How the Acquisitions will Help SaaS Labs in Europe

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SaaS Labs, a leading cloud software provider, recently announced that it had received $42 million in funding from Sequoia. In addition to this, the company also announced their foray into the European market with two acquisitions. This strategic move will help them strengthen their foothold in the cloud software market.

In this article, we’ll examine how these acquisitions will help SaaS Labs in Europe.

Overview of SaaS Labs

SaaS Labs, a San Francisco-based cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) platform provider, recently announced that it has raised $42 million in funding led by venture capital firm Sequoia. This funding round was co-led by True Ventures and joined by investors like Accel Partners, Y Combinator, Founders Fund Angels, and Wednesday Ventures.

With two recent acquisitions, the company has set its sights on the European market.

Launched in 2016 as Good2Go Wellness Solutions, SaaS Labs is an AI-driven software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for enterprise customers. Its cloud platform is designed to collect data from multiple sources to monitor employee health and offer services from healthcare providers like benefit management systems and diagnostics testing applications. Additionally, its core offering enables companies to continuously improve employee engagement through various strategies including personalized wellness recommendations based on personal data insights.

In 2020, the company rebranded as SaaS Labs. In addition, it acquired two European companies – Aquarius AI of Italy and Seven Sultans of UK – which help expedite its expansion into the European markets across Italy, Germany, Spain, France and UK. The acquisitions give the company access to data science technology for risk assessment in financial services and tailored AI solutions for traditional sectors such as automotive; allowing it to implement personalization algorithms/automation tools built around customer data insights – leading to significant increases in efficiency.

While providing existing customers with extra capabilities or new product offerings from acquisitioned companies is always part of their growth strategy; at present SaaS labs plans on leveraging researched technical prowess on its existing products in order expand market share into stated countries of focus though the acquired entities’ respective local leverage will facilitate faster scaling opportunities for the firm too.

SaaS Labs Bags $42 Million in Funding Led by Sequoia; Enters Europe with two Acquisitions

SaaS Labs has recently secured $42 million in funding led by Sequoia, with participation from top-tier venture capital and angel investors in the US and Europe. This latest round of funding marks a significant milestone for the company, as it looks to expand its operations into the European market.

With this fundraising, SaaS Labs has also announced two key acquisitions to help it in its European journey. The first acquisition is SalesStar — a software house based out of London specializing in creating sales software products and building customer engagement solutions. The second acquisition is ABN AMRO Innovation Centre — a startup accelerator program within ABN AMRO Bank that provides early-stage companies access to bank technology, networks, stakeholders and expertise.

These recent moves indicate SaaS Labs’ strategy to expand its presence across Europe, focusing on strategic partnerships, investing in innovations and employee engagement with customers on the continent. SaaS Labs has customers across 17 countries and is looking forward to leveraging these recent investments towards building an even stronger presence in Europe over the coming months.

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Impact of the acquisitions

SaaS Labs bags $42 million in funding led by Sequoia and enters Europe with two acquisitions. This new investment will help SaaS Labs in Europe with their business expansion plans.

This acquisition will help SaaS Labs to expand their presence in the European market and offer more opportunities for growth and innovation. In addition, the two acquisitions will help SaaS Labs to gain access to the new markets, new technology and a greater customer base.

This article will discuss the impact of the acquisitions on SaaS Labs in Europe.

Expansion in Europe

The recent acquisitions by SaaS Labs of two European companies have allowed them to expand their presence and services in the continent. This step was taken following the successful completion of $42 million in funding led by Sequoia.

This infusion of capital will help SaaS Labs strengthen its foothold in Europe by providing its users with improved services at lower acquisition costs. SaaS Labs has expanded its offerings through its two acquisitions to include more innovative products, analytics and optimization platforms that benefit more customers.

In addition to providing a better experience for existing customers, this move allows SaaS Labs to reach a larger audience as it enters new markets. This will result in increased revenue and market share for the company in the European region that could contribute significantly towards SaaS Lab’s long-term growth strategy.

Strengthened product portfolio

The acquisition of tech firms by SaaS Labs is expected to bring a wealth of potential to its offerings. The company can expand into new markets and strengthen its European product portfolio through this move. In addition, SaaS Labs will benefit from their acquisitions through access to resources such as tools, insights, knowledge, and expertise.

The two acquired companies—Germany-based design automation software firm eBUS and Italy’s Pulse platform—will bring the latest automation technology and development expertise, allowing SaaS Labs to introduce innovative products tailored for European users. The company has identified the need for progressive techniques and technology in Europe, especially on web technologies. With these acquisitions, it can now offer customizable solutions for customers across Europe.

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With features like workflow designing technology from eBUS and Pulse platform’s user experience design capabilities, both companies are expected to contribute significant value to the European market served by SaaS Labs. In addition, the investments made in the two acquisitions will open vast opportunities for the brand to scale its product portfolio across multiple European industries. This is particularly true given the vast pool of integration partners in their offerings that can give them an edge over competitors while tapping into emerging markets or using them as a go-to provider that could offer integrated solutions, robust customer service, and round-the-clock support offered by SaaS Labs.

Improved customer base

The acquisitions of Insites and Blue-Infinite by SaaS Labs is set to give the company access to a greater customer base in Europe than ever before. With over 3 million combined users from both companies, SaaS Labs can now target a much wider range of businesses. These businesses may then benefit from the services and products offered by SaaS Labs, such as analytics, security and storage solutions. This new customer base could also prove invaluable in marketing the software development platform that is the foundation of SaaS Labs.

The improved access to potential customers could also open up new business opportunities due to increased product exposure amongst small-to-medium sized businesses in Europe. For example, extended collaboration with third-party partners or specialized industry collaborations that leverage technology should become more likely with this expanded customer base and penetration into further growth markets throughout continental Europe. Furthermore, the additional capital obtained through the acquisition should pave the way for even more acquisitions or strategic partnerships which could further increase exposure and foster growth in Europe’s ever evolving technological landscape while providing direct access to resources previously out of reach at this stage in their development.

Benefits of the acquisitions

The recent acquisitions by SaaS Labs of two Europe-based companies, Combined Will and Marketer Analytics, will help the company to expand into the European market. These acquisitions, funded by $42 million in investments led by Sequoia, are expected to bring major benefits to SaaS Labs, such as increased market penetration, additional customer base, and access to new technologies.

Let’s look at some more specific benefits that SaaS Labs will gain from these acquisitions.

Increased market share

SaaS Labs’ two European acquisitions show that the company is serious about reaching a larger global market and increasing its industry share. The acquisition of German startup Profitas GmbH and Spanish organization InSkill Group SL will help the company to expand its geographical reach, allowing SaaS Labs to bring its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to European countries.

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This increased European presence will benefit SaaS Labs, including increased market share and access to new markets. With more customers across more countries, SaaS Labs can now provide its services at a higher scale while offering tailored, localized products. In addition, by engaging with partners from Germany and Spain, the firm can build relationships with government officials, industry experts, and potential customers to help ensure successful deployments across international markets.

In addition to gaining access to additional markets and customers, SaaS Labs will also benefit from the financial boost provided by Sequoia Capital’s investment. With $42 million in funding lead by one of Silicon Valley’s premier venture capital firms, SaaS Labs will be able to utilize all of the available resources, ensuring that their technology can reach even further parts of Europe and beyond. Overall, Saa’s Lab’s acquisitions will prove beneficial over time as they expand their market share into new European countries.

Enhanced competitive edge

The acquisition of two leading European SaaS companies will help SaaS Labs leverage a competitive edge in the fast-growing European IT market. With these acquisitions, SaaS Labs enters the European market with a capacity to serve business and consumer customers across the continent. Furthermore, these acquisitions provide SaaS Labs access to the latest technologies and cutting-edge solutions for existing and emerging markets. This will give them a stronger foothold in the high growth sectors of Europe such as ecommerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, analytics and more.

The technology from these acquired firms will enable faster go-to-market strategies that enhance overall capabilities for customers across Europe and beyond. This expands SaaS Lab’s reach far wider than before, into new markets that offer dynamic features like mobile applications, embedded systems and machine learning. They can also capitalize on their ability to offer localized services such as customer support and product development in multiple languages to better serve end users in different countries. A powerful combination of stability, scalability, reliability and efficiency with excellent customer service gives them an edge as they expand into Europe’s competition-filled marketplace.

Improved customer experience

The primary benefit of SaaS Labs’ two European acquisitions is improved customer experience. In its expansion plans, SaaS Labs will use the acquired companies’ expertise and technology to provide its customers a full suite of cloud-based services, including cloud storage, collaboration tools, online document management tools, and more. Additionally, the acquisition will enable SaaS Labs to offer tailored services for businesses in Europe — simplifying the process for businesses that may need different services than their North American counterparts. This will enable European companies to take advantage of the same level of service as US companies with a more tailored approach that meets their specific needs.

The acquisition also provides SaaS Labs instant access to a large European customer base for its new cloud-based solutions. This customer base will give SaaS Labs a foothold in the region and allow it to expand further through organic growth opportunities. This expansion in Europe is expected to open up substantial opportunities for both old and new customers — providing an enhanced product offering while increasing revenues and reducing costs associated with developing products from scratch or maintaining outdated systems.

Finally, with an increased focus on localized resources, SaaS Labs should be able to improve the overall customer experience by providing better customer support options through employee acquisition and hiring qualified local management personnel who are familiar with cultural nuances and local language expertise. This should broaden its reach into customers who do not speak English natively — creating a presence beyond just English-speaking countries — ensuring clients have solutions available whenever they need them regardless of time zone or language barrier.


The acquisition of two European SaaS companies by SaaS Labs marks an exciting new chapter in the company’s international expansion. The additional $42 million in funding secured by SaaS Labs from Sequoia will likely fuel further growth.

In this article, we looked at how this strategic move will likely benefit SaaS Labs in Europe, as well as the potential challenges that may arise.

Summary of the acquisitions

In its latest move to expand its presence in the European markets, SaaS Labs announced it has secured a $42 million investment round led by renowned venture capital firm Sequoia Capital. This funding will be used for two acquisitions – Golden-i (Germany) and Flextrace (UK). These two companies specialize in software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions targeting their respective European markets.

Golden-i provides a suite of cloud-based HR solutions, including payroll and leave management applications, to help increase the efficiency of HR operations. This acquisition will strengthen SaaS Labs’ position in Germany’s growing SaaS market. Meanwhile, Flextrace is known for offering app development solutions that enable companies to quickly build and launch web and mobile applications within custom UX approaches. SaaS Labs will gain immediate access to the UK’s $3.2 billion enterprise software market and Flextrace’s proprietary technology platform through this acquisition.

These strategic acquisitions are expected to significantly bolster SaaS Labs’ global presence with increased access to advanced cloud technologies and a larger European customer base. The company also plans to utilize this additional funding to further expand its service offerings across domestic and international markets.

Potential impact of the acquisitions

The acquisitions of Bikal and Zimomer represent a major move forward for SaaS Labs as they enter the European market. The two companies bring extensive experience in the consumer loyalty and retail analytics space, respectively. These new capabilities are expected to benefit current customers with expanded product offerings, improved infrastructure and greater customizability.

Moreover, the acquisition will leverage SaaS Labs’ existing machine learning and data analytics investments to create deeper insights for decision makers across different industries. It will offer customers deeper segmentation into consumer behavior based on structured & unstructured data sources; more informed product recommendations; advanced pricing optimization & real-time inventory management solutions.

In addition, using advanced analytics techniques like natural language processing (NLP), predictive modeling and cognitive automation can help improve customer life cycle management from capturing sales leads to post-sale service & support programs. In sum, these acquisitions have the potential suitably strengthen SaaS Labs’ position in Europe while delivering powerful tools to aid decision making across different businesses sectors.

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