Dashing Fire Achievement Guide

This guide describes the steps to follow to obtain all Dashing Fire performance. If you are one of those 100% successful hunters, you probably want to add Dashing Fire to your list.

Before you start, please note that this guide may contain spoilers for the game. In addition, we have divided this guide into several sections to make it easier for you to find a service you may have a problem with.

Fire syringes

Flying Fire 100% Performance Guide

Global performance

You get them as you go through the game worlds and reach their end.

Goldfields – Full Goldfields.

  • Reach the end of level 3 in Fields of Gold.

Lush Lands – Lush lands in their own right.

  • Reach the end of level 3 in the Lush Lands.

Crimson Hollow. – Fill the Crimson Hollow.

  • Reaching the end of Level 3 in Crimson Hollow.

Tenbras Sky – Complete sky of Tenbras.

  • Reaching the end of level 3 in the Tenebrae-heaven.

Performance related to line managers

For each of the worlds there are 3 possible bosses that may appear after level 3, with the exception of Tenebrae Sky, where only 2 bosses appear in a row.


Punch. Punch.

Marma. – Beat Marma.

Celeth – Celeth victory.

Lush landscapes

Hororo. – Beat Hororo.

Lush. – Beat Lush.

Globus – Beat Globus.

Crimson burrow

Crimson Sphix – Defeat the Crimson Sphix.

Hole. Hole.

Zuluth. – Victory over Zuluth.

Dark air

Gollop the Sun Eater – The defeat of Gollop the Sun Eater.

The sun – victory over the sun.

Powers of attorney

These achievements are general challenges for the player, especially with regard to how to win the game.

Pacifist – Pass the level without destroying an enemy.

  • Easier to reach on the first 2 levels of the goldfields, because they are the shortest and with the least enemies on each planet.

A to Z – Finish the game without taking a shortcut.

  • It’s obvious. Start with the Golden Fields and beat the sun.

Speed – Complete the game non-stop in less than 15 minutes.

  • Try it if you know all the worlds, enemies and best powers to use first. Try to find a safe strategy where you can upgrade your healing map so you can inflict additional damage on enemies and heal multiple hearts at once in the final stages.

Hearts – Complete the game without short-circuiting and healing hearts.

  • Careful, now. Be very careful, especially in the first levels, improving the star map 3 times on the gold fields to get more sun in the next levels, and with any luck, find either a sun shield or resilience bonuses in the first shop.

Energy – Complete the game without shortcuts or stars.

  • This is perhaps the most difficult challenge of all. I think that means you win the game without having to buy anything at the store or draw a star map after each level. It may have worked since I got it after my first victory, and I certainly did both of the above.

Pure Epic – Finish the game in hard mode.

  • Hit it hard. I think you should start with the gold fields, but maybe you can start with the dark fields and keep getting them.

Endless – Range 200 in Endless mode.

  • Explanation. Infinite mode can be activated via the 5. on the low selection screen. The infinity counter increases by 1 every 1.5 seconds, so you have to survive 5 minutes to achieve this. Personally, I would concentrate on the halfway point without hurting myself and then I would concentrate until the end.

Star performance

All these benefits are linked to stars.

There are two types of stars in the game:

  • Stars in a level obtained by killing enemies (10 stars per enemy), opening chests or collecting stars in dark levels (50 stars each), defeating bosses (300 stars per boss) or choosing a star map at the end of each level (the number starts at 200 and can be increased 1.5 times in each level).
  • Power Stars awarded after a death in any level or a defeat of the sun. The number of stars increases as the player progresses in the levels, and the player gets about 90 stars for beating the Sun. In infinity mode, no legendary stars are attributed to death.

Collector – Has 10,000 stars.

  • You must have 10,000 level stars at any time during the game. Easier to do during the Crimson Hollow or Tenebrae Sky with a high level star map.

Shortcuts – Unlock ALL Shortcuts.

  • Use your legendary state stars to unlock the 4 shortcuts on the level selection screen. The first is worth 20 old stars, the second is worth 30 and the last two are worth 50 stars each.

Traditions – Untie all traditions.

  • To get them, you must use your LORE stars to unlock each piece of LORE in the LORE zone. See below for a full list of the stars’ travel expenses:
    • The bosses: TBD
    • Shadow: TBD
    • Performance: 84 stars. Zones: TBD

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