Dead by Daylight Update 2.10 – Patch Notes 4.4.1 on December 8

Dead by Daylight Update 2.10 – Patch Notes 4.4.1 on December 8

Today Behavior Interactive released a new patch update for Dead by Daylight. Today’s patch fixes some bugs that appeared in the last 4.4.0 update.

You can now download and install the 2.10 update of Dead by Daylight. We don’t know the exact size of the file yet.

Patch patch Death in daylight 4.4.1 / 2.10

4.4.0 Addendum to the reference guide:

  • Technical re-equipping and optimisation of flashlight operation
  • Flashlight and VFX animation update
  • Audio feedback added when using Flashlight against Killers



  • Increasing the standard accuracy of the torch The accuracy of the torch has returned to normal.
  • The assessment now allows survivors to dig in the same trunk only once.
  • Memento Maurice in ebony and ivory now requires the survivor to be captured twice.
  • Now Victor can search the lockers. If the Survivor is found inside, the player is returned to Charlotte’s control, while Victor locks the Survivor in the locker for up to 10 seconds.



  • Hoarders: Increase in the distance at which survival sites are identified from 24/36/48 metres to 32/48/64 metres.
  • Hoarders: The provision that it reduces the rarity of objects found in safes has been deleted.


Error correction

  • Solved a problem that allowed Victor to jump on survivors in lockers.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Unbreakable to overreach spam recovery performance.
  • The problem that the flashlight’s beam kept narrow after the killer’s successful blinding has been solved.
  • Solved a problem that prevented Scopydor from spawning extra crates.
  • Solved a problem that occurred when Victor was misaligned during the Twin Sea.
  • Fixed a bug in the terminology of Hoarder’s service description
  • Fixed an issue where cross-platform friends are no longer in the friends list after linking accounts.
  • Fixed a bug that caused text in the redemption code window to be deleted
  • Solved a problem that occurred when Victor was accidentally installed in the Gemini lobby.
  • The problem of the rain in the basement of the Temple of Pure Love has been solved.
  • The problem that Victor got stuck in the ground in some places when he was released has been solved.
  • The problem where Victor seemed to have gone underground has been solved from a survival perspective.
  • Solved a problem that could have prevented Victor’s release after he was knocked out during interaction with the release.
  • Fixed an issue where the screen could turn black after Victor changed to Charlotte manually.
  • The problem that moved the sparkle from Victor to Charlotte has been solved.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the animation to continue when Twins mori was cancelled.
  • Solved a problem that kept Victor alive after the crash of the game.
  • An error repaired that caused Victor to see the auras of the alternator blocked in red instead of white.
  • Resolved a problem that could cause the Gemini’s to stop working under poor network conditions.
  • Solved a problem that allowed survivors to crawl out the weekend door after being hit with Victor on his back.
  • Solved a problem where survivors shook hands when they held a flashlight.
  • Solved a problem that made the survivors bounce when Victor was killed while standing in obstacles.
  • Solved the issue of the Lightbourne bonus badge that didn’t appear when he tried to dazzle the killer with fireworks.
  • The problem, by which the killer, who had already been blinded by the other survivors, the bonus symbol that was born out of the light, did not appear among the survivors, was eliminated.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the Onion from absorbing bloodballs during a successful animation.
  • The problem of survivors who were forced to continue searching their crates after filling the progress bar with the assessment bonus has been solved.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an unlocked breast to be evaluated using the bonus points when searching for open breasts.
  • Solved a bug that prevented the FOV Legion from growing while the Feral Frenzy was running.

Just for the steps:

  • Fixed an issue blocking the extra option after selecting a friend’s offline profile from the Friends list.

The source: Death in broad daylight

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