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Daloopa, a data extraction software designed to help financial institutions acquire, store, and analyze data, has recently secured $20 million Series A led by Credit Suisse Asset Management’s NEXT Investors.

This funding round was led by Christine Hall of TechCrunch, who was impressed by Daloopa’s intuitive and powerful software.

This article will overview Daloopa’s data extraction software, exploring its features and benefits.

Overview of Daloopa

Daloopa is a leading provider of data extraction software that enables financial institutions to access, analyze, and report on vast quantities of data from unstructured sources. Founded by industry experts in computer science, Daloopa provides institutional customers with best-in-class data extraction technology to optimize the process for external facing analysis.

The company’s proprietary product boasts a wide range of features and applications that enable clients to extract meaningful insights from unstructured data sources including news articles, market valuation sheets, and forms. The software also facilitates the transfer of insights into actionable data points which can be used to support operational decisions.

Most recently, Daloopa has secured a $20 million Series A funding round led by Credit Suisse Asset Management’s NEXT Investors to fund the development and commercialization of its product offering. The company plans to use these funds to expand their product offering in new markets with advanced features such as automated marketing analysis, correlation analyses, predictive analytics, and machine learning capabilities.

Overview of Credit Suisse Asset Management’s NEXT Investors

Credit Suisse Asset Management’s NEXT Investors is a venture capital firm focused on investments in innovative financial technology and services. The venture capital firm was founded in 2017 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Credit Suisse Group, one of the world’s leading investment banking and asset management services providers.

NEXT Investors invests in businesses that bring traditional operations up to speed and tackle new challenges using machine learning, data visualization, semantic analysis and API extendibility. NEXT Investors is interested in investments that have the potential to change or affect industry standards or processes, as well as companies employing automation to deliver operational efficiency.

NEXT Investors comprises seasoned technology investors from Credit Suisse who have worked hard to develop a portfolio of cutting-edge software companies in the financial services sector. They focus on early-stage Fintech startups, providing them with both strategic guidance and capital, allowing them to scale their operations quickly. In addition, having an experienced team behind them ensures startups are adequately supported throughout their growth period and beyond.

With the recent $20M Series A investment led by Credit Suisse Asset Management’s NEXT Investors into Daloopa’s data extraction software, we may start seeing more startups being supported around the world with more programs like this Venture Capital Firm’s subsequently making impactful investments into innovative companies that could shape our future industries.

Daloopa, which develops data extraction software for financial institutions, raises $20M Series A led by Credit Suisse Asset Management’s NEXT Investors (Christine Hall/TechCrunch)

Daloopa, which develops data extraction software for financial institutions, has secured $20M Series A funding from Credit Suisse Asset Management’s NEXT Investors. This is a huge milestone for the company and indicates the potential of their data extraction technology.

It will be interesting to see how the company utilizes the new funding and what new products they can develop.

Amount Raised

Daloopa, a software startup developing data extraction solutions for financial institutions, announced on April 27 that it has raised USD 20 million in Series A funding. This round was led by Credit Suisse Asset Management’s NEXT Investors and included participation from existing investors including Point72 Ventures.

The funds will further Daloopa’s mission of improving process automation for banking and financial services clients. In addition, the company plans to use the capital to deepen its product offering, expand its sales team, and invest in hiring the best talent in engineering and analytics to develop the newest data extraction solutions on the market.

Daloopa was founded in 2020 by Cofounders Lokesh Natarajan and Vish Vishwanath with an initial seed round of $3 million from existing investor Prime Venture Partners. Over the past two years, Daloopa has developed more accurately extracting datasets and established itself as a leader in process automation backed by artificial intelligence (AI). The company reports that over 60 global customers use its software platform to extract structured data from unstructured documents such as contracts or bank statements.

Series A funding marks a major milestone for Daloopa following an incredibly successful start-up period, says Natarajan in a statement accompanying news of this financing round. “We are thrilled to have Credit Suisse NEXT Investors join us as partners in this journey and look forward to leveraging their industry expertise as we embark on this new phase of development,” he said.

daloopa 20m suisse asset management investorshalltechcrunch

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Investors Involved

Credit Suisse Asset Management’s NEXT Investors led the Series A funding round for Daloopa, a financial software provider. The round also saw participation from several top-tier venture capital firms and strategic investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Lightspeed Venture Partners and CVC Capital Partners. Foundry Group also participated in the round.

Daloopa will use the new funding to accelerate its data extraction software development to effectively monitor financial regulations. In addition, with the new funds, they will be able to grow their team and increase their production capacity to better leverage the power of their software.

The Series A financing demonstrates confidence in Daloopa’s product as a secure and automated platform for managing compliance obligations. In addition, it showcases strong investor interest in technology firms that focus on providing solutions for risk management, workflow automation and digital transformation within the financial services industry.

Impact of Series A Funding

Daloopa’s funding of $20M in a Series A round by Credit Suisse Asset Management’s NEXT Investors is a significant milestone for the company. Such a significant investment highlights the importance of data extraction software and the potential for Daloopa’s products.

This article will focus on the potential impact of this funding for Daloopa and the wider industry.

Expansion of Team

The company plans to use this series A round of funding to expand its team, focusing on data science and engineering. This includes a dedicated data engineering and analytics team that builds algorithms to automate extracting and verifying data from financial institutions.

Additional investments will also be used to hire developers, marketers and other professionals whose expertise focuses on the finance industry. By expanding its team, Daloopa seeks to further develop their product, remedy customer issues faster and gain more traction in the financial services industry.

daloopa 20m credit asset management investorshalltechcrunch

Expansion of Product Offering

The series A funding of $20 million will allow Daloopa to expand its product offering by focusing on developing a robust data analytics platform for the financial services sector. With this new platform, Daloopa’s clients can access dependable data insights, enabling them to make better business decisions. In addition, this investment allows Daloopa to explore potential partnerships and collaborations with industry leaders as they expand their market reach and presence.

Furthermore, this series A funding indicates investor confidence in the company and its ability to scale shortly. The infusion of capital will also likely catalyze job creation within the organization, leading to hiring additional personnel who will focus on further improving its existing products and services while also driving growth in emerging markets.

In summary, this series A fundraising effort represents an important milestone for Daloopa on its journey towards becoming a leader in providing enhanced data analytics solutions for the financial services sector worldwide.

Benefits of Daloopa’s Software

Daloopa’s data extraction software revolutionizes how financial institutions manage large amounts of data. Daloopa’s software helps financial institutions save time and money by automating data extraction and processing.

Aside from this, there are many other benefits to using Daloopa’s software. Let’s look at some of the top benefits of Daloopa’s data extraction software.

Automated Data Extraction

Daloopa’s core technology is automated data extraction, which the company has leveraged to develop a suite of products for financial institutions. Automated data extraction enables the quick and accurate capturing of key information from unstructured text sources. It is used for various applications, including eliminating manual processes, streamlining audit and compliance operations, modernizing customer onboarding, meeting regulatory requirements more efficiently, and more.

By leveraging advanced language processing and machine learning technology, Daloopa’s software can scan complex documents quickly and accurately identify elements such as words or phrases.

Moreover, Daloopa’s software is designed to work with multiple languages and dialects. This makes it especially suitable for financial institutions operating in multiple countries or with international customers.

Daloopa’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions can also process new types of data autonomously without any additional programming or manual input. This allows financial institutions to stay at the forefront of industry trends while reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency across their operations.

daloopa 20m series suisse credit asset investorshalltechcrunch

Improved Efficiency

Daloopa’s innovative data extraction software is helping to revolutionize financial institutions’ processes by streamlining and automating mundane, time consuming tasks, such as web gathering and document conversions. By leveraging powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, the software can identify, extract and parse data from multiple sources in seconds and with complete accuracy.

With this improvement in speed and accuracy, companies can save millions of dollars a year by reducing manual labor costs. Additionally, they can gain valuable insights into customer behavior more quickly leading to improved business decisions. Furthermore, automation also helps reduce compliance-related risks and ensures compliance with multiple regulations more efficiently.

These benefits contribute greatly to the overall efficiency of financial organizations that have adopted Daloopa’s software solution.

Reduced Cost

Daloopa’s software reduces costs for financial institutions, largely due to eliminating manual data extraction methods. Manual procedures can require large teams of employees to manage intensive tasks, such as going through paperwork by hand. Daloopa’s software allows for faster and more efficient extraction, meaning fewer resources are needed to complete the same task in less time, resulting in lower costs for financial institutions.

Additionally, Daloopa’s software helps automate certain processes that were previously done manually by eliminating the need for tedious and repetitive tasks. This can result in fewer errors from fatigue or misunderstanding information from manual entry, leading to further cost savings. In addition, financial institutions have fewer legal risks associated with their activities with better automation and compliance checks using machine learning algorithms built into their software.

With increased quality assurance across business processes via automated operations enabled by Daloopa’s software solutions, financial institutions remain protected from potential costly fines due to mistakes made along the way.


Daloopa, a software development company focused on creating data extraction tools for financial institutions, recently announced a $20M Series A round of funding led by Credit Suisse Asset Management’s NEXT Investors.

This funding round is a significant development for the company, allowing them to further develop their data extraction software and expand their offerings. With this investment, let’s look at the significance of the round and what it will mean for Daloopa.

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