark of the original Crocs. Almost all of the company’s shoes are molded from a unique variety of rubber, Croslite, which resembles foamed resin. Material advantages:

  • Does not fade in the sun
  • Very lightweight
  • Takes the form of a leg
  • Does not cause rubbing
  • Easy care, dirt is easily removed with a damp cloth
  • High wear resistance and long-term preservation of the presentation

Fake Crocs are usually made from soft plastic or rubber. It is easy to understand even by touch. Unlike the original, they do not bend well, and there is foot discomfort. Weight can also give out a fake. Real Crocs should be almost weightless.

Manufacturer’s Address

Today, Crocs shoes are made not only in the USA but there are also in enterprises all over the world. The country of origin must be indicated on the packaging and tag. It could be:

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Mexico
  • Bosnia
  • Italy
  • Brazil

Most of the Crocs are made in Asian countries. But at the same time, even Chinese products are of high quality and meet all international standards.


Original Crocs are always packed in a branded green cardboard box. Inside is a zip bag, and each pair is packed in a branded hanger. Often, the company releases collaborations with other brands and famous personalities. Packaging and equipment, in this case, may differ. The relevance of the model must be checked on the official website.

Branded hanger is attached to the hole on the top of the shoe or threaded through the elements of the model, which is found in sandals. The hanger should have the inscription TM Crocs and the size according to the EUR and UK grid.

In addition, the original packaging must contain a tag with several inserts. It indicates information on the care of the product, a barcode, information about the manufacturer, and the specific model. In fakes, there is no tag, or it is incomplete. There are factual and grammatical errors in the information.

Ergonomic Cutouts

They reduce the weight of the shoe and also make it more comfortable to walk on the sand, allowing the feet to “breathe.” In many models, cutouts are used to attach various decorative elements and also differ in size. The original holes always have smooth edges, and there should not be any roughness or asymmetry. When checking shoes, it is advisable to run a fingertip along the edge of the cutout. The original is perfectly smooth and even.

Sandals, or clogs with a closed toe, are the basic model of Crocs. There is always a button at the connection of the front and the strap, the surface of which is decorated with the company logo with a crocodile in the center. The color of this item may vary depending on the model. But you should definitely pay attention that it is exactly in the center, and the circle is white.


Croc does not have models without a logo. It can be either on the button or in the form of an engraving on the inside of the clog or strap. For fakes, it is placed on a sticker, which is not allowed in the original. The name of the logo should be well-read, and grammatical errors are not allowed.

The Inner Surface of the Shoe

To distinguish a fake Crocs from the original, carefully inspect the inner surface of the product. All models are equipped with an arch support that supports the shape of the foot. There are many massage pimples on it, and sometimes the brand name is engraved. If the pattern has an uneven relief, there is no massage zone, or it is asymmetric, then you have a fake.

Pay attention to the general appearance of the model. The dhgate cheap crocs are molded and processed in very high quality. No distortions and other design defects are allowed.

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