Call of the Tempestarii: Update 30

Call of the Tempestarii: Update 30


The Call of the Storm: Update 30



We’ve arrived at our 30th major Warframe update! PC Tenno has received a large portion of Update 30 with Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack, and now the quest content and new Warframe have arrived (and more)! Tenno with Railjack and Deadlock Protocol Quest completed can take on the Tempestarii challenge. A new face in this search, Vala, and her link to our 46th. Warframe, Sevagoth, the dark stirrer.

The opening of Void Relic has added new Void Storms to Railjack! These dangerous environments give their own rewards, in addition to those of the haunted relics.

Originally designed by artist CleoNaturin, the Mirage Oneiro skin debuts with 2 deluxe custom animation sets for an elegant and moving look!

As we continue to read comments and collect bug reports, our public Trello wall is being updated:
We are moving most of these items to Update 30: Calling Tempestarii: label and reorganize and leave the data on the cards where it is needed! Reminder: This forum does not claim to be complete, and the patch notes are still the best reference.

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Our first Warframe Railjack quest has arrived! Call of the Tempestarii is a single-player quest that takes you to the regions of Proxima with a sigh. Go to the site of the body and answer the call of the storm. Kin Tenno will probably hint at the next part of the quest when it is finished…..

Empty storms gather in Hull’s lanes….. Could the mysterious ship turn out to be just that? Climb aboard your railjack and answer the call.

The requirements to access the Tempestarii quest call are as follows:

  1. Clean rail lever
  2. Blocked log request completed

We highly recommend using your audio skills (especially music) to fully experience the Quest! If you can’t hear well, subtitles can help.

If you buy a Sevagot with platinum, you’ll also get the Riven mod as a quest reward, in addition to the Sevagot map and a few other secret gifts. After completing the quest, Simaris will have a blueprint of Sewagoth for those who want to build copies for Helminth, etc.

Call of the Tempestarii: Update 30



The storm is an infusion, Tenno. But where there is a risk, there is a fictitious reward! Hollow storms have been observed crossing Proxima. When Void Energy is charged, upstarts and enemies stuck in these conditions are subjected to Void Rifts – perfect for opening Void Relics. Just like the storm outside, be prepared for empty shells aboard your railjack. These shells of nothing can damage your Warframe if you touch them – shoot them to destroy them!

Bring your Railjack team or squad to unlock relics, earn intrinsics and have fun with rewards! In addition to the reward of relics, Void Storms provide benefits specific to their completion. May the vacuum always be in your favor!

Blank storm missions can be selected from Railjack’s star chart or from the Blank Fiction tab in the State of the World window.

Call of the Tempestarii: Update 30


Ralejack Proximas and their respective relics:

Proxima Earth: Relix bed : Play here to unlock the Bed Relic and earn your rewards!
Proxima Earth Void Rewards: Notable rewards include relics and pieces of Sevagot Siderm’s epitaph!

Venus Proxima: Relix bed : Play here to unlock the Bed Relic and earn your rewards!
Venus Proxima Void Storm Awards : Notable rewards include relics and pieces of Sevagot Siderm’s epitaph!

Saturn Proxima: Meso Relix: Play here to unlock Meso’s relics and earn your rewards!
Saturn Proxima Void Storm Awards: Notable rewards include parts of Sevagot Sidarm’s epitaph, as well as relics.

Neptune. Proxima: Neo Relix: Play here to unlock Neo Relics and earn your rewards!
Neptune Proxima Vacuum Award: Important rewards include relic items and parts of the Sevagoth Warframe!

Pluto Proxima: Axi relics: Play here to unlock Axi’s relics and earn your rewards!
Pluto Proxima Void Rewards Storm : Important rewards include relic items and parts of the Sevagoth Warframe!

Proxima Veil: Axi relics: Play here to unlock Axi’s relics and earn your rewards!
Veil Proxima Void Storm Awards: Important rewards include relic items and parts of the Sevagoth Warframe!

How does the Void Storm reward work?

The Empty Storm missions are directly similar to the Empty Rift missions, where you must complete a task while collecting enough reactivation resources.

All opponents on your feet can be corrupted by the void. Boarding, POI enemies, crew enemies, etc. After Corrupted, anyone can reset the reagent needed to open Relic. Reactant is a generic pickup for Void Storm! Since Railjack Tenno requires you to coordinate in multiple environments at once, we thought sharing jet pickups would help squads unlock relics in a friendly way.

After completing the mission, you will receive a Relix reward and an additional item from Waste Storm

the depot itself.

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The Warframe, battered by the storm and stripped of its contents, has returned to collect living souls. Send His Shadow to harvest the life of the awakened.


Become the shadow of Sevagoth and fight to resurrect him by collecting the souls needed to rebuild his tombstone.


Sevagoth’s shadow flies out and destroys enemies in its path. The survivors eventually become victims of the harvest of death. The souls of the dead fill the pit of death.


Plant a dead seed in nearby targets to strip them of their life force. Harvest what has been sown to blow up defeated foes, ceding a percentage of their health in the form of radial damage. The souls of the dead fill the pit of death.


Summon a wave of radial pulse that attracts and slows enemies, absorbing their life force for the Fountain of Death. Allies within the gulf steal health with every attack.


As the pit of death fills, the shadow form of Sevagoth will be ready to be released. Tear your enemy to pieces with a collection of melee-oriented skills.


The ghostly arms draw the enemies into the rushing masses.


Go through the enemies and grab their souls to heal the shadow.


Enemies with serious illnesses nearby are treated.


Sevagot and his shadow became one.

Buy at the game market or win on the Sevagoth project with the Call of Tempestarii quest and its Void Storm drop table components.



The side core on Sevagoth’s wrist fires a slow-moving ice blade that is guaranteed to slow down enemies and increase accuracy. Charge a shot to fire a punishing fast shot with a high critical probability of breaking barriers. There’s an extra shot to the side of Sevagot’s head.

Buy at the in-game market or earn an epitaph card and parts at the Voidstorm drop tables.

Call of the Tempestarii: Update 30



A sinister alternative helmet for Sevagoth, the warframe that houses Shadow.

Call of the Tempestarii: Update 30



A sleek, streamlined sandan for Sevagoth, the dark helmsman.

Call of the Tempestarii: Update 30



Spread the fear of the void to your enemies with Sevagoth, the Soul Killer. The collection includes the Sevagoth Helm, Sevagoth Lucifuge Helm, Epitaph Side Core, Vithil Syandana, and the 3-day affinity and credit boosters.


Call of the Tempestarii: Update 30


Dance into dark dreams with this saucy harlequin-inspired skin.

Mirage Oneiro Skin, originally designed by artist CleoNaturin, debuts with 2 deluxe custom animation sets for a chic and agile look…..

These animations follow the other deluxe animations (Hora Urushu, etc.) where they are available for the Mirage and Mirage Prime, but the Mirage Oneiro must be purchased to equip the animations on other warframes.


Tenno to battle stations! Step aboard the Railjack immediately and set sail for Proxima with this pack that includes a full Railjack, Railjack skin and more.

– 250 platinum

– ralejack

– Sungem Railjack Skin

– 4 places for the crew

– 7 Days Resource Booster

Limited supply. Only one per account. Purchasing this pack automatically completes the Archwing quest, which is required to play Railjack. You can replay the Codex Ark quest aboard your orbital ship.


Railjack changes and repairs:

  • The affinity reward for each Orphix has been increased from 1,000 to a maximum of 2,000 at level 60.
  • The temple of Proximas Iota, the Ogal Cluster, the Forage Belt and the Gendarme Cluster are now guaranteed to be of interest.
    • In the game Void Storm, an attention point is required to enable the appearance of Void Tissue for reagent collection.
  • Signals can now be set to crew members via the appearance screen.
  • Added a clearer description of the railway team.
  • Fixed infinite affinity gain of crew recovery as you sit in a mission and let Railjack take damage, while your crew cleans up after you. Crew repairs are now limited to 20 per mission.
  • Fixed endless spawning of Corpus Railjack Fighter spacecraft resulting in explosive farming.
  • Fixed new railjack armor (Glazio, Laith, Talyn & Vort) at each level, only returns 25 endo after removal.
    • Upon entering the game, players who have sold Glazio, Laith, Talyn, or Vort armor will receive back the corresponding Endo difference per level, up to a maximum of 40,000 Endo (equivalent to about 200 weapons turned in). Our reasoning for the limit is related to the Corpus Fighter achievement, which allowed you to acquire infinite items, including weapons.
  • Host migration fixed when streaming in a railjack mission that resulted in an infinite load tunnel.
  • A repaired Nekrameh does not count as being in the airlock of the main ship, which is required to continue the mission.
  • Fixed several functional problems with being outside Railjack as an operator.
  • Mounted enemies do not appear and ship turrets do not fire during the weakness destruction phase of the Volatil mission.
  • The fixed destination marker of a POI sometimes remains active after completion.
  • Missing Railjack load tunnels and incorrect skybox for clients that loaded faster than the host have been fixed.
  • Recoverable crew members that do not attack or regroup when in enemy range.
  • Rail crew assigned to pilot position not in proximity of Corpus capital ship after it had approached and its scan points had been destroyed.
  • Blockage in Railjack’s cargo tunnel resolved when trying to start a Coincident Attack Refuge mission on Railjack’s star map.
  • Clients with screen blurring and a hollow hole sound effect when playing the host have been resolved.
  • Back in dry dock, the non-Crampons were not doing well in the rail elevator.
  • The description of the railjack drift maneuver when the controller is bad has been improved.
    • Instead of holding down LS to drift, it is now correctly called pressing up LB to drift.
  • A momentary black screen when the Companion download was displayed while the Arsenal was in dry dock had been fixed.
  • Fixed bug where the names of Corpus elite fighters were displayed as TARO instead of ORM in Veil Proxima.
  • Fixed the hull being pushed out of the crew in the Archwing when standing under a moving elevator in the crew.
  • Customers not seeing the visual dashboard for Corpus Elite hunters have been fixed.
  • Count of Polaris Aurax and Moas Aurax Culveri for killed Demolyst in Corpus Railjack’s player stat screen at the end of the mission restored.
  • Communication between crew and other NPCs has been improved.
  • Railjack Gox is now constantly colliding with himself and changing direction if he moves fast enough.
  • Fixed guards with extraction for objects that cannot be used when a rail lift is operated.
  • Fixed primary/secondary crosshairs overlap melee crosshairs in Dojo after you return to Dry Daughter from Railjack.
  • Fixed the intrinsic text at the end of the mission screen that was stuck.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur on rare occasions when returning to the relay dry dock.
  • Fixed a rare scripting bug that could occur if you entered the Railjack loading tunnel at the exact moment the Stalker or Syndicate Assassins group arrived.
  • Fixed a script error when a client in orbit communicates with the host with Plexus.
  • Fixed a harmless script error that could occur when interrupting certain types of railjack collisions.

New Codex fan art.

In anticipation of Storm Call, we asked 5 of our official Warframe Creator fan artists to create artwork that you can now find in the Fan Art section of the Codex! Use any screen in your orbital room to decorate it with this beautiful work of art.


  • Improved network performance for all platforms.
  • There have been optimizations made to Grattler FX that have affected GPU execution time.
    • We also reduced the size of the Grattler projectile to further improve performance.
  • A micro-optimization was performed when opening the invitation panel.
  • Realisation of micro-optimisations of the central code of the engine.

General additions :


  • For dojo architects, the 128 clan dojo limit is now visible. This restriction has always existed, but was never shown to the player, which could lead to confusion when building/destroying rooms.
  • When you call up the Dojo’s transport menu, the room you’re in is grayed out with an arrow next to it to indicate you’re here!
  • Horus Whip’s checks are a little more generous now.
    • Quote item
      Ruu : Gone are the small rocks and detailed ground geometry of the Whipclaw Boulder Slaughter! Enemies hiding behind cover are not hit by the Whip Claw if you hit the front of an object behind which enemies are hiding. But if you approach them strategically, you will defeat your enemies.
  • The larvae of the brood mother now reproduce less and less as they live, to weaken the explosive effect of the game.
  • Remove non-shared Captura Corpus scenes from non-existent boxes (as in the shared tables).
  • Sidekicks no longer appear underwater in the Submerged Steel Path missions, as the water kills them instantly. You haven’t learned to swim yet.


  • Resolved the fact that Eximus enemies no longer have an item, due to Oberon & Ash’s bruises being moved to Railjack recently.
    • As long as the Eximus case tables display their normal options. We are experimenting with other drop-down menu options and making improvements to Eximus as a whole to support this change.
  • Fixed a scenario where acolytes in the Cambion Drift Steel Lane mission could appear at level 30 instead of the expected level 100+.
  • Fixed a scenario where dying in Poindor Guardian mode could affect the player’s movement.
  • Inability for enemies to hit Titania when Razor Wing is active when casting React (via the Helminth subset).
  • Fixed melee guidelines not affected by aura mods. For example, Ash’s Blade Storm clones (and probably Mirage and Equinox clones) give you temporary komodauer buffs in melee through their aura.
  • Deimos Captura scenes found in hidden places under Deimos that were not sold or traded have been corrected.
  • Wrong wording in the description of the Deimos Heart Captura scene.
  • Corrected by Rafe Khalikar who misstated the location.
  • The inability to communicate with the Wraiths of Khalikar has been remedied.
  • Fixed the fact that Nekrameh and Affinity Archgun were not displayed to the host player if Nekrameh was dead at the end of the mission.
  • Allied spectres that were stuck in a constant weapon switch animation have been fixed.
  • Fixed The world status window always shows that there are 5 steel caps, even if some/all caps are locked.
  • Zephyr’s dive-bomb animation is stopped when he goes through the Shrine Rush portal.
  • The mission progress window now shows the incorrect number of points gained after completing the thanks phase.
  • The wing of the Nautilus Sentry is fixed, regardless of the chosen energy color.
  • Fixed the fact that typing while recalling missions could cause text to appear in both the chat and the search bar for end-of-mission rewards.
  • Incorrect market symbol for Baza Prime Stock fixed.
  • Missing race type for Vaska Kawat’s imprint resolved.
  • Text in Liver dioramas that was very difficult to read when using a lightweight UI theme (e.g. Nidus, Orokin, Tenno) has been fixed.
  • The attachment of the Emperor Syandana to Octavia Prime’s back, rather than her neck as with other Emperor Syandanas, has been improved.
  • Fixed sound problems in Morga Alt Fire.
  • Wraith Halikar’s audio problems have been resolved.
  • Fixed a script error that occurred during the Vox Solaris quest when trying to detonate a K-bomb.
  • Fixed a script error when using Mirage’s hand blind ability.
  • A script bug related to Sentient’s omnidirectional laser attack has been fixed.
  • Fixed a harmless script error that could occur when Chesa Kubrow tried to take out an enemy.

This action was performed automatically, if you see any errors, please mark
/u/desmaraisp, it will fix them. here is my github

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