How to complete the Black Hand Riku Mythic Tale and earn the Sarugami Armour set in Ghost of Tsushima

The Black Hand is a secret society of ninjas who are sworn to protect the emperor. They are also the only ones who can travel between worlds, making them invaluable allies in their fight against the Mongolian army.

The ghost of tsushima characters is a set of armour that can be earned in the game, Ghost of Tsushima. To complete this task, players must complete the Black Hand Riku Mythic Tale and earn the Sarugami Armour set.

Black Hand Riku is a Mythic Tale that you may discover early on in your exploration of Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima. You’ll need to go to the game’s first major hub to hear the story that starts it, but after you do, you’ll be able to go on with the quest and acquire some extremely strong gear. This guide includes a few pointers on how to complete the quest.

The first step is the rescue.

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The first stage in this mission is to find someone on Iki Island who knows about Black Hand Riku and rescue them. If you follow the wind to the right spot, you’ll come across the individual who has been kidnapped by Mongols. Get to the top of the adjacent cliff by sneaking around the group. From here, you may eliminate opponents one by one without having to engage in close-quarters battle with them all. In the group, there’s a Shaman you should attempt to eliminate first. They’ll make the remainder of the battle very difficult if they don’t.

After you’ve killed all of the Mongols, go back and rescue the sailor. They’ll tell you how to locate Black Hand Riku.

Step 2: Go with the flow of the light.

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Wait until dark and follow the lights in the water to a cave, according to the individual you rescued. Rest in the camp until the evening, then make your way down to the beach. A faint blue glow will be seen in the waves near the beach. You’ll ultimately come to a cave if you follow them all the way to the left, along the shore.

Continue to follow the light in the water as you enter the cave. You’ll eventually reach a point where you can’t see anything. As you go further into the cave, pick up the Fire Arrows and use them to ignite the braziers. There’s a lot to take in and gather along the way, so take advantage of every opportunity to explore this cave. You’re unlikely to return to this location.

Finally, you’ll reach a huge water pool. The monkeys have gathered around you, and a terrible voice is calling out to you. Prepare for a battle.

Step 3: Get Rid of Black Hand Riku

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Hand of the Darkness Riku is a tough boss to take on. To find the holes in his defenses and get your hits in, you’ll have to observe every move he makes. He utilizes a lot of unblockable double and triple combos, so try to get out of the path of them. You can easily parry all of his predicted strikes, but he’ll frequently follow up with a barrage of lesser blows. Maintain a safe distance between you and your opponent, and utilize the slicing attack whenever possible. You’ll eventually beat this opponent and take his armor after a long, hard battle.

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For experienced players, the Sarugami Armor set offers many benefits. It disables your normal parry, but it turns your flawless parry into a two- or three-attack chain. When you dodge, you’ll now inflict harm on your opponents. In this armor, any resolve gains you earn are considerably enhanced, as are the windows for perfect parries and perfect dodges. Don’t be concerned. Soon, you’ll be able to put it to the test.

Step 4: Defend your life

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As you leave the cave, a gang of robbers will approach, ready to murder you if you don’t hand up the armor. This is the ideal fight to put the armor to the test, so use your increased parrying abilities to wipe them off. Because the leader is a much more difficult opponent, you should use a Fire Arrow or Kunai on him to weaken him and prevent taking too much damage.

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