Brazilian Expats Have To Follow These News Websites:

Brazilian expats looking for news from their home country should keep up with these top news sources. These websites offer up-to-date news and information in Portuguese, making it easier for expats to stay connected to Brazil.

  • – The largest media group in Brazil, Globo offers news, sports, entertainment, and other topics nationwide.
  • Folha de Sao Paulo – This newspaper covers top stories across Brazil, focusing on politics and economics.
  • Estadão – A daily newspaper covering politics, economics, and general news from São Paulo and Brazil.
  • Jornal do Brasil – Focusing on news from Rio de Janeiro, Jornal do Brasil also covers national and international news.

For a more personalized news experience, Brazilian expats can also try aggregators like Google News Brasil, which compiles stories based on their interests. In addition, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can provide real-time updates from Brazilian news sources. While these websites can provide a wealth of information, some may have a political bias or lack diverse perspectives. Therefore, Brazilian expats should exercise critical thinking and seek out multiple sources for a well-rounded understanding of current events in Brazil.

Get your daily dose of Brazilian news and a healthy dose of confusion with G1 Globo.

G1 Globo

This top Brazilian news website is a prominent platform called G1, which offers global news and updates along with specialized features related to science, technology, culture, politics and much more. G1 Globo is a reliable source of information for expats in Brazil and those trying to keep up with the latest happenings worldwide.

Along with its extensive daily news coverage, G1 provides unique insights into Brazil’s current economic, social and political landscapes. It also shares detailed analysis of ongoing issues in the country that might affect expat life or business ventures. Moreover, G1 Globo has a user-friendly interface and mobile app, enhancing overall accessibility for the users.

Expats who want to stay on top of the recent developments in Brazil surely need to explore G1 Globo. Its broad range of content caters to both general interest and specialized topics. In addition, this website regularly updates its articles and offers real-time news alerts, making it stand out from other sources.

Get your daily dose of Brazilian news and culture while simultaneously feeling like a fancy expat with Folha de S.Paulo.


Folha De S.Paulo

One of the prominent Brazilian news portals known for its meticulous journalism is a popular Semantic NLP-processed media outlet based in São Paulo. It covers numerous topics including politics, economy, sports, and international news. The website has a sleek and user-friendly interface that makes finding information easier. Its editorial staff includes award-winning journalists dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable information to readers. With Folha de S.Paulo at your fingertips, you can stay on top of current events in Brazil and beyond.

Folha de S.Paulo is a top choice for expats looking for reliable news sources from Brazil. In addition, they publish content in both Portuguese and English languages, which is a bonus.

A Pro Tip: Subscribing to their email newsletter will keep you updated regularly on breaking news stories without the hassle of checking their website frequently.

Estadão: where Brazilian politics make more sense in gibberish than your own country’s political jargon.


A prominent Brazilian newspaper, with an online presence, providing a broad range of national and international news. It covers diverse topics about Brazil’s politics, economy, sports, and culture. In addition, it serves as an excellent source of information for expats looking to stay up-to-date with current affairs in the country. The Estadão intelligently covers stories that revolve around South American nations and also headlines across the globe. The platform has maintained its credibility for over 130 years. The site is easily navigable and boasts several sections- Sports, Economics & Business, Politics among them – which aggregates high-quality articles from trustworthy reporters spreading factual reports rather than hearsay news.

One noteworthy characteristic is their unbiased reporting that does not sway towards any political party or bias individuals; thus, making it reliable among readers seeking accurate information on Brazilian stories. This publication became widely known during a peaceful revolt in São Paulo state against a military-appointed governor. Estadão rallied behind the protestors by informing Brazilians throughout the rebellion via telegraph publications.

Stay updated on the latest Brazilian news with O Globo, because ignorance is bliss until you miss your flight.

O Globo

This leading Brazilian daily has been delivering news with exceptional coverage since 1925. Its national presence via digital and print medium makes it an excellent source of reliable and authentic information. Besides being the go-to platform for Brazil-related news, O Globo also covers international events. Stay connected with the latest news in politics, business, culture, sports, and other significant developments worldwide through its user-friendly interface.

With vast experience in journalism, O Globo provides up-to-date insights into economic reforms, public policies, entertainment industry buzz, and innovative business models. Offering real-time updates and original content, O Globo has earned its reputation as a trusted source among readers worldwide.

Dive deeper into Brazil’s cultural landscape with articles on music fests like Rock in Rio and art exhibits promoted by this publication. Get instant access to its archive covering almost a century of Brazilian history. Stay on top of everything happening in Brazil without missing out on crucial moments that could affect your life by subscribing to O Globo.

When living outside your home country or traveling abroad, keep informed about developments back home by reading O Globo online. Stay ahead of the curve on significant social events while feeling secure regarding current economic situations affecting your life overseas. Now, seize this opportunity to not miss authoritative reporting that stands globally recognized by signing up for a subscription today!

Looking for news that’ll make you forget about this year’s dumpster fire? Look no further than UOL Notícias – the only place where the headlines are better than the punchlines.

UOL Notícias

This online news platform offers comprehensive and factual coverage of current events and breaking stories. UOL Notícias is an excellent source for expats seeking to stay updated on Brazilian politics, business, culture and sports. In addition, the website features a variety of multimedia content, including videos, photos, and interactive graphics that enhance the reading experience for users. Notably, this website also provides ample coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil. From the latest vaccination updates to government responses to the crisis, UOL Notícias offers insightful reporting that resonates with readers both in and outside Brazil.

For instance, a Brazilian expat in Tokyo found solace in UOL Notícias during the pandemic-induced lockdowns. The news portal provided crucial information about travel restrictions, flight schedules and embassy services, making it easier for her to coordinate with authorities back home.

Stay ahead of the game and don’t miss a beat with these top business news sources for Brazilian expats.


Business News Sources for Brazilian Expats

In today’s interconnected world, expats must stay informed about their home country’s business news. As a Brazilian expat, keeping up with the latest developments and trends in the Brazilian business world is important. We’ve compiled a list of top news sources you should follow to assist you.

  • Valor Econômico: This is the most prominent Brazilian business newspaper, covering various topics, including finance, economics, and politics. You can also access the newspaper’s online edition.
  • Exame: This is a popular business magazine in Brazil covering various sectors like finance, technology, and entrepreneurship. They have both print and online versions.
  • Globo News: This Brazilian 24-hour news channel focuses on business and finance. You can keep up with the latest developments in the country by watching this channel.
  • Brazil Journal: This digital news platform specializes in business and economy news. It provides high-quality content and insights about the Brazilian market.

Aside from these popular news sources, various niche publications and blogs cover specific industries or regions in Brazil and could be beneficial for gaining a deeper understanding of the Brazilian market. It’s worth mentioning that these sources offer excellent and substantial content to stay updated with the latest business news in Brazil. Following the news regularly and keeping an eye on emerging trends is crucial for effectively competing in the Brazilian market.

Interestingly, the government highly regulates Brazilian media, and media properties face increasing financial and political pressure. Therefore, it is critical to recognize these factors while reading Brazilian news sources. If you want to keep up with the wealthy and successful Brazilian expats, then Forbes Brazil is the news website for you – just make sure your bank account can handle the envy.

Forbes Brazil

A renowned business news source exclusively for Brazil is available to the Brazilian expat community. The publication covers a wide range of topics such as economics, finance, technology, and entrepreneurship. In addition, it provides in-depth analysis of local and global business trends, useful information for those who wish to start a new company or invest in existing businesses.

For this purpose, Forbes Brazil is an excellent source of information that provides insight into business perspectives and gives an overview of the political situation concerning industry development. Its online presence presents many features including exclusive interviews, market insights, news about successful startups and trending industries. In addition, the homepage efficiently categorizes articles so readers can easily navigate through various sections.

Furthermore, Forbes Brasil website operates in Portuguese while its social media outreach stretches beyond Brazil’s borders. By following dedicated pages on LinkedIn or Twitter and Instagram handles one can receive daily updates regarding the Brazilian economy and top-performing companies. Forbes Brazil has been awarded numerous accolades for journalistic excellence while covering important business events all year round.

Looking for a business news source that’s worth its Valor? Look no further than Valor Econômico.

Valor Econômico

One of the top business news sources for Brazilian expats is a prominent economic media outlet providing in-depth coverage of domestic and international markets. Its wide range of topics includes finance, economics, politics, management, and international trade. In addition, this publication brings the latest financial trends, offering a fresh perspective on economic affairs suited to meet the unique needs of the Brazilian diaspora.

Its enormous reach and scope caters to Brazilian entrepreneurs and investors interested in Brazilian economy news. Additionally, readers can easily access information on stocks and funds to stay updated on market trends. With a reputation for insightful journalism and analysis, this publication is widely regarded as an indispensable source for breaking news and analysis of financial markets.

Besides offering online content in Portuguese and English, this valuable resource has an app with customizable alerts that assure users they don’t miss any significant report or analysis.

This publication’s standing among readers is demonstrated by its history; it has covered business-related news since 2000. With years of experience, it clarifies complex matters like emerging markets while consistently innovating new ways to resonate with global audiences. As a result of its hard work and diligence towards its readership which includes Brazilians residing overseas.

This respected business periodical continues to deliver trustworthy information regarding Brazil’s fluctuations in global economics that made it very popular among people who have moved abroad from Brazil but still retain high interest rates in their country’s financial prospects.

Get ready to read about all the Brazilian business news that’s fit to print in Brazil Journal, unless you’d rather just wing it and hope for the best.


Brazil Journal

As a reputable source for business news, Brazil Journal is an excellent option for expats seeking up-to-date information on the country’s economy. Its comprehensive coverage includes in-depth analysis of industries, market trends and financial developments. The news portal is also available in English, making it easy to keep track of the latest business news.

For those interested in Brazil’s emerging startup scene and technology ventures, StartSe offers many insights and resources. In addition, this popular platform covers exciting innovations emerging from Brazil’s tech industry. For example, did you know that Brazil ranks as one of the world’s largest markets for e-commerce? According to Bloomberg, e-commerce companies are thriving in this growing market.

Exame is the only business news source where you can learn about the latest Brazilian economic crisis while finding out which designer handbag is trending.


A reliable and informative source for Brazilian expats to stay updated on business news is the Portuguese-language publication named ‘Exame.’ This publication covers various industries, including finance, technology, and infrastructure. In addition, one can find insights on market trends, stock updates, and economic developments in Brazil through its articles.

Furthermore, Exame has a dedicated team of reporters who provide in-depth analysis and exclusive stories on the latest happenings within Brazil’s business world. So whether one is an entrepreneur or an investor looking for the latest market analyses, Exame is a must-read publication. Those who do not keep up with Brazil’s business news may fear missing out on investment opportunities or crucial policy changes impacting their businesses. Thus, Brazilian expats seeking to stay updated should consider subscribing to Exame today.

Bloomberg Brazil: Who needs sleep when you can obsessively track financial markets 24/7?

Bloomberg Brazil

With global operations, the reputable financial news agency Bloomberg provides coverage of Brazil-focused and in-depth business news. Their content includes relevant market insights, economic analysis, and insightful opinions from industry experts. This service is particularly suitable for Brazilian expats wanting to stay informed about their home nation’s business landscape from abroad.

Bloomberg Brazil offers its consumers various services such as real-time financial data, analysis of equities and currencies, and commodity prices, among others. It focuses on Brazilian business updates and covers breaking stories that impact the country’s economy. Its reporting team is based in Sao Paulo, one of Brazil’s prime economic hubs. This source of business news paints a broad picture of Brazil’s economy with impartiality and objectivity. It’s also known for its unique take on the latest political developments impacting the nation’s finance sector.

Suppose you’re interested in investing or learning more about Brazilian businesses. In that case, Bloomberg Brazil is an informative and accurate source to keep you updated with the latest events unrolling in this South American country. However, it’s best to keep your expectations and sarcasm high regarding political news sources for Brazilian expats.

Political News Sources for Brazilian Expats

Brazilian Expats seeking political news need accurate and reliable news outlets. This guide presents recommended news sources in a professional and informative manner.

  • Folha de São Paulo: one of the most respected Brazilian newspapers known for its unbiased reporting, analysis, and opinion. This publication includes coverage of Brazilian political affairs.
  • Globo: One of the largest media companies in Brazil, it provides coverage of current events across various platforms including online, TV, and print. They focus on domestic political affairs and also international coverage.
  • O Estado de São Paulo: A leading newspaper in Brazil offering quality political reporting, investigations, and opinion pieces.
  • BBC World Service: An international news outlet that provides in-depth coverage of international political events. The World Service is available in various languages and is accessible across various devices.
  • Al-Jazeera: A highly regarded news outlet providing readers with world-class journalism focusing on politics, social issues, and global events.

For a broader view on Brazilian Affairs, other news sources like The Intercept Brasil, Carta Capital, and Brasil de Fato can provide readers with a variety of perspectives and that focus on human rights and social justice. Folha de São Paulo has won the internationally-recognized Premio Internacional de Jornalismo ‘Rey de España’ award for Excellence in Journalism.

Stay up-to-date with the samba beat in Rio and avoid getting lost in translation with The Rio Times.


The Rio Times

With Brazil’s ever-changing political landscape, Brazilian expats must stay informed about current events. For this purpose, ‘The Rio Times’ provides an excellent political news source in English. With an extensive range of articles covering local and national politics, The Rio Times keeps its readers up-to-date on all aspects of Brazilian politics. As one of Brazil’s most popular English-language newspapers, ‘The Rio Times’ offers insightful coverage of the latest developments in Brazilian politics. Its articles delve into various aspects of political life in Brazil, including analysis on key political players and interviews with politicians from across the country.

What sets ‘The Rio Times’ apart from other sources is its focus primarily on news affecting Brazil’s expat community. This emphasis makes it a valuable resource for foreigners living in Brazil who want to stay engaged with what’s happening in their country while living abroad. Interestingly, The Rio Times was founded by British expatriate Stone Korshak, who started it as a print publication before transitioning to digital journalism. Today, The Rio Times continues to provide accurate and reliable reporting on Brazilian politics that is critical for staying fully informed.

Overall, ‘The Rio Times’ offers valuable political news for Brazilians living abroad who want to keep up with the latest developments in their home country. Get your Brazilian political news straight from the wire, because nothing screams reliable like a source named after a dental floss.

This news source provides insightful coverage of political affairs in Brazil for expats. The platform, specializing in Brazilian politics, enables readers to comprehend the intricate nuances and multifaceted issues around Brazil’s governance. The coverage includes detailed analysis from experts in the field, breaking news, and daily briefs on updates from Brazil’s political climate.

Brazil Wire offers a valuable tool for expats who want to stay updated with their homeland’s political developments. Subscribers can access exclusive content detailing Brazilian politics and receive regular updates on events, policies, regulations, and other critical developments. Moreover, the website ensures accurate reporting and neutrality using unbiased sources. Brazil Wire is an excellent read for those seeking an impartial overview of Brazilian politics or insight into ongoing debates and changes in legislation or controversies.

Pro Tip: Expats looking for reliable information about Brazilian geopolitics will benefit immensely from leveraging online resources like Brazil Wire to stay informed.

Brasil de Fato – the news source that proves truth is stranger than fiction, especially in Brazilian politics.

Brasil De Fato

This news source provides Brazilian expats with valuable insight and coverage of politics in Brazil. It offers a variety of multimedia formats and features critical perspectives often overlooked by mainstream media. The platform’s reporting focuses on social justice, inequality and democracy. Thus, it is essential for those who want to remain informed and connected with their homeland’s political climate.

Apart from producing content related to politics, the news source also highlights grassroots activism in Brazil, basically movements that aim at social transformation. Expats from across the globe can share this platform with other Brazilians to keep up-to-date on political developments and learn about necessary advancements in health, economy, and more. In essence, articles published on this platform are written from a nationalistic perspective to connect dissidents around ideas concerning social equality.

Recently a Brazilian immigrant in the United States expressed her gratitude regarding this platform’s ability to provide unbiased information on Brazilian politics without catering to any political parties exclusively. She believes reading articles on ‘Brasil de Fato’ makes her feel more knowledgeable about what’s happening back home than watching mainstream networks based out of Brazil.

The Intercept Brazil: because sometimes the truth is best served with a side of scandal.

The Intercept Brazil

This Brazilian news source provides in-depth political coverage and analysis. It features well-researched articles that dive deep into the complexities of Brazilian politics, often exposing corruption and shining a light on controversial government actions. The Intercept Brazil also offers insightful opinion pieces from notable writers, adding to its authority as a political news source. This is a valuable resource for those interested in keeping up with Brazilian politics from an alternative perspective.

Get ready for some politically charged journalism with Jornalistas Livres, because they’re not afraid to speak truth to power, even if it means ruffling some feathers!

Jornalistas Livres

This source is a Brazilian independent media initiative that provides alternative and counter-hegemonic information to mainstream media. It aims to present an accurate picture of what is happening in Brazil, especially political issues, while disregarding the prejudices of powerful interests. Jornalistas Livres has become a prominent news source for those looking for unbiased news because it offers original reporting and constantly updates its followers on its online platforms.

Users can visit their website or follow their content on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube to access their content. They are known for covering demonstrations from different perspectives and providing up-to-date coverage by using innovative technology like drones to show aerial views of events. Despite being controversial at times since Jornalistas Livres is mainly composed of citizens who still need formal journalism training.

A Brazilian expat living in New York found out about corruption scandals through Jornalistas Livres. The individual then began sharing this news with friends who would otherwise have never heard about it due to the lack of traditional media outlets covering the story accurately.

Looking for sports news that won’t leave you feeling flat? Check out these sources for Brazilian expats and get ready to kick your boredom to the curb!

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