Daloopa’s Series A round was led by Credit Suisse

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Daloopa, the leading digital banking platform, has announced that it has secured a $20 million Series A financing round led by Credit Suisse. This investment marks the company’s first major funding round and will be used to expand its offerings and accelerate growth.

Credit Suisse is one of the world’s leading banking institutions, and its investment in Daloopa cements its commitment to offering innovative financial solutions to its clients.

Overview of Daloopa

Daloopa is a technology company transforming how major corporations and SMEs purchase office supplies. Founded in 2019 by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, Daloopa was created to make workplace procurement more efficient, secure and cost-effective for businesses.

The company has developed a suite of solutions that enable buyers to take advantage of market-leading prices from global suppliers, access real-time data on current and past orders, secure payments and a variety of self-service options. In addition, by leveraging cutting edge web processing technologies, Daloopa’s solution provides businesses with a secure way to manage their procurement transactions.

In March 2021, Daloopa announced the close of its Series A round, led by Credit Suisse with participation from various other investors including angels and venture capitalists. This $20M investment will enable the company to expand its operations globally and accelerate innovation on its core product offering. With this funding in place, Daloopa can continue to provide businesses worldwide with access to world class purchasing solutions that enable them to make smarter decisions when procuring office supplies.

Daloopa bags $20m from Credit Suisse-led Series A

Daloopa, a technology company specializing in financial services, announced the successful close of its Series A round worth $20 million. The round was led by Credit Suisse and backed by other investors such as Australian investments firm Future Fund and New York private investment platform Alpha Capital.

The investment will focus on expanding Daloopa’s financial services portfolio and medium-term strategy. In addition, it will allow the company to expand its presence across key markets and drive further development of intelligent products for both businesses and consumers.

This Series A round marks a major milestone for Daloopa; it affirms its commitment to delivering good financial products for its customers and partners. By partnering with investors like Credit Suisse, Daloopa demonstrates that it is focused on becoming a global leader in its field. In addition, Daloopa plans to expand its product line-up through this investment round and digitize traditional financial services offerings.

With this additional capital, Daloopa can build on their capabilities to provide global clients with better experiences by leveraging its comprehensive data-driven financial solutions. It also aims at broadening banking access across regions where traditional banking infrastructure has been lacking or underdeveloped thus far while helping global organizations bring innovative technology into complex capital markets worldwide.


Daloopa is a leading online financial technology company that leverages the latest technologies to provide innovative solutions to customers. It was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Recently, Daloopa announced that it has secured $20 million in its Series A funding round, led by Credit Suisse. This funding will help the company develop its technology and expand its offering in the US market.

Daloopa’s mission

Daloopa is a technology-driven commercial real estate platform that brings transparency, efficiency, and cost savings to the buying and selling of retail properties. Our mission is to revolutionize the work of commercial real estate brokers by equipping them with intuitive tools that improve collaboration between buyers and sellers, increase deal flow and accelerate the closing process.

By leveraging proprietary data insights, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge digital technologies such as 3D walkthroughs and virtual reality furnishings, Daloopa quickly identifies ideal properties for retail clients. Our platform also helps buyers understand market trends and alternative options to get a better deal when negotiating with sellers.

At its core, Daloopa helps streamline each step of the transactional process so buyers and sellers can meet their respective goals faster than ever. From providing instantaneous pricing to expediting escrow deposits to enhancing transaction security via advanced data encryption measures –– Daloopa ensures that transactions are fair while protecting all parties’ financial information.

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Daloopa’s journey to Series A

Daloopa, a Singapore-based fintech startup, has announced the closure of its Series A round, with Swiss banking firm Credit Suisse leading the $20 million investment. The new funds will be used to further adopt the company’s proprietary technology, enabling customers to manage their financial accounts more securely and efficiently.

Several strategic investors, such as AltaIR Capital and Cathay Innovation and through investments from Enterprise Singapore and International Enterprise Singapore provided the seed capital for Daloopa. The startup was consequently able to launch its platform in Southeast Asia during May 2020 to revolutionize banking by providing real-time transactions via global payment gateways such as SWIFT and SEPA.

This successful round comes after Daloopa secured partnerships with several major banks and payment providers including Standard Chartered Bank, Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay International, and global remittance service provider MoneyGram International. These have all helped strengthen Daloopa’s foothold in financial services worldwide, allowing users access to a range of partner platforms in over 150 countries through one single click – as well as high-security options for saving funds with banks or transferring money to other members on their platform.

The credit received from Credit Suisse at this juncture will enable Daloopa to further scale operations across international markets while maintaining regulatory compliance – thus enabling seamless experiences for customers worldwide who require secure digital payments and banking services that are user-friendly yet compliant with government guidelines.

Credit Suisse’s Role

Daloopa, a fintech company, has recently secured $20 million from a Series A round, led by Credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse, a leading investment bank, played a key role in this Series A round as the lead investor.

In this article, we will discuss the role of Credit Suisse and its contribution to Daloopa’s Series A round.

Why Credit Suisse chose to invest

Credit Suisse’s venture capital arm, Credit Suisse NEXT Investors, chose to invest in Daloopa’s Series A round for several reasons.

First, Daloopa’s unique business model was seen to have great growth potential and provide convenient access for customers to a wide range of products across health and beauty, fashion and lifestyle categories.

Second, the company had already raised $7 million in angel rounds from top-tier investors such as Vy Capital and Base10 Partners. This signaled strong interest from highly credible investors and suggested a bright future for Daloopa.

Finally, Credit Suisse NEXT Investors was particularly impressed by Daloopa’s experienced founding team and their long-term vision for the business. In addition, they saw CEO Rebecca Wise and her team as ambitious entrepreneurs with a realistic roadmap that could help bring their company to the next level.

Collectively, these factors provide a compelling investment rationale that drove Credit Suisse NEXT Investors’ decision-making process.

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Credit Suisse’s vision for Daloopa

Credit Suisse’s vision for financing Daloopa’s Series A round was based on a pioneering point of view: to bring together a panel of innovative investors to drive company growth, backed by the power of one of the world’s largest financial institutions.

This panel included entrepreneurs, venture capital firms and private equity funds, allowing Daloopa to tap into their collective experience and expertise in developing innovative products that enhance the customer experience. Credit Suisse also provided strategic insights throughout the funding process, including connecting Daloopa with other investors or helping them develop partnerships.

The resulting $20m round was led by Credit Suisse and included participation from other leading financial institutions, enabling the company to expand its infrastructure and develop an enhanced customer offering. By bringing together this group of partners to back Daloopa’s ambitions, Credit Suisse has further enabled the company’s success and proven themselves key players in enterprise fintech development.

Impact of the Series A Round

This Series A round was a milestone and major milestone for Daloopa, as it has allowed the company to form new partnerships, develop new products and services, and gain access to resources and capital to continue its growth. The injection of $20 million in funding has enabled Daloopa to move forward into the next stage of its growth, and the partnership with Credit Suisse to be a part of it is remarkable.

Let’s delve deeper into understanding the impact of the Series A Round on Daloopa.

Daloopa’s future plans

Daloopa, a Singapore-based fintech company, recently completed a $20 million Series A round led by Credit Suisse. This new funding will be leveraged to expand the company’s offerings and bolster its presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

The strategies that Daloopa aims to pursue with this newfound capital include:

  • Developing innovative products tailored specifically to growing needs among SMEs.
  • Strengthening its banking infrastructure in its target markets, allowing for faster transaction processing and more secure payment processing.
  • Establishing an analytics platform that can provide actionable insights for businesses on their financial health and enable more intelligent decision making.
  • Expanding its customer base further across the Asia Pacific region, focusing on countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to enhance services such as hedging, portfolio optimization and asset pricing models for clients.
  • Collaborating with peers through partnerships ensures greater connectivity and scalability of services across geographies.
  • Investing in research & development initiatives to remain ahead of market trends and deliver best efforts for customers.

Through these approaches and with future investments alongside strategic partners like Credit Suisse, Daloopa is poised to become a major player within the Asia Pacific financial technology sphere while improving customer experience.

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Benefits for Daloopa’s customers

The success of Daloopa’s $20M Series A round led by Credit Suisse promises major benefits for the company’s customers. With additional funding to fuel growth, Daloopa can expand its product offerings, enhance its existing services and offer more competitive prices to its customer base.

Customers will benefit from faster development cycles as Daloopa leverages the new resources to focus on product innovation and a widened offering of features. This means customers can expect better services across the board regarding customer support, pricing advantages and access to deep tech capabilities.

In addition, customers stand to gain access to fresh capital market opportunities due to the increased presence in banking networks across Southeast Asia and Europe. By strategically connecting with industry leaders such as Credit Suisse, Daloopa can offer customers up-to-date financial advice through its highly knowledgeable team of experts.

Last but not least, better customer service experience is guaranteed through improved capital availability and better visibility into operations for all stakeholders. All in all, this elevated access to capital will mean an overall successful use case story for Daloopa’s customers – one that will result in greater customer satisfaction over time!


Daloopa, a Singapore-based startup powering businesses’ sales and recruitment processes, has today announced the successful closing of its Series A round. Led by Credit Suisse, the $20 million round also garnered support from STT GDC, Dolby Family Ventures, Wavemaker Partners, and LeadWeaver Capital.

The funds will help Daloopa expand into new markets and accelerate product development. Daloopa CEO Emile Hoareau said: “This is an exciting milestone for us as we continue to push forward with our mission of making it easier for businesses to find and recruit top talent.”

The company’s platform allows users to source sales leads and assess applicants simply yet effectively. With this Series A round, the disruptive technological solutions are set to be deployed across various sectors worldwide. The credit goes to Credit Suisse for having faith in Daloopa’s statement that “there is still opportunity to inject innovation into old-fashioned recruiting practices.”

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