Cyberpunk 2077 Hotfix 1.04 Brings Many Fixes, Flashing Lights Fix

Cyberpunk 2077 Hotfix 1.04 Brings Many Fixes, Flashing Lights Fix

Cyberpunk 2077 HOTFIX 1.04 brings many bugfixes, flashing lights are quieter

Cyberpunk 2077 Hotfix 1.04 Brings Many Fixes, Flashing Lights Fix

CD Projekt Red has released a hotfix 1.04 for Cyberpunk 2077 that solves a number of problems of the players. The new patch currently only works on PlayStation and PC, but the developer has promised that the patch for Xbox will soon be available to all gamers with the same patches. The new solution corrects many problems in the game, but most noticeable is the sound of flashing lights during a chip sequence, which caused epilepsy problems for many players.

The complete list of corrections in Corrigendum 1.04 is given below:

Ask for it.

  • A problem related to the completion of a final destination in Gig solved: Freedom of the press.
  • Correction of the problem of starting a conversation with Johnny at the end of his life during the war.
  • Solved a rare problem that occurred when the NPC stopped calling V while Quest A As Supreme was cancelled halfway through.
  • An error was corrected when Nix in Spellbound and KOLD MIRAGE was not in the default state.
  • Problems hindering progress in the fight against the law were solved if the search area remained unchanged.
  • Correction of Delaman’s inability to find Delaman in epistrophe.
  • Fixed starting issues in the second phase of the quest after Pacifica’s fight with Ozob, when he played after the final.
  • The bug of nomads that disappears when V leaves the search area in the middle of a highway fight has been repaired with a little help from My Friends/Queen of the Highway.
  • Fixed announcements and activation of a new quest tracking system in M’ap Tann Pèlen/I Walk the Line/Transmission
  • Restrictions on the freedom to stand and sit in the event of violence when none of the conditions are met.
  • Fixed time and space problems caused by leaving the search area or interrupting the search in Follow the River.
  • Correction of a problem with the conversation with Johnny that hadn’t started after he left the hotel in Tapeworm.
  • Solved a problem where quests would be blocked when leaving the quest area to climb a hill in Volg de Rivier.
  • Correction of an error when entering cabin 9 when the room entered Automatic Love too quickly.
  • Jackie’s problems were solved by sitting quietly in The Ripper.
  • Other corrections to quests

Game description

  • Correction of a foretaste of weapon creation.


  • The appearance of the car has been reduced.
  • Accelerate the change of perspective from the first person to the third person in the car.
  • Fixed problems with missing animations for important NPC searches during movies.

Productivity and stability

  • Improved stability, including various accident corrections.


  • The flashing effect of the braided bandages has been adapted to reduce the risk of epileptic symptoms. The effect was attenuated and the frequency and strength of the flashes decreased.
  • Copyright-protected songs that are not properly in play can be turned off using the Turn off copyright-protected music function.

Specialized computer

  • By changing the default language in the game settings, you can now set it correctly to the language of your steam client.

Console website

  • Improved reflection quality on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so you don’t have to lubricate anymore.
  • Vast Wasteland’s success remained 97% after all relevant Wasteland assignments on the Xbox were completed.
  • A bug solved with the absence of PT-BR VO for Xbox players in America.

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