Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Review — A Particle-Filled Block Frag Fest

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Review

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers is not your run-of-the-mill defense game. In this shooter, you control two brothers, one on each side of the screen. As they take on hordes of enemy soldiers and other enemy forces, you are able to switch between the brothers to attack any enemies that get in your way. The switch mechanic is a very interesting one, and allows you to customize your gameplay and strategy in almost every situation.

Earth Defense Force is a series of #1 hits for Capcom and Gaijin Games, first released in 2013. The most recent release, Earth Defense Force: World Brothers, arrived in 2016 after a lengthy campaign to fund the game.

Heavy weapons, jump launchers, jet skates, and other unusual weapons are all the rage in the newly-released Earth Defense Force: World Brothers. If you are like me, you may have played a lot of games in the past few years. You may have even been disappointed when your favorite franchise was no longer being updated. You may have even asked yourself, “Why can’t they make my favorite series like they used to?” Well, I have a good answer to that: I’ve been a fan of the Earth Defense Force series since its inception, and I’m probably more qualified than most to tell you why it’s not made like it used to be.

EDF obviously looks different in World Brothers. Thanks to its voxel graphics, the legendary bug shooter looks more like Minecraft or Roblox than any other game in the series. Of course, the new look is an attempt to attract new, younger and more casual players, but die-hard fans of EDF and shooting games in general shouldn’t consider the game a gimmick. The radical change in graphic style does not affect the main gameplay of the game EDF. You still run from a third-person perspective, destroying all sorts of alien bugs and evil creatures with a potentially huge arsenal of characters and weapons. The levels are not huge, but they are still spacious. There are many urban, rural, desert and other places in the world.

Earth Defense Force: OverviewWorld Brothers – Particle Festival

. Plot has never been a requirement for a series, and it is again this time. The Dark Tyrant, an evil alien conqueror, has arrived and blown up a very square Earth. Instead of destroying all life, the earth falls apart. Each level is a different game, and if after a few levels you defeat the mother ships of Tyrant’s forces, you magically get more and more floating lands. Really, it’s the excuse you need to jump from mission to mission and jump from country to country and blow things up. There are many great enemies. Among them giant robots and spaceships, a giant Godzilla and giant beetles. Bitter ants and spiders spewing cobwebs are the order of the day, but the overall design of the enemies manages to put a lot of detail into their blocky creations. The visuals are especially fun because all structures in these levels are destructible. Powerful blue energy blasts, blinding ray guns and masses of explosions round out the action. The fun soundtrack and very powerful sound effects help too, although the sound bites for the various characters tend to be incredibly loud, to the point where you might want to turn them off. The game World Brothers has an excellent campaign mode with 60 missions to complete in three different difficulty levels. In each new level, there are usually several characters to find and save. Many of them are carried over from previous games, and a hundred others are new. The range consists of all sorts of archetypes, from ground troops to heavily armoured tanks, winged divers with jetpacks and a whole host of eccentric and stereotypical characters, such as the cowboy, the ninja, the mariachi and the Dutch florist who loves grenades. The variety of characters and weapons is very large, as you can customize characters with new weapons. Weapons and characters can also increase skill levels, so the more often you use a particular combination, the more useful it becomes.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Review

Teamwork is vital for World Brothers. After completing the initial missions, you lead a four-man team into battle, which you can customize between missions. During a mission, you can spontaneously switch from one team member to another. This is especially useful for cooldowns – cooldown periods vary from character to character. Reload times can range from a few seconds to over 10, forcing the player to change scenery or awkwardly wait to shoot again. The plot, while varied in its choice of characters, is not particularly deep or complex. Characters have a primary weapon, an ability, or a rechargeable secondary attack and, if they have dealt enough damage to the enemy, a powerful attack. For accurate shooting, you’re almost always at the mercy of the game’s automatic aiming system. Although grenades and rockets do splash damage, firearms of any kind are pretty much useless without a visor. If the screen is crawling with bugs (which it often is), it’s not a big deal, but auto-targeting doesn’t take obstacles into account. For example. B. on a bug running around the side of a building, but because you can’t get close or aim accurately, your shots will almost always miss. We can assume this is a feature and not a bug to make playing easier for less action-oriented players, but there were times when it was an annoying distraction. Still, the action is fast-paced and satisfying, especially since you can blow up almost anything in the world. Of course multiplayer is a big part of World Brothers. Four players can participate in online matches, each with their own team of four characters. The Switch supports a four-player LAN mode for local play, while the PS4 and PS5 add a two-player splitscreen mode. Unfortunately, there is no cross-play, so you can only play with other players on the same platform. The multiplayer mode is also limited to just the story missions. You can join games with missions you haven’t completed yet, but once you’ve been placed, you’ll only have access to missions you’ve completed. The lack of game modes and maps designed just for multiplayer is confusing. So no deathmatches, endurance rounds based on waves of enemies, or any of the other usual elements of online action games.

Earth Defense Force: World Brother Review – The quintessence of



  • The radically different graphic style is actually pretty cool.
  • Satisfying and explosive shooting
  • Lots of characters and weapons that you can mix and match.
  • An impressive number of levels for both single and multiplayer modes.
  • Team oriented actions


  • Especially for the more casual and younger player
  • Lack of refined purpose
  • Multiplayer is limited to the story missions
  • No cross play

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers manages to combine delightful blocky graphics with a surprisingly rigorous and intense shooting game. While the game is a little too bland in places, overall it’s a fun, fast-paced arcade shooter. The variety of characters, weapons, levels, enemies and team building options is impressive. This makes it a solid choice, especially as a shooter to play with kids. [Note: D3PUBLISHER delivered a copy of Earth Defense Force:. World Brothers was used for this research].Now that I’ve got the full story of Earth Defense Force: World of Warriors out of the way, I feel like the reviews can start to get a little more abstract. EDF:WOW was a great game, but it was hardly a perfect exercise in smart game design. It had its share of problems, including a few bugs, an under-developed multiplayer mode, and an annoying habit of forcing you to play through a tutorial before you could actually play the game. These issues didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the game, but they did make it feel like a low-budget title at times.. Read more about edf 5 and let us know what you think.

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