Ark Tek Stryder Guide (Taming, Food, Saddle, Location, Drops & Breeding)

Ark Tek Stryder Guide (Taming, Food, Saddle, Location, Drops & Breeding)

Welcome to the Tek Stryder Taming Guide! This guide covers on everything you need to know about the new Tek Stryder, the new Tek Stryder Saddle, the new Ark Tek Stryder Drops, Tek Stryder Food, and Tek Stryder Breeding. If you have any questions about the Tek Stryder, the new Tek Stryder Saddle, the new Ark Tek Stryder Drops, Tek Stryder Food, or Tek Stryder Breeding, then please leave a comment below.

In Ark Tek Stryder, there are several species of creatures that can be tamed and used to create a massive army. They are called Tek Stryder. Tek Stryder can be tamed by hunting them. Once tamed, Tek Stryder can be saddled, which is done by their Rider. Ride Tamed Stryder to keep your Tek Stryder alive. Tek Stryder can breed and create their own subspecies, which are called Tek Stryder Breeds. Tek Stryder Breeds is a tamed Tek Stryder that can be ridden and controlled by the Rider. Tek Stryder Breeds will drop Tek Stryder Saddles, which can be equipped by the Rider

The Ark Tek Stryder is a creature in ARK: Survival Evolved, a creature that can be tamed by the player, once tamed the Tek Stryder can be used to help the player gather Fiber to craft resources, defend themselves, hunt, as well as act as a mount for the player. They can be found in all biomes, and can be tamed at the same level as the Rex. For those that have played the game know that the Tek Stryder is one of the more difficult creatures to tame.

The Tek Tek Stryder, also known as a Tek Stryder, is a mechanical monster that roams the Genesis Part 2 map’s regular areas.

These animals are docile, but when they are endangered by players, domesticated mounts, or even wild creatures, they will fight back.

According to HLN-A, these animals were mostly employed to carry out the orders of the crews, which is why some of them had various attachments.

Ark Tek Stryder Guide (Taming, Food, Saddle, Location, Drops & Breeding)


Each Tek Stryder you discover in the wild has its own set of rigs attached, giving it unique powers depending on those rigs.

A Tek Stryder only has two rigs (head rig and body rig), each of which consumes varying amounts of energy depending on what it does.

1) Rig for Excavation (Head)

Apart from a few, the Excavation Rig enables you to harvest a variety of resources (on other maps as well).

When the Tek Stryder is linked to a Tek Dedicated Storage, the resources collected by the Tek Stryder are immediately transferred.

2) Rig for Pulse Cannons (Head)

The Tek Stryder may use the Pulse Cannon Rig to shoot lasers at a target or area, inflicting damage to animals struck.

The Pulse Cannon Rig’s damage begins at 7 per hit and rises as the Tek Stryder’s melee stat improves.

3) Cannon Rig of Silence (Head)

The Silence Cannon Rig disables several monster abilities, including as roars, special attacks, and more, depending on which creature is impacted.

When a creature is silenced by this attachment, it emits a blue smoke that may be seen over its head.

4) Radar Setup (Head)

When you activate the Radar Rig, you’ll be able to view a list of nearby animals as well as their distance from you.

This skill is particularly useful for people looking for certain animals of a given level, and it may aid gamers in tracking them down.

5) Cannon Rig Phase (Body)

The Phase Cannon Rig can fire a strong blast projectile that causes damage in the region around the point of contact.

It has a quick charge time and a 10-second cooldown before it can be used again, however this is offset by the fact that the damage scales with the Tek Stryder’s melee stat.

6) Rig of Resource Attractor (Body)

This attachment connects a Mining Drill to the Tek Stryder’s storage, enabling materials to be delivered directly to its inventory.

To use this function, just go to the Tek Stryder with the attachment and pick the option while holding the “Use” key.

Shield Generator Rig (number 7) (Body)

The Shield Generator Rig surrounds the Tek Stryder with an unbreakable barrier that lets your tames to pass through but keeps missiles out.

When the battery runs out or the shield is deactivated, the shield will be turned off and maybe switched on again when ready.

Shield Projector Rig (number 8) (Body)

This rig projects a shield in front of the Tek Stryder, however unlike the Shield Generator Rig, it does not use charge constantly and instead vanishes when the Tek Stryder’s durability is depleted.

The Tek Stryder’s shield is damaged by creature assaults and gunshot damage, although this is offset by the fact that the Tek Stryder’s overall health increases the amount of damage that can be absorbed.


Damage Dealer is a character in the film Damage Dealer

With so many weapons options, the Tek Stryder can inflict a lot of damage to opponents depending on the attachments it uses.

Transmitter on the Move

Players may utilize the Tek Stryder’s Transmitter to move between maps, just as they can with a regular Tek Transmitter.

Bed on Wheels

On the Tek Stryder, there is a bed that may be used as a respawn location for respawning or fast travel there.

Defense on the Move

The Tek Stryder’s shield rig may be utilized as a method of defense or protection while players are away from their base, depending on what it contains.

Farming of Resources

Tek Stryders may now effectively harvest many types of materials thanks to the inclusion of the Excavation Rig, sparing you the bother of needing to utilize tools and other animals.


The Tek Stryder’s enormous weight makes it ideal for transporting resources, and the ability to autonomously transfer materials from a Mining Drill makes it even better.

Assist in Taming

Those on the lookout for a particular species may utilize a Tek Stryder equipped with the Radar Rig to locate and track them down.

Ark Tek Stryder Guide (Taming, Food, Saddle, Location, Drops & Breeding)

What is the best way to tame Tek Stryder?

Taming a Tek Stryder is simple since they are passive tames that just need a certain quantity of Mutagel depending on their level, with higher levels requiring more Mutagel.

To tame a Tek Stryder, you’ll need to accomplish a certain amount of tasks in Genesis Part 2; the higher your level, the more missions you’ll need to complete.

Simply approach the Tek Stryder (Mutagel in the final item slot) and engage with the Tek Stryder after you’ve completed the taming criteria and have enough Mutagel.


When the Tek Stryder is being tamed, it just requires Mutagel; after this is done, it does not need sustenance to remain alive.

The Tek Stryders do not have a food bar and will operate properly without any additional things.

Tek Stryder Saddle is a saddle made by Tek.

The Tek Stryder does not have a saddle, but it does come with a platform that contains a Tek Transmitter in the front and a Sleeping Pod in the rear after it has been tamed.


Cannot be cloned or bred

Because Tek Stryders cannot be bred or cloned, taming several of them is required if you are searching for a particular setup or want more of them.


When Tek Stryders are slain, they do not leave any stuff and just explode, leaving no one to harvest.


Tek Stryders may be seen roaming around the right side of the Genesis Part 2 map (right ring) and are generally calm.


Due to the many rigs and usefulness of each kind, Tek Stryders are among of the finest endgame tames for gamers to posses.

There will always be a job that your Stryder excels in, depending on the sort of rig they have, so having several of them is a smart idea.

Players that are fortunate enough to get their preferred Tek Stryders may put them to good use in a variety of situations, including offensive, defense, taming, and farming.

Ark Tek Stryder Guide (Taming, Food, Saddle, Location, Drops & Breeding). Read more about ark stryder cryopod and let us know what you think.

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