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Brawlhalla is a game based on fundamental principles. To ensure that you get the best results, it is important to be familiar with the tools the game offers you. One of the screws in the technique of this game is a weapon. Each character is a unique weapon, which not only gives them a unique skill. Here is a list of weapons, classified according to their effectiveness in the game.

At the heart of weapons is their ease of use, their potential and the effectiveness and consistency of the results they produce.

Here’s a list of all the weapons, from the best to the worst.

This category determines which weapons in the game are much better in terms of effectiveness and results. This weapon is more desirable because it has free neutrality (total insensitivity to pressure), the ability to disable other weapons, constant and rapid elimination of damage, and good pressure to kill.

It must be because of a recent stain in which all the heavy weapons have been cut off. So the competitors were looking for a reliable weapon. This is where the bow comes into view – a very reliable and almost uncomfortable weapon, which offers great versatility in the Pleiston. They can be passive with injections or hyper-aggressive with combinations and settings. Onions are also very simple, without complicated mechanics, they serve as an easy to learn weapon, but also as a hat of superior skill.

As the typical fighter, the fist is the answer to all fights up close. However, if it’s under the onion, it’s because the onion normally looks at the fist. The gloves have a very good damage scale, have a very stable movement. In most cases it is a sure victory if you choose gloves, unless your opponent chooses a bow.

The sword is one of the most emblematic weapons of the game and one of the best. A set of simple but effective moves is the first experience of any Brahulhall player. This weapon has long dominated the game in terms of effectiveness. Moreover, the weapon has no disadvantages, except for a few coincidences that easily compensate it. In short, this weapon shows no signs of stopping, except for nerds.–.jpg

In this category there are weapons that have minor design flaws and therefore require little effort to get the best out of them.

A terrible weapon to bet against. People have always been afraid of a combination killer, whether he’s a weapon or not. However, it is used less frequently because the framework allows it. However, it has the best penalty in the game, has a decent range and is only slowed down by its long animation and recovery. It is one of those weapons where patience is the key to dominance in the game.

Placing next to the sword is one of the most difficult weapons in the game. Thanks to a unique combination system that allows virtually unlimited possibilities, courses, settings and resets, you can say goodbye to this stock as soon as the weaver starts swinging. The fact that the braid is missing is the dominant specialty, with good neutrality it would not be bad to have a reliable specialist. Scythe is one of the favorite weapons of the game when it comes to how the player approaches and abuses the physics of the game to meet his needs.

As with a weapon with large letters, the spear uses the long range to meet a more passive style of play, as in the current meta, this style of play is very worthwhile.

As one of the most elegant weapons in the game, I think that the Kataris offered a very aggressive style of play. It may seem like a big advantage, but Brahulhalla is much more than a game in your battle. To be precise, the weapon has no built-in protection and no escape, which makes it very limited.

The bullet is a unique weapon rarely found in games like this. She is very good at eliminating the opponent, which creates a kind of situation in which you have control of the game. However, because of the enormous complexity it is very inefficient, because you have to be very careful with how you play. Because of this inconsistency, these weapons are not very reliable.

In the previous patch, I argued that the hammer was the most useful and powerful weapon in the game, and that it was not punishable on earth. They kidnapped him, making him more vulnerable to punishment. It still has some old features, such as the ability to quickly damage and surprise players. But this stain takes its crown away from shore leave.–.jpg

For most of Braulhalla’s life this weapon was a so-called noob killer with a lot of damage, people easily pushed people out of the scene to get an easy victory. But in reality, it’s not as good as it sounds. With a new nerd in his air game and a fan of useless moves, he was quite underestimated. But beware, anyone can easily remove a rocket if necessary.

Weapons that have fallen from grace have long since disappeared – then the axe was the dominant weapon in play. People are enthusiastic about the number of broken weapons and their ease of use. You’ll be happy to know this weapon is ready alone. In the doubles, however, he retains the synergy of team battles in combination with his partner’s weapon.

Well, as if one of the best weapons, which, I would say, can fight any kind of battle, was at the bottom, well, the answer is simple: Too bad. Guns used to be popular because they did a lot of damage on a few shots, but this scaling up was clumsy, making them less effective. It’s not a very effective weapon.

The greatest botanist of all weapon types in the game seems unusual, as a switch in the shooting range and a trick drop the weapons from the strongest to the weakest. In short, Canon is not a game, because the players hope that the weapon will turn out well in the next reissue.

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