BFF or Die Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: BFF or type
: Action, Arcade, Puzzle
system : Nintendo Switch (also for PC and PS4)
Developer|Publisher : ASA Studio | 2Awesome Studio
Age Classification : EU 7+ | USA All prices
: UK £7.99 | EU £7.99 | USA 7.99
Date of publication : 27. November 2020

Take a look at the code, which became available largely thanks to 2 Awesome Studio.

The best of foreign friends

BFF or they’re time-travelling aliens coming to Earth to save Orby – I think it’s another alien species. Of all the places they wanted to travel through time, they chose Egypt. Well, despite the unusual principle, this game is clearly designed for cooperative fans who are looking for a game that they can play together on the couch.

Ladies Gamers Let’s get the travel time.

Arcade puzzle

In summary, the best way to describe the game is to say that Pac Man meets puzzle elements. The goal of each screen level is to collect all the collections of blue kittens in a maze, avoiding mummies, ghosts and a strange giant Egyptian god. Once you reach this level, you have to find your boyfriend and the high five to finish the level, and especially finish the bar scene with a nice little dance.

Best friends forever no reason to die

Only 30 steps. It is interesting to note that the level and overall design of the game changes depending on the number of players involved in the battle. Playing alone was easy enough. You walk through each maze like a stranger with a left analog stick, while the control of a machine from the bottom of the screen is usually a beam of light that helps you see where you are going with the right stick. It’s normal, but not as exciting as when other players join us.

When he was playing with his wife, a stranger had to run through a maze while another player jumped into a car at the bottom of the screen to help the other player. Perhaps with a beam of light or perhaps with an exciting device that allows you to take a player or an enemy with you and place them in a more advantageous location. It’s a fun little adventure that gives you 2-3 hours of playing time.

One player uses a machine, the other collects blue drops.


BFF or they can’t do without their little niggers. The download time of this game is very long, which seems strange given the simplicity of the game. The graphics are a bit boring. It is strange that the game only takes place in the Egyptian countryside because it travels around the world in time. Why didn’t they choose another period?  After all, in manual mode it can be a bit difficult to see where your alien characters are in the maze. Many walls are mixed with the sandy soil, and it is strange that the environment is a bit boring, but the aliens are neon-coloured and the contrast is particularly interesting.

Five at the end of each level is a nice gesture.


BFF or Die is just a ticket if you are looking for a simple cooperative puzzle game to enjoy with family or friends on the couch. The aliens themselves are funny, it’s a pity the environment is a bit boring.

But the game is solid. It’s not so much fun alone, but it can be the perfect experience to spend a few hours on the couch with your best friend.

Final verdict: I like her.

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