Genshin Impact’s Version 1.2 Update Unveils New Area on December 23

miHoYo, developer and publisher of interactive entertainment worldwide, today confirmed that the update to version 1.2 of Genshin Impact, Prince of Chalk and Dragon, will be released on May 23. December, and has announced the details of the first new card expansion Dragonspine. Players can embark on an exciting journey full of new creatures, secrets, treasures and dangers in the frozen realm of Dragonspine on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation®4 and backwards compatible with PlayStation®5.

Check out the trailer for version 1.2 of Prince Chalk and the Dragon:

Genshin Impact is a free action RPG that takes players into the fantastic world of Teyvat. The player takes on the role of a mysterious traveller who travels to learn the fate of a lost brother and sister and to unravel the mysterious secrets of Teywat along the way. Players can now explore both Lunar City and Liya Harbor, two of Teywat’s seven largest cities. Each of these cities offers a unique culture, history and vast environment, as well as many creatures, monsters, secrets and hidden treasures for players to discover. Other cities, stories, characters and seasonal events will be released as the game evolves.

The chalk prince and the dragon.

The update of version 1.2 brings the first new extension of the map -Dragonspine. This frozen mountain range south of Mondstadt is home to many unique creatures, an ancient lost civilization, rich ingredients, rare artifacts and recipes for many 4-star weapons. The extreme weather conditions of Dragonspin, which is covered with snow all year round, also challenge any traveller to survive the biting cold. With the introduction of a new cold wave, keeping warm becomes the most important thing for players to think about, whether it’s a fight or a reconnaissance trip.

The event of the new Prince Chalk and Dragon season will also take place in Dragonback. Travelers will join Albedo, the brilliant chief chemist and captain of the research team of the Knights of the City of the Moon Favonius, to explore the sword with mysterious powers known as the Festering Desire. By participating in seasonal games, players can not only receive scalloped greetings and erase them completely, but also buy rich rewards at the events store, including the Entente Crown.

Two new five-star characters, Albedo and Ganiu, have also been added as playable characters. Albedo is a young but legendary alchemical genius from Montstadt who possesses the sword and the power of gesture and will take part in the upcoming Chalk and Dragon Lord quests. Ganyu is half man, half disciple of Cyro the Sagittarius, who acts as emissary and secretary of Liyue Qixing. In version 1.2, players can also learn more about Ganyu’s history through personal side quests.

Genshin Impact is only available as a free download for PS4 and PS5 via PlayStation™Store, Android via Google Play, iOS via App Store, and PC from the official Genshin Impact website ( The game was rated by the ESRB on PS4 and PC as T for Teen, on iOS as 9+ and on Google Play as 12+. For more information and updates you can visit the official Genshin Impact website ( or follow @GenshinImpact on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

This is MihoYo:
Technical Otakus saves the world! miHoYo was founded in Shanghai in 2012 and aims to be a leader in the interactive entertainment industry with creative content in games, manga, novels and more, striving for excellence in everything it offers. miHoYo is committed to communicating its vision to stakeholders around the world and building a community of long-term support.

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