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My first experience with Coup by Indie Boards and Cards was during a trip to Raleigh, North Carolina, where I met an old friend and his wife. That’s why my boyfriend and I spent time in his boyfriend’s apartment, where we also played Magic War. Magic Warfare is a great game, but it is a theme for another era. What immediately struck me in the game Coup with my boyfriend is that he’s very talented, but not for the reasons you can imagine. A turnaround is a card game of social deductibility, full of bluff, doubt and open lies. It’s reasonable to think you need a good poker face to succeed in this game.

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Good Indian tips and maps

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Designer: Rikki Takhta
Artists : Luis Francisco, Stefania Gustafsson, Andrew Higgins, Alexander Kiselev, Prapah Lapamnuaysaap, Tomas Larek, Jarek Nocon, Guillermo H. Nunez, Alejo Vigliani, Uros Vukovic, Weberson Santiago
Editors Single Boards and Player Cards
: 3-6 Outstanding mechanic : Pension of the players
published : 2012

The rules of the coup are quite simple. Each player, up to six, starts with two cards and chooses one action at a time. The action allows you to generate income (one document) or foreign aid (two documents) from the general document pool. If you already have seven or more pieces, you may throw another player (you MUST throw someone if you have ten or more pieces). You can also take a certain card and perform an action with it. Some of these cards/symbols have counterweights with which they can disrupt the enemy’s plans.

Character share and counterpart








Pack 3 pieces

Pay 3 coins (to kill)

Polite card exchange

Stealing 2 pieces from another player



blocked foreign aid


Block theft

Block theft

Block murder

Players continue to play until only one (or both) cards are left. It’s really as simple as that. Where the plot of the game is to bluff, cheat and distract. In a coup, you don’t have to tell the truth. You don’t have to have a brick poker face to be successful. My friend is a formidable opponent, not because he can lie. That’s because he’s terribly honest. In general, we all assume that he is always fascinating, like Loki, who works for his own purposes and even helps you. He knows we think he lies to us all the time, and he takes advantage of it.

Lying in a coup is only bad if you get caught. If you bluff and someone takes your word for it, you lose the card (in the game, cards are called influence). But if someone’s cornered to bluff you, but you tell the truth, your prosecutor loses the card. And that’s what’s fun. They can be on their way to victory or they can play fair. In my experience, no approach could be better.

Should I lie down or get angry?

When I searched the internet for this game, I found this review of Tony Mastrangely’s coup d’état. Overall it is a well written and well thought-out diary. Tony says a player who’s introverted in the coup is not a good player. I have to say he’s completely wrong. Being nice and cozy is the last thing I want to add to the list of things you do successfully here. Even if it doesn’t hurt, you can still win if you are discreet and modest. Especially in large groups. Let them beat each other, then beat themselves. The introvert can slowly build up his coin collection and then eliminate a player with an unlockable flip action. Or they can use their reputation to their advantage and bluff the killer’s map. A challenge message says that if you accuse someone of bluffing and you’re wrong, then you lose the card because you lost that challenge, then you lose the second card because the assassination attempt was successful.

I think Scott Bogen has succeeded in his criticism by saying that their innate duality is appreciated. Duality will certainly give you an advantage. You don’t have to be a real liar to win. But you can follow my friend’s style and make people think you can lie. If you’re predictable, you’ll spend most of your time on the sidelines.

Final reflection

The Coupe is fast and accessible. But it doesn’t have to be a noisy game that cuts down on the introverted people behind their cards who want everything to end quickly. Many types of personalities can find ways to succeed in this game, and a fast and affordable game that appeals to many types of players is the right recipe for fun. But despite all my talk about doing good without bluffing and cheating, my favorite method of winning is lying, cheating and stealing! In fact, I let Maynard’s words bring out the best in me. It’s not cheating, by the book.


The advantages of

  • dynamic and easy to learn
  • The dark theme does not detract from the enjoyment of those who do not like the genre.
  • Players can join in and leave the game in a few minutes… a good wild joke for organic breaks and snacks…


  • Its brevity may be a double-edged sword, some players may want more content.
  • not for players who don’t like to fight a little or who easily commit a crime when they feel motivated to do so.

Here we go:

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