Furniture, Flowers & More –

Furniture, Flowers & More –

The Minecraft franchise has been around for years, and it’s still incredibly popular. The game is a wildly popular, massively multiplayer sandbox game that allows players to build and explore their own custom worlds. It’s an idea that appeals to both hardcore gamers and casual players alike.

This is a blog about things that go on under your floorboards, in your closet, out in the garden, inside your car. It’s a blog about the small stuff that we take for granted. This is a blog about life.

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Weddings are goaled events in The Sims 4.

That is to say, these are celebrations that your Sims may host and get prizes for if they do a good job (i.e., meet certain criteria).

This is all well and good, but it has taken away from the ceremony’s emotional component.

Weddings were a huge thing when The Sims 3: Generations EP was launched.

They certainly sweetened the deal for Simmers who liked to play with their families. Given that there isn’t even a formal wedding stuff pack or item catalog in TS4, this level of excitement is difficult to duplicate.

However, the TS4 CC community is always willing to assist.

I came up some really amazing custom arches, furniture, and ornamental wedding detritus that should help make your Sim’s Special Day a little more interesting.

Furniture, Flowers & More –

The Plumbob Tea Society’s Rustic Romance Stuff Pack

Take a Look At This CC

I already evaluated the Rustic Romance Pack and suggested rustic furnishings.

The finely detailed textures and ingeniously upcycled/reused décor pieces left me speechless (like using a ladder as wall decor or turning a steel bucket into a rustic flower pit).

Now that I’ve returned to it as a Sims 4 CC Wedding Pack, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,

I’m not sure I can say enough good things about it.

This is a never-ending supply of goodies.

There are a total of 43 items in this pack to adorn your Sims’ wedding, in addition to the 29 new CAS pieces (which are already ridiculously abundant). Bring the Build/Buy count up to 44 if you wish to add the Weathered Barn Siding wallpaper.

Over 70 years old.

They’re also really stunning pieces.

No, the creators don’t do things half-heartedly. There are many tastes and three phases to the ornamental wedding cake: whole cake, sliced cake, and single cake slice.

Tea candles are available in five distinct sizes.

Lanterns, candles, wreaths, and fairy lights serve as both decorations and light sources.

I believe their pictures and item index do a better job of describing the pack than I could ever do, so go check out the download page. Right now, for example.



Take a Look At This CC

RAVASHEEN’s Push Comes to Love Wedding Set not only has one of the most creative pack titles on our list, but it also has a unique custom item that none of the other packs have:

This is a genuine picture background. With everything, including a stand.

What respectable wedding these days doesn’t include a photobooth or a photo op section dedicated to those delicious social-media worthy snapshots?

Although there are just four design choices for the background, it does provide spaces for wall décor and drapes, allowing for plenty of personalization.

There are also animated fairy wall lights, a large flower petal floor rug, and some lovely bridal tablecloths included in the package.

It may not be as comprehensive as the Rustic Romance collection. It does, however, have a few unmistakably distinctive features that contribute to its overall appeal.


syboulette’s Pour Toujours Romantic Wedding CC Set

Take a Look At This CC

This Pour Toujours Romantic Wedding Set is jam-packed, much like The Plumbob Tea Society’s Rustic Romance item pack.

It includes 27 custom-designed Build/Buy things for a very romantic outdoor wedding, and believe me when I say that the quality of each piece is outstanding.

Every item has depth, texture, and detail, from the Tree of Love (a massive spreading oak-ish tree that would make Grandmother Willow proud) to the (animated!) string lights and tiny tea candles.

So much so that the author warns against counting the polygons.

With Laptop Mode switched on, there was no apparent latency, so give it a go if your CPU is having trouble.

What are some of the pack’s highlights and noteworthy favorites?

The draped cloth (that acts as a functional wedding arch), the swing sofa (because oh god, just think of the photo ops), the multiple cake topper options (because love is love), and the wedding chairs (classically beautiful).

I agree with the author that the items may be utilized as independent, non-wedding-related clutter.

The majority of the things on this list are very flexible and tastefully simple. As a result, combining them with other packs or ideas should be simple!


Around the Sims 4’s Romantic Table Setting

Take a Look At This CC

This pack includes everything your Sim will need to design the reception room, including:

Tables (two sizes), chairs (four lovely design choices), dinnerware (including a salad fork), a vase of roses (or carnations, depending on the swatches), and a small light pink tea candle Just a few examples.

The name alone suggests that the pack is intended for a dining/reception environment, however there are a few items in there that may be utilized in a wedding ceremony, especially the chairs and petal mat.

There aren’t many color options for each component, but the quantity and quality of the products more than make up for it.


Furniture, Flowers & More –

Arches for Weddings


Take a Look At This CC

Our set has five “obvious” wedding arches and two “hidden” ones, and I believe the uniqueness (along with the modification possibilities) is enough to earn it a place on this list.

The “obvious” practical wedding arches are basic, elegant, and well-designed, with clean lines and clear forms.

They’re perfect for Sims (and Simmers) that believe in simplicity.

Besides, adjectives like “gaudy” and “eye-catching” aren’t often used in weddings.

What piqued my interest were the “hidden” arches. Because they’re really brilliant.

RAVASHEEN has created clickable tiny candles and ground flowers that serve as practical wedding arches instead of a real arch that your Sim couple sits beneath.

Simply interact with the candles or ground flowers as if they were a wedding arch, and you’re done. Married.

This expands the range of options for bespoke arches and wedding decor.


g1g2’s Wedding Arches for The Sims 3

Take a Look At This CC

I’ve got you covered, hopeless romantics and nostalgics.

At the very least, g1g2 has you covered.

With four classic Sims 3 wedding arches converted to Sims 4!

The New Beginnings Wedding Arch, the Perfect Couple Wedding Arch, the Traditional Wedding Arch (still my favorite after all these years; something about the growing ivy makes me misty-eyed), and the Island Wedding Arch are among the many wedding arches available.

All of them are lovely, practical, and look fantastic in Sims 4 texturing.


Laticis and BigUglyHag’s Fractured Wall (as a wedding arch)

Take a Look At This CC

I honestly can’t think of a more suitable wedding arch than this one by Laticis to marry two outdoors-loving, jungle-exploring, adventurous explorer Sims (reskinned and revamped by BigUglyHag).

This Fractured Wall Wedding Arch seems to have been plucked from one of Selvadorada’s many temple ruins.

The texture is amazing, the cracks and ridges are genuine, and the idea is brilliant. Definitely out of the ordinary.

And BigUglyHag’s modified mesh adds a nice flower bush accessory that fits perfectly on top of the arch.

Sure, it makes it seem more jungle-y, but it also provides a wonderful splash of color.

I wouldn’t suggest this for an interior wedding (unless your Sims are being married amid the ruins of a temple), but for an outdoor event, it’s perfect. 10/10.


BigUglyHag’s Old Mill Wedding Arch (TS3 Store)

Take a Look At This CC

This gorgeous TS3 conversion by (still by BigUglyHag) seems like the ideal centerpiece of a medieval-fantasy-themed party, continuing the tradition of unique Sims 4 wedding arches.

I’m reminded of The Lord of the Rings and Narnia by the polished white stone and near-perfect-circle, gateway-type center.

But if that’s not what your Sim wants, no worries.

For the pair that loves history and/or architecture, this can absolutely pass as a modern-day stone arch with the appropriate shrubs and greenery surrounding it.

I don’t believe this would work inside, like the Fractured Wall wedding arch.

However, on an open field, it’s a clear winner.

Furniture, Flowers & More –

freeasabird’s The Folly

Take a Look At This CC

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact that the designer went above and beyond the standard recoloring procedure (which I’m sure is already very time-consuming) to add slots to this wedding arch?

Hug your bespoke content producers, please.

They go to great lengths simply to provide us with fantastic things for free.

The Folly Wedding Arch is a fully-functional wedding arch based on The Folly of Lady Chloris from the Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff collection.

I have to confess, EA squandered this chance.

Because it seems to be a very romantic centerpiece.

Consider it for a Spring garden wedding. Absolutely stunning.

This Sims 4 CC maker, thankfully, delivered.

The Folly wedding arch is available in six colors and has twelve item spaces for tiny, ornamental clutter (think tea candles, lantern lights, and little flower arrangements).


Decorative Clutter/Loose Wedding Clutter


AgressiveKitty’s Wedding Signs

Take a Look At This CC

Wedding signs are attractive, functional, and (if properly-designed) photograph well in real life.

AggressiveKitty’s bespoke décor items are no exception; strong canvases with gorgeous typography and watercolor graphics.

A standing Guestbook in four distinct colors and styles was also added by the designer.

The signs themselves come in seven distinct versions, each with its own message.

Although the most seem to be for a “unplugged wedding” (which is great), there are still enough general “welcome to our wedding!” messages to fit into any idea.


Mom Gateau’s Caleche Mariage Decoration (Horse-Drawn Carriage)

Take a Look At This CC

Take a Look At This CC

Take a Look At This CC

Take a Look At This CC

Take a Look At This CC

Take a Look At This CC


Arsbotanica’s Peony Set

Take a Look At This CC

These flowers aren’t specifically for weddings, but their color palettes and patterns make them ideal for some last-minute wedding clutter.

Especially the Horizontal Peonies Bouquet CC, which is essentially a bouquet of flowers laid flat.

These would look great on pews, side tables, and additional seats, in my opinion.

The Chanel Peonies are a one-of-a-kind piece of décor for brides/wed couples with more opulent preferences.

The other patterns are basic enough to be utilized as space fillers or flower embellishments while yet being classy.

Cream, lavender, peach, light pink, and deep plum are among the five gentle hues available for these beautiful peonies.

Peach, cream, and light pink seem to me to be more conventional wedding colors, but whatever. If you can make the plum and lavender work for your Sim’s big day, kudos to you!


Severinka’s Petals on the Floor Angel

Take a Look At This CC

In the Sims 4 CC sites, there are quite a few flower petal carpets.

In fact, there are two versions of the Pour Toujours Romantic Wedding CC bundle.

Severinka’s unique Petals on Floor rugs, on the other hand, are freestanding wedding clutter that you can put anywhere you want to add extra “wedding enchantment” to your pictures.

And I don’t mean it in a figurative sense.

Most CC objects with the similar idea seem more dispersed and natural than Severinka’s rendition.

It’s a little less organized, and it seems like the designer (and/or flower girl) went a little too loose with their floral ammunition, but in a nice manner.

It can be placed and positioned in any direction without seeming uncannily repetitious.


Edible Wedding Cake by Around the Sims 4 & icemunmun

Take a Look At This CC

This one-of-a-kind bespoke wedding cake created by Around the Sims 4 and icemunmun is really unique (as far as my limited Google research skills can tell).

It’s both a decorative item and an edible item that may be interacted with.

As a result, your Sims can have their cake and eat it, too!

Sorry, but that was too good to pass up.

The wedding cake is a traditional three-tiered confection with cream frosting, delicate waves, and flower embellishments.

It’s under the Appliances category (I’m not sure why, but it’s there) and comes in two flavors.

The corresponding cake toppers are under Decoration > Clutter, and I have to give the creators extra props for diversity.

They provide four distinct skintones for each depiction in addition to same-sex representation.


Soloriya’s Engagement Ring

Take a Look At This CC

I know that engagement rings are typically given out months (or even years) before the wedding (if the bride and groom want to prepare ahead).

However, if your Sim is feeling especially romantic and exuberant, they may completely integrate their engagement rings into the wedding décor (see Pinterest for examples).

Enter soloriya’s unassuming ornamental clutter piece—just a tiny box with a nice golden ring.

It’s simple, beautiful, and says a lot.

Place them on the same table as the Guest Book (AggressiveKitty’s Wedding Signs collection offers four lovely choices), and fill the remaining area with peony bouquets and flower arrangements.

It’ll be a real show-stopper!


SIMcredible’s Valentine’s Day 2016 Tray!

Take a Look At This CC

SIMcredibleValentines !’s Day Tray includes two topped-up wine glasses and two bunches of adorable, luscious strawberries, making it the ideal accessory for pre-ceremony beverages or delicious reception nibbles.

The white wood swatch may be a bit too cutesy for some, but you’d be amazed how nicely it goes in with a traditional white wedding motif!

To create a delicate, beautiful dessert setting, place a white lace tablecloth on the table and combine with creamy and/or frosted baked goods.

The rich red of the drink (I’m guessing wine, but it could very well be something fruity for a non-alcoholic alternative) and the strawberries give a lovely burst of color that pictures very well against all the neutral whites, beiges, and creams.


Porphyria’s Sims Bakery Goodies

Take a Look At This CC

And now for the “creamy and/or frosted baked goodies” I mentioned in the preceding item.

Sims’ Bakery Goodies in Porphyria isn’t advertised as wedding CC at all.

They do, however, come in a variety of taste swatches.

And the dessert table at wedding receptions is something I (and my notorious sweet appetite) are all too acquainted with.

Believe me when I tell that finger snacks in white, cream, and beige make for surprisingly attractive decorations in real life.

Believe me when I tell that finger snacks in white, cream, and beige make for surprisingly attractive decorations in real life.

Believe me when I tell that finger snacks in white, cream, and beige make for surprisingly attractive decorations in real life.


Believe me when I tell that finger snacks in white, cream, and beige make for surprisingly attractive decorations in real life.

Believe me when I tell that finger snacks in white, cream, and beige make for surprisingly attractive decorations in real life.

Believe me when I tell that finger snacks in white, cream, and beige make for surprisingly attractive decorations in real life.

It’s heavy, with a gold rim, and it’s been handed down the matriarchal line for centuries.

For a sleek, contemporary wedding, it may seem a little too old and fluffy.

But what about a more family-oriented and/or conventional affair? Plates, mugs, and soup cups with floral prints fit right in, particularly in white, pink, and gold.

You won’t need to utilize every piece in this set (trust me, I didn’t), since there are nine in all, and they may be a little overwhelming.

The plate, sweetpot, butter dish, and napkin holder, on the other hand, are all delicate enough to create an exquisite place setting.


Severinka’s Angel Candles

Take a Look At This CC

I’m quite aware that the Rustic Romance, Romantic Table Setting, and Pour Toujours CC packs all include candles.

There are five different versions of the Rustic Romance bundle.

On this list, there are enough candles to light up many weddings and honeymoons. I understand.

But bear with me, since they are rose-scented candles.

To be more precise, thornless single-stem roses.

And if it doesn’t scream “classically romantic home design,” I’m not sure what would.

Right, because cutting is a lot simpler than putting on, it’s better to have more than less?

Here’s the same idea.

It’s preferable to have a variety of candle designs to choose from for your Sim’s wedding than to be stuck with only one or two that don’t work.


jomsims’ Presoto Baloon Deco

Take a Look At This CC

Balloons seem to be missing from the most (if not all) of the wedding CC packs I discovered.

In my whole life, I’ve only attended maybe six weddings. So far, I haven’t had much experience in this area.

However, I recall balloons being a component of the décor at each of the six parties.

To fill the void, I decided to locate some bespoke wedding-worthy balloons.

For an occasion as formal as a wedding, heart-shaped balloons seemed a bit too corny.

Champagne-colored foil balloons attached to heart-shaped counterweights, on the other hand? It’s not as cheesy as you would imagine!

Take a look at the sample image—quite it’s classy. It’s really 20th-anniversary-y.

And if it’s good enough for a wedding, it’s good enough for an anniversary (or at the very least, a wedding reception).

Furthermore, all three color choices (silver, light pink, and champagne) are subtle enough to complement any wedding theme.

The canary in the coal mine, the snowflake in the snow dune, the hot coffee in the cold cup, the comedy in the tragedy, the meaning of life, the past, present, and future, the meaning of love, the meaning of the word, the meaning of life – all of these are the same. The exact same. They all come from the same place. The exact same place.. Read more about how to paint flowers on wood furniture and let us know what you think.

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