Four Festive Games to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

In general, people fall into two categories: those who will never understand how to get advertisers to play carols for December, and those who can’t even wait until Halloween to hang a tree. If you belong to the second category, you probably won’t need our help, but if you belong to the first category, these games will help you get in the Christmas spirit.

Holy Series IV – How to save Christmas

Saints Row is one of those games you always think you’re going to play, but you always manage to keep them. The plots are infinitely complex, but always well thought out, the characters are closely interwoven and have a strange sense of self-worth. The Saints Row team has always strived to have fun without obstacles, and their Christmas offer is no different.

This edition is rightly described as a fairy tale for the night, reminiscent of the glowing open fire. The character you’re playing has lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas, but if you save the world from Santa’s evil claws, you can find him again. Wait until crazy Christmas weapons from the arsenal of gingerbread progressives and other holiday criminals are released. This game is a perfect combination of laughter per minute and really challenging game.

The house alone, SEGA Genesis

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Caption : Many games are based on this brilliant holiday movie, but this version is the best so far.

The holiday season just wouldn’t be the same without the house. This allowed him to play quite a bit of video games for years, but the best version so far is the 1991 version for SEGA Genesis. The principle of the game is very simple. You play for Kevin, spy on bad guys, set hilarious traps and keep your house – and your neighbors – safe.

In this Super Mario style game, your character collects various items along the way. Glue, balloons, BB pellets and coal – all this will help you defeat thieves. The graphics are pretty good for the time and today they are beautiful and retro. The countdown adds a little pressure in the most intense parts of the game, but most of the time you’re in a real nostalgic race in this game.

Santa Claus legs, online slot machine

If you want all the fun of playing casino games with the added thrill of winter, Vegas Slots Online offers you the opportunity to filter out free Christmas-themed slot machines. There are many games that make you feel festive, such as the ridiculous Santa versus Rudolph game or the quick shot of the Elves War, but the choice of package must be Santa Paws. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about spending all those Christmas bonuses because they’re free.

In this ridiculously fun slot machine game, there are many cartoon animals, each offering their own payout. It works just like any other slot game, with an unusual addition that makes it interesting. Wild Cards come in the form of arctic creatures and can yield large bonuses. So if polar bears, penguins with Christmas hats and cute smiling orcas are what you’re looking for in a holiday game, Santa’s paws are probably worth a few tricks.

Animal passage – toy label

Animal Crossing is always at the top of the list of the most useful games. This huge world seems to be the best of us all, and even though it’s not exactly a Christmas-themed game, it gets a place on the right list. Many game teams build worlds as the holiday season approaches, but the Animal Crossing team does everything they can to make it possible. All the pine trees are decorated with jewellery and a few small surprises guarantee a festive atmosphere.

Holiday recipes, but also clothing, furniture and winter clothes are a nice addition to New Horizons. From the age of 15. From December to December 6. In January you can get your hands on several new items to cook, carry or decorate your home. But don’t forget to check the calendar, because the real fun starts on Christmas Eve. Wait at the wishing well and Tortimer appears with a Christmas present for you, or stumbles over a deer jingle on toy day. If you really want to go outside, put on a Santa suit and bring presents to all the villagers. Christmas is what we do at Animal Crossing, but with these cute little additions it can seem pretty special.

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