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Hades Review – I’m a big fan of action and role-playing games, but I’m much less excited when there’s something in them. If you are unfamiliar with the term, a criminal usually means that after death you have to start the game again with little or no progress. Usually you only have one chance to win the game or it goes back to the beginning. In recent years, some developers have skillfully created this kind of game in order not to completely ignore their progress, so I began to take an interest in them – and offered them fascinating gameplay and a compelling reason to keep playing right from the start. The last game that put it out of sight for me was Dead Cells, and after hearing good things about Hades , I thought I’d give it a try (well, try a lot if you’re very accurate). Despite my admiration for the genre, Hades has exceeded my expectations in almost every respect!

Hades Review –

You play the role of Zagrea, prince of the underworld and son of Hades. Your father is more than a little irritated by your antics and especially by your constant desire to escape into the labyrinth and reach the surface, where the mortals and the other gods of Olympus live. Of course you’ll never succeed, but that doesn’t mean he won’t humiliate you at every opportunity. At first glance you will be forgiven for thinking that the Hades is a kind of clone of the Diablo , because the graphics and the camera image are similar. There are other similarities, such as hordes of enemies spawning in the rooms and following you. However, this game runs faster, if your character has a pinch of skill at his fingertips. The spaces created by the procedures offer variation and uncertainty for the inevitable repetitions you will do.

Every time you start jogging, you come out of the blood pool and have the ability to communicate with different characters from your home base. They always have something to say, so every time we die, the story goes on. The same goes for the different gods you will meet while exploring the dungeons. They are randomized and each of their encounters reveals new layers of history that are both entertaining and fascinating. The action of speech is well transmitted and allows you to soften the blow and start again, as you will in any case experience a new dialogue to move history forward. In fact, it is ingenious that the guys at Supergiant Games put so much effort into solving the story over time, keeping each character fresh and exciting. In most games you usually make a hook when you get a game, and make no mistake, you’ll be there, but the good thing is that you see what happens next, and hopefully the next move, if you walk away, is the one that hangs.

Hades Review –

The gameplay is fast, fluid and fun. You open a new weapon by collecting keys scattered in a maze of different rooms. In many places there will be two doors to choose from to move forward, and although you don’t know what kind of room is waiting for you on the other side, you will be shown what kind of item will be rewarded for defeating all the monsters there. It gives you the choice of what you try and what you want to do. Some objects, like purple dark balls, will stay with you even after death. You use it to unlock constant property updates in the magic mirror in your room. Other things like the gold you collect when defeating enemies in the labyrinth are only good for as long as you live, so spend it while you still have temporary bonuses that are only good for the race you’re in. The same goes for the benefits you get by talking to the different gods you will meet. The conversations you have with them are often hilarious, and they give you great strength. Some of them will be better than others, and you will want to experiment with all of them to find out what works best for you. Items such as the attack area when you storm or the increase in damage when you launch your special attacks will all help you somehow.

The rooms themselves are always different and are not only full of enemies to attack, but many of them are also equipped with all kinds of traps. You will want to prevent certain tiles from activating those peaks or projectiles that can injure you. Sometimes you can use them to your advantage to hurt your enemies. Besides, you’ll have several attacks at your disposal. This is a normal attack, that’s a line attack, a special attack and a plaster attack, depending on the weapon you’re waving with. Finally, you can also summon one of the gods to help you, which will take some time and can be very useful to save your buttocks. In the first few hours of the game I spent most of my time trying out different bonuses and weapons and seeing what worked best for me. It’s like the first boss killed me and everything seemed hopeless. That was until I unlocked the shield weapon that allowed me to defend myself against the boss, and I could finally get rid of it, only to die a few screens later! The good thing about talking to him is that conversations always evolve and change with the distance travelled.

Hades Review –

You can also collect these treasures, which look like jewels that can be donated to the restoration centre, and they will build or refurbish certain parts of the maze to help you escape. In one of these rooms there is a healing well that can distinguish life and death. These constant updates make later attempts a little easier. Combine this with experience and practice, and you’ll soon be able to mop up small problems and hopefully get a little closer to the end every time.

The presentation in Hades is fantastic. The graphics are stylistic and I like the design of the characters. Despite the fact that many rooms in this area look a bit like the others (each area will have its own artistic style), I never got tired of walking around in the rooms. The enemies are very animated, and the game offers a decent variation for those you will meet in the course of the game. The character portraits of all NPCs are detailed and make them look good. The dubbing artist signs the contract with them, and the production costs are very high for a small title like this. The music is fantastic everywhere and has a kind of rock’n’roll when it catches on and is scarier when it doesn’t catch on. The game usually goes well, but if a lot of things happen at once, the image may freeze here and there. This happens more often in later parts of the game, but it hasn’t immunized the game in any way, but if the frame rate gets stuck you might want to play on the computer. I liked playing both on TV and in manual mode.

Hades Review –

With memorable characters, a compelling story and excellent controls, Hades is a game you should definitely check out. Even if you’re not as big a bagel fan as me, you’ll like it here. It can take dozens of hours to escape from the underworld, but you’ll always be in shock.

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  • Graphs – 9/10
  • The tone is 9/10.
  • Course of the game – 9/10
  • The last call is 9/10.


Final remarks : EXPLANATION

Hades revolutionizes storytelling by revealing new dialogues and new performances every time one dies, making every attempt to escape the underworld a new and exciting experience. Reproducibility here is extremely high, with randomly generated rooms and bonuses and a game cycle that makes you say what you want to say: One more time! It’s time to go to bed. Don’t be discouraged by a sneaky description so you don’t try.

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