How Smartphone Apps Can Improve Sports in 2023


Everyone who is anyone has a smartphone today. There’s no getting away from it, and if you don’t already own a mobile device, you’re missing out on many exciting and useful features, from tracking your heart rate and steps to checking the weather and even translating foreign languages. It’s all done at the click of a button anywhere on the planet. The handheld devices can even stop you from getting lost when hiking.

Smartphone apps are improving how we watch, interact, and consume professional sports. From the Twitter pages of our favorite NFL team to the latest training times in thoroughbred horse racing, mobiles can level up our enjoyment of sports. Watch tonight’s big game from anywhere on the planet using a live stream at major betting apps. Get the pre-game odds, predictions of pundits, stats, and more. Everything you need to enjoy the show.

There are more options and possibilities to enjoy sport than you might think. This article aims to steer you onto the right path. We want to ensure our readers get the most enjoyment possible when following sports, from the NBA to the English Premier League.

By the end of the page, you’ll know what features are available and how to access them on Android or iOS.

Changing the Rules

Technology is changing sports, not just in-game features like VAR in soccer or Hawkeye technology in tennis. Tech is altering how close we get to the action. A generation ago, when school kids were still asking players for autographs, messaging and interacting with their idols on social media would’ve been unthinkable. The stuff of witchcraft or an invasion of privacy. But in 2023, it has become the norm.


Like it or not, there’s no escaping the fact that tech plays a huge part in professional sports and is beginning to filter down into college and youth-level events. As technology and equipment get more affordable, it’s used more widely. Every soccer team in the UK now has a dedicated live stream channel, regardless of their size and stature in the game. That wasn’t true pre-covid, but it won’t move on soon.

There are several ways to interact with sports using your smartphone, and in this article, we highlight our favorites. These features are ready today; install the necessary apps before the next live match. You don’t need the latest iPhone to enjoy them, either. Any modern device will do the job, although the more up-to-date, the better.

Keep reading as we explain how to watch the next big game live on your handset, make predictions on the result, buy tickets, read official news stories, and gather training stats.

Watch Live Sports

One of the best ways smartphone apps can help improve your enjoyment of professional sports is through the live-streaming feature. Download a sportsbook app or similar to your device and create an account to access live coverage of upcoming games, races, and fights. You now have access to thousands of live sports fixtures each month.

Live streaming has improved in the last few years, and if you last watched a live stream in 2020, you’ll be impressed by how things have changed. Live streams are now HD-quality with expert commentary, updated stats, scores, and more. Instead of having multiple apps open to follow the match, you have everything in one place.


Turn everyday scenarios, like the journey home from work or a lunch break, into an opportunity to cheer on your favorite teams and athletes. Access your app and click the live stream tab before selecting the fixture that interests you the most. The coverage begins at the advertised off-time, and if you have an account, you can follow free of charge.

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Make Your Predictions

Android and iOS devices are great for predicting the outcome of sporting events. Whether it’s soccer, basketball, football, or boxing, a major fixture shown on TV and live streaming apps is more exciting when you call the winner. Impress your friends and fellow fans by telling them who will win the game before kick-off.

The leading online gambling apps offer customers access to pre-game and in-play betting, stats, trends, and forms. Use your handset to research a game as much as possible before predicting the winner and wagering. It’s fast, simple, and secure, with apps offering the latest privacy and security measures.

Is gambling legal in your state? Betting is spreading across the US, gathering pace with every state added to the list. If betting is legal and licensed in your region, and you fancy making your sporting knowledge pay, download a gambling app, deposit, and wager. The best firms offer all new players a welcome bonus free bet.

Purchase Matchday Tickets

Watching the game on TV or the live-streaming tab won’t cut it today. You may want to get up close and personal to the action, seeing the top players drive for glory. Watching the big game live on TV is excellent, but it can’t compare to being at the stadium.

Purchase an official matchday ticket using your smartphone by visiting the club website or app and using a card to cover the costs. The tickets will either be sent to your address or an agreed place if they are paper tickets or, in most cases today, a QR code will be emailed to your smartphone. That’s the modern, paperless solution to sports tickets.

When you arrive at the stadium and approach the turnstile displayed on your ticket, you must use the QR code sent to your smartphone to gain entry and then find your seat. You can delete the QR code if you wish, as it’s no longer needed. Rub shoulders with fellow fans, encourage your team, and cheer them to victory.

Official News and Interviews

Do you want to get your team’s latest news and views but don’t trust mainstream media? The official club app has you covered.

Get the latest stories from your club sent directly to your smartphone, keeping you in the loop and ensuring you’re up-to-date with the info.

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