Combat tips for Nobunaga Oda in Samurai Warriors 5

In the latest entry in the Samurai Warriors series, players take control of a variety of famous historical figures in their bids to re-build Japan during its ascension into a dominant world power. With the help of their allies, players can take control of different classes of troops in order to defeat the enemies of these figures. Let’s take a look at the changes in Samurai Warriors 5!

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One of the best things about Samurai Warriors 5: Empires is that you can change up your characters’ job classes between missions. And, with that in mind, I’ve come up with some combat tips for Nobunaga Oda, the man who can always be found leading his troops into the battlefield. (And by “leading”, I mean “standing still letting the other guy do the fighting.”)

The first character you’ll meet in Samurai Warriors 5 is Nobunaga Oda. He’s extremely strong in combat, but his single blade and dedication to getting right into the action set him apart from the rest of the game’s cast of characters. This article will provide you with a few fighting tactics to help you make the most of his abilities on the battlefield.

Don’t be scared to get your hands dirty.

Nobunaga Oda is naturally bold, therefore it’s only natural that he would bring that trait into combat. Instead of tackling groups of opponents one by one, rush in with your super assaults and take out as many as you can. Nobunaga is used to seeing hundreds of opponents flying about, and it helps him charge his Musouo bar much quicker. Holding back will result in lesser combo numbers and a continuous shortage of Musou energy.

Against powerful opponents, mix mild and hard strikes.

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Nobunaga Oda’s attacks are countered by certain opponents in Samurai Warriors 5. As a result, he will bounce, leaving him vulnerable to an oncoming assault. Don’t attempt to stomp your way through these foes, particularly the bosses. Instead, experiment with combining light and heavy strikes to create new and exciting combinations. Any enemy’s defense will be shattered, leaving them vulnerable to further assaults.

A horse can outrun a man.

Some characters can run very quickly and go between objectives on the map without sacrificing too much of an ally’s health. Nobunaga Oda, on the other hand, is not one of those characters. He’s extremely sluggish on foot, so if you want to travel to the opposite side of the battlefield before a friend is slain, you’ll need to summon your horse. The only time you should go on foot is if you’re attempting to take out groups of foes while also replenishing your Musou bars.

Use your Musou Attack on all of the bosses.

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While Nobunaga Oda is capable of defeating any boss or named opponent without the use of a Musou Attack, it is much simpler to crush these foes with it. Wait until you see a designated opponent in the distance before using Musou Attack. Then, even if they aren’t a boss, use the Musou Attack on them since killing them will result in additional prizes. The tougher monsters will take a long time to whittle away using Nobunaga Oda’s sword skills, and some may have a terrible tendency of blocking most of them. A Musou Attack, on the other hand, is unstoppable.

Protect yourself.

Nobunaga Oda isn’t the most agile of characters in this game, as we’ve already said. As a consequence, he’s more of a warrior who will hold their own in the face of a torrent of oncoming blows than someone who would deftly duck out of the way. However, you must ensure that he protects himself. So, if you notice an opponent approaching you with an assault, such as a boss or a particular squad of soldiers, have Nobunaga Oda defend himself. This will deflect incoming strikes and prevent you from taking more damage than required.

Use your Ultimate Skills to their full potential.

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Because Nobunaga Oda is your first character, you’re unlikely to have given him many offensive Ultimate Skills. While you may chop and shift them to test out various combinations, it isn’t necessary to assign specific abilities as long as you utilize them. It’s much too simple to ignore Ultimate Skills and focus only on fighting. Regardless of whether they’re a tiny attack, a stat increase, or a Musou energy boost, these abilities make battle simpler. You should use an Ultimate Skill every time it is charged to guarantee that you are pushing this character to the limit of his powers and beyond.

Samurai Warriors 5 is coming to the Nintendo Switch soon on March 20, and it’s releasing in a very special way. Between today and March 20, anyone who can beat the game’s secret Shinto ritual will receive a code that gets them a free copy of Samurai Warriors 5: Empires, the remake of Samurai Warriors 4.. Read more about samurai warriors 5 mitsuhide and let us know what you think.

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