Every Baldur’s Gate 3 Companion So Far –

Every Baldur’s Gate 3 Companion So Far –

Every Baldur’s Gate 3 Companion So Far –

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Baldur door 3 is not fully open yet. It is currently available as Early Access on Steam with a playing time of 30 hours, more or less. But even though the relatively short content of the game at the moment is compared to what it will eventually have when it is released in full, Larian Studios has done well to make this first step a fairly consistent experience. Now, pending full release, you should get the codes for the steam bag while you wait.

By the way, the gate on Baldur 3 already has a pretty interesting set of companions. The best? The old biovar relationship track is gone.

This time you really need to find out who your satellites are. They need to take the time to figure out what’s important to them. They even have to find out who loves who hates who.

TLDR; there is much to learn about every Baldur Gate 3 companion available so far.

Let us help you lighten your load by telling you which are already available and how to get them.

Shadow heart

Every Baldur’s Gate 3 Companion So Far –

Class: Clergymen. (cheaters)

Place: You’ll find them when you’re done with the manual and try to get through a door on the other side of a beach full of corpses.

Shadowheart is probably Baldur’s Gate 3’s most useful satellite yet. Maybe that’s why the developers decided to give you the chance to get to know them first. She is a wonderful healer who can endure as much punishment as she can help you recover. She’ll be different in battle, more than you’d like to admit.

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t want to admit how useful it is in battle, given that it’s cold outside.

The heart of the twilight can be a stump outside the fighting, and we wouldn’t mind. Not because it’s literally useless. More because of the cold she has. She is like a robot if there ever were robots in this world, not as a person who would be willing to serve you too.

Shadowheart may not offer many companions outside of the fight, but it will be the one you prefer to have at your side when things go wrong. For your information: Good luck making Twilight Heart.

That cold-blooded priest won’t like you taking the time to do your research.


Every Baldur’s Gate 3 Companion So Far –

Class: Wizard (challenge)

Place: Waiting for you at warp point after your first fight, after taking Shadow Heart as your first companion.

Gail’s your stereotypical asshole who’s with you because you don’t really know.

From the moment you meet him, you want to punch him in the face and leave him in the mud. No matter how much you want to hate this bastard, you’re gonna have to admit you need him. He has a great thirst for magic, and in his chest is a sphere of destruction that can destroy an entire city, which is risky. He’s a very strong wizard when it comes to fighting, so that’s a plus.

Gale may not be as versatile as Shadowheart, but if you need pure firepower, Gale is ready and more.


Every Baldur’s Gate 3 Companion So Far –

Class: Rogue

Place: Hide from the monster near your first encounter with the enemy after your first encounter with Shadowheart.

While Gail is the stereotype of your creep, Astarion is your standard playboy. Unless, of course, this womanizer is an arrogant crook who’s also a vampire.

You can’t help loving Astarion the way he loves himself. He is undoubtedly a gentleman, and perhaps someone who has led a safer life than most people. It’s also very handy if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.

Astarion’s ability to surprise her enemies, grab locks and bags, and charm in the most difficult situations – this is a divine find.

Try not to trust Astarion too much. Elsa, you could end up with a knife in your throat.


Every Baldur’s Gate 3 Companion So Far –

Class: fighter jet

Place: After you met Gail, hanging in a cage in the air.

Laezel is technically the first satellite you will encounter at Baldur Gate 3. It’ll even save you from a pretty serious situation. However, you won’t be able to bring them in much later in the game. Until then, you’ll save her when she’s in Taffling’s cage.

As for the companions, Laezel is the easiest thing they have. She’s a fighter. Literally.

Laesel is good for one thing, and only one thing is good for hitting the enemy’s head.

Of course, Lae’zel, like the rest of your group, will come at some point to learn new skills. But Lae’zel’s true joy lies above all in her ability to crush the heads of her enemies and end all life.

Be careful when you talk to her, because she’s a mess when it comes to making ground meat.

If you don’t always agree with her, she’ll probably be mad at you. On the other hand, if you choose your side more often, be prepared for the main burden of each of your companions to disturb you.


Every Baldur’s Gate 3 Companion So Far –

Class: Warlock

Place: Found in the camp that Tifling trains.

Sword-breaking wizard. It’s Will in a nutshell.

Like Blade of Frontiers, Will is a friendly and honorable gentleman you’ll find in the lowly boy’s camp. But Will’s not only good with the sword. Like I said, he’s a wizard. It means he’s good friends with bad people. Demons, to be exact.

Depending on how you use it, or if you ever use it, Will can be the most dangerous source of energy for your junk. He can strike hard and close with his sword, but also from afar with his spells.

If you’re the kind of person who falls back on unpleasant things at random, unfortunately, you’re more likely to meet Will.

Given his strength, I suggest you go straight ahead if you want Will to be on your side.


So far, that’s all we know about Baldur’s Gate 3 satellites. However, once the developers start adding one or two more, that would be Helia and Karl, you can expect us to add them to your list.

In that sense, there are some things we’d like to remind you of.

First of all, these companions aren’t gonna respond to you alone. You will also react to each other and to the way you react to other companions. Then they will also react to the kind of breed and class you have chosen, which can be good or bad. Thirdly, they will respond to the decisions you make in the game.

Keep that in mind if you want your happy group of losers to get along.


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