Did Riot Base Seraphine’s Character On Her?

A woman named Stephanie claims that in the League of Legends (also known as LOL), the character of Serafina was based on that of Serafina.

Stephanie, whose full name was censored by the riots and PCGamer at her request, says she had been in a relationship with an ex-employee of the riots for three months in 2019, so the studio took her picture. The rebellion denies the accusations: Serafin was founded independently by the Riot Games and does not rely on a single person. In addition, a former [Stephanie] spoke more than a year ago about leaving Riot to work in a department and position that has nothing to do with the creation process, according to a statement.

Stephanie published an article on clairvoyance in which she shared a screenshot with a former employee named John (still censored). They met him twice in person, but they also talked about the Legends League (and played together). John imagined hides based on his favorite character Ahri from the League of Legends. Then she went to the headquarters of the rebellion for a visit, where she received the works. When she visited him for a tour of Riot’s headquarters in Los Angeles, he gave her the work of Riot’s illustrators and represented her as Ari. She found this strange, because they hardly knew each other, and added that John had suggested that he could influence the KD/A project. After the meeting she recalled that John had moved too fast and that John had completely blocked him here.

In September she remembered that a K/DA surprise would be unveiled on her birthday. That day, an illustration of Serafina (Rellen tries to give each character one) appeared on her Twitter account, and Stephanie thought it was more of a coincidence because the pink-haired character resembles Stephanie posing with a cat in illustrations similar to those she sent to John. She also noted that the drawings of the figures were similar to her work, not to mention that the figure came from the Piltower and Fences areas of the League of Legends, and she wrote an essay on the subject, which was shared with John, who then printed it and framed it in the office.

I felt so bad that I couldn’t play one of my favorite video games anymore. Plus, it was a bit awful to have a League champion who looks like you, who has so many of your characteristics and who has a name almost identical to yours. People I’ve never met, send them to me on the internet and point out the resemblance, there’s already an enormous amount of porn, I see people arguing about it almost every day, she writes.

The 29th. But in October Riot’s chief designer, Jevun Sidhu, twittered that his partner (a Riot employee who runs the Riot Whiskies network) had inspired Serafin’s personality. His hair is pink, too, and at 28. In September she published the Seraphin Cosplay. Stephanie admitted this and stated that Serafin was not based on her alone, which contradicts Rio’s comments (Serafin was not based on anyone).

Brian Calt, a law professor at the University of Michigan, said the case is likely to involve a tortious act of publicity, also known as attribution of likeness, that protects your name or likeness from unjustified intrusion or exploitation. But I don’t know exactly what their losses are. She’s angry, but how angry? This doesn’t look like a million-dollar case of emotional distress, Calt says. Stephanie’s not a celebrity, but her private life could be the reason for a lawsuit. John had previously suggested that he could bring aspects of her into play as a romantic gesture (beyond the romantic gesture), and this could also be a coincidence.

The pictures speak for themselves.

The source: PCGamer

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