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Are you curious to discover how Faire is creating waves in the online wholesale marketplace?

Faire recently secured an impressive $416M extension from YC, Sequoia and other leading investors that will help it grow further. Read on to find out more about this promising venture.

Faire lands $416M extension from YC, Sequoia and others for online wholesale marketplace

Faire, the online marketplace for small business owners and independent makers, has announced an extension of its Series D funding round of $416 million, led by investors including Y Combinator Continued, Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners. Faire’s initial Series D round raised $150 million and this additional capital will help the platform continue growing to meet the needs of independent sellers.

Founded in 2018 by Max Rhodes, Daniele Perito, Marcelo Cortes, and Spencer Lowell and based in San Francisco, Faire enables makers to showcase their products directly to retailers conveniently online and allows merchants to order directly with no risk or commitment. The platform also offers tangible benefits such as free returns on unsold items and extended payment terms through Faire loans.

Throughout its history, the business has helped bring on over 12K shops from across America. With this new funding extension from investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Bessemer Venture Partners Initialized Capital among others, -Faire will be looking towards strengthening its network within existing markets for further expansion.

The new funding growth marks an exciting moment for Faire as it looks towards solidifying their mission of empowering small businesses while helping them access profitable markets. And with a surge in demand for their services due to Covid-19 related shuttering of physical stores,the startup appears well poised to capitalize on opportunities ahead while continuing to improve its offerings.

Overview of Faire

Faire is an online wholesale marketplace for independent businesses and makers. Founded in 2017, the San Francisco-based startup has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years, having secured $416M of funding from Y Combinator’s Continuity Fund and major venture capital firms such as Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Rather than waiting weeks or months for sales to arrive, retailers can easily order directly from Faire’s vast selection of curated goods. In addition, the company provides attractive advantages to suppliers and buyers, offering flexible ordering (no minimum orders) and generous net-terms on sales that allow sellers to get paid faster.

At the same time, buyers benefit from Faire’s discovery engine which helps them find what they are looking for quickly and easily. In addition, its retailer network facilitates a smooth communication process, allowing buyers to easily update their orders with minimal effort. This has enabled entrepreneurs worldwide to connect with a global customer base while expanding their reach into new markets within an easier experience than ever before.

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Details of New Funding

Faire, the online wholesale marketplace connecting independent businesses with makers, recently announced that it has landed an extension of its existing capital round. The new funding is led by Y Combinator, Sequoia Capital, Founders Fund and the firework-Lightspeed Global Retail Fund. This injection brings Faire’s total funding to $780 million, reflecting an almost $4 billion valuation.

This new funding supports Faire’s ambitious expansion across North America and internationally. CEO Max Rhodes explained that there was concrete proof that independent retailers were looking for reliable ways to bring diverse products from independent makers into their stores: “We’re seeing huge demand for the products available on Faire from independent retailers and makers alike. This new round allows us to continue our mission to make commerce better for everyone by providing a truly modern platform and making our customers more successful in their business ventures.”

The funding also signals that after several years of rapid growth, Faire is well-positioned to capitalize on current market trends. Ruth Yomtobian, Partner at Firework considers Faire a leader in eCommerce: “We firmly believe in the power of technology — particularly in retail — when it comes to driving efficiencies both on the maker side and as within retail operations.” According to Yomtobian, “Faire is leading this shift and poised for even bigger success as more traditional brick-and-mortar retailers transition online.”

Benefits of New Funding

The additional capital from this $416M extension, raised from Y Combinator, Sequoia Capital and other investors, will help Faire accelerate its mission to serve small businesses by giving them unprecedented power and control. The funds will be used to expand beyond hardware stores and apparel shops, as well as into furniture makers, home décor specialists and florists.

In addition, the new funding rounds will provide additional resources for Faire’s existing customer base. This includes more product selections on the platform, design services for merchandise display choices and continued acquisitions of like-minded businesses that would benefit the wholesale marketplace.

The new resources allocated with this funding extension will also aid Faire’s strategic growth plan. The company plans on continuing its focus on helping small businesses build loyalty through personalized commerce solutions while managing costs to maintain healthy margins while they scale. Additionally, Faire plans to leverage machine learning to benefit its expansive list of merchants by utilizing data insights to better assist with marketing initiatives and personalized product recommendations tailored directly towards individual customers.

By taking advantage of these expanded resources available with the new funding round, Faire can continue expanding their commitment to helping small business owners grow their enterprises through access to industry leading technology solutions at an affordable cost.

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Impact of New Funding

The new $416 million funding will help Faire expand its platform and grow its operations. The extension of the series D funding round was announced on May 5th, 2020, bringing Faire’s total capitalization to over $775 million. This new investment comes from multi-stage venture capital firms Y Combinator (YC), Sequoia, Founders Fund, and other notable investors such as D1 Capital Partners and Harper Gray Strategies.

Faire was launched in 2017 with an online marketplace for retail buyers to discover unique wholesale products from independent makers worldwide. The company’s goal is to make it easier for small businesses to source merchandise without traveling or taking time away from their shops or locations. With the additional funding obtained from this investment round, Faire plans on utilizing these funds to expand its platform by rolling out various new initiatives such as a pilot program for dropshipping services as well as a subscription service for retailers that allows for weekly shipments of product selections curated by the Faire team.

The surge of financial backing will also contribute to developing Faire’s artificial intelligence capabilities that offer more personalized experiences tailored around each retailer and maker’s individual needs thereby allowing them to focus more on stocking their shelves with items they know their customers will love. Additionally, with this influx of capital into the company, Faire plans on expanding its current retail customer base by enabling retailers to tap into some of their largest customer growth opportunities through larger chains like Target and Walmart.

With this current funding extension announced in May 2020 and future successes, we may soon see Faire become one of the world’s largest ecommerce platforms dedicated solely towards an independent retail market – revolutionizing how it is shoppers discover products worldwide and giving independent merchants yet another avenue in bolstering their customer base even further than before while trusting they are getting quality products they can rely upon in each transaction made through the platform.

Future Plans for Faire

Faire, an online wholesale marketplace, recently secured a massive $416 million extension from Y Combinator, Sequoia Capital, Western Technology Investment and others. This new funding enables the company to grow by investing in new technologies and expanding its business model in the wholesale industry.

According to reports, Faire plans to use this new money to develop better communication methods for merchants and buyers. They also plan on using it to create more ways for customers to find products they are interested in and add new services such as access to shipping companies and banks that can help them process orders. Lastly, they will invest the funds into teams dedicated to increasing their reach among small and medium vendors.

The additional capital also allows Faire to invest in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to improve product discovery on its platform. This would enable personalized product recommendations for buyers which would help them navigate the often overwhelming selection of vendors more easily. Moreover, it could help improve user experiences throughout the buying process by automating low-value tasks such as invoicing and filing paperwork.

These investments would further differentiate Faire from other companies competing in this space by making their marketplace easier and more efficient for merchants and buyers.

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Faire’s latest funding extension of $416M marks a major milestone in its growth. This tremendous round of funding brings a much needed infusion of capital to help the online wholesale marketplace expand and reach new heights in the US and beyond.

This is an exciting time for Faire, and the company looks forward to putting this new investment in good use. With the combination of YC, Sequoia, and other top investors, Faire is well-positioned for continued success as it grows its marketplace offerings on a global scale.


Founded by eBay alumni Max Rhodes, Faire has set itself apart in the online wholesale marketplace by connecting independent brands and artisans to retailers. This $416M extension from Y Combinator, Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz and Lightspeed Venture Partners shows how investors recognize the potential of modernizing the wholesale market.


  • Faire is an exciting example of a company that seeks to revolutionize and modernize the online wholesale marketplace.
  • The company’s recent funding round of $416M represents a substantial investment from Y Combinator, Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz and Lightspeed Venture Partners.
  • This funding indicates that investors are confident in the technology behind Faire’s platform and its growth potential.
  • The team seeks to connect small businesses with international customers by creating a platform for them to source quality items at reasonable prices with flexible payment terms.

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